Knowledge is power.

This is true in so many aspects of life and I love applying it to the purchases I make. I want to be an informed consumer. I want to make purchases that are good for me and my family AND good for the environment.

One way to gain that knowledge is through research and by reading reviews written by others. I know we are all different and life is not one size fits all. But in my efforts to be honest and to give back to society, here are some reviews I have written on various products. Some I have purchased and loved so I wanted to tell you about them. Some were provided at no cost to me (and I have indicated in each post if that applies). But regardless, each review is my own personal opinion. 


Running Clothes:
Nike vs. The North Edge - running skirts
Nike Pacer - this running skirt seems to be discontinued as of mid-2012

Compression Wear:
Tommie Copper - calf compression sleeves and compression shirt

Running/Training Accessories:
Bondi Band - wicking headbands
fitbook - another review with more pictures is featured HERE
Custom Running Journal by Journal Menu
FLEXR Sports bottle

Running Shoes:

Pain Relief:
Bengay zero degrees gel - Will this "blast away" your aches and pains?

Protein powders, drinks, and supplements:

What's in your water?

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