Angels all Around

Today I am taking this blog post on a different journey. I am going to talk gratitude in times of struggle. You see, I feel this is important for a variety of reasons. First, with so much negativity in the world it is nice to spread good cheer. Second, maybe you are struggling and need a little encouragement. And third, it will serve as a reminder to me to never lose faith.

Last week I had a day that started out pretty much the same as any other summer day. I took darling daughter to camp, conveniently located at my work, and before we left I almost told her to pack extra slippers (or flip flops for those who use that terminology) in case hers broke. I didn't. I stopped myself thinking I didn't want to be one of those moms. I should have said something. Her slippers broke. We chuckled about it and I told her next time I get a random thought I would listen as maybe God is trying to direct me.

After camp and work, we started heading up the mountain to get a Starbucks treat prior to horse lessons. My check tire pressure light popped on and I looked at it slightly puzzled but didn't pay much mind. It has come on many times, I get around to checking the pressure, add air, and move on with life. We parked the car, got our drinks, walked back out and oh my! My back left tire was in dire need.

With a prayer to God to help me I slowly backed out and made the 5 minute or so drive to the closest gas station to get air, hopefully, if it is working. I get there and realize I don't have one dime in my purse so I grabbed my wallet hoping for a cash machine and a nice cashier. I step out and look at my tire and oh nelly! Flat as a pancake. On the rim dead flat. I felt equally deflated.

I look to the door hoping to find good luck inside and a man about to go in stopped, turned, and looked towards us. I asked for help and he came. This is about the time I was wishing my car came with a spare tire versus the flat repair strange kit machine that the nice man figured out for me and got me set up. It instructed me on what to do and after spending a good chunk of time helping me, when on his way with lots of thank you's from me.

When the pressure in my tire got to an acceptable level I stopped the air and leak fixing pump only to immediately discern that there was a constant stream of air coming out where the screw pierced my tire. Yes, I could discern the issue. Darling daughter was worried about her horse lesson that we were trying to make and I was thinking this is not where I want to leave my car oddly parked at this gas station. I was debating if I should move on or stay.

I was leaning towards just go but worried and as I was weighing my options another gentleman pulled up to get gas, saw me, and offered help. I told him my predicament, my concerns, and what I was hoping to accomplish. He said go for it if I can get where I need to be in 10 minutes. That was close to the driving time.

Since I was wedged into place and a car pulled up behind him, he talked me through backing up and squeezing out and as I drove off with my window still down, he called out words of encouragement. "You got this!" "You will be okay!" "Good job!" "Everything will be okay!"

And I drove off praying to God to guide me telling darling daughter we will make it but will stop if needed to add more air. And I did stop about halfway there as I felt the tug on my heart to do so. It was a safe pull off spot so why not. And we made it to horse lessons just on time.

But I still had a flat tire but was beyond thankful for the two gentlemen, complete strangers, who came to my assistance with no hesitation.

Once at the stables I then focused on tire repair. My car needed one and we were now up the mountain with the only help down in town a good 45 minutes away. I was adding air every 10 minutes. I was obviously worried but dear hubby came to my rescue .and got my car down, tire replaced, and home safely and I got to watch darling ride.

What could have been an awful afternoon tuned out wonderful. I was beyond thankful for the help that came my way, thanks be to God, and for God giving me calmness in a situation that would normally stress me completely. Plus, I am thankful that my new budgeting strategy I started just this past month allowed me to have the emergency funds saved to cover the cost of my new tire.

And this is why I wanted to share my story. God is beyond amazing and sometimes struggles, or screws in your tire, can just be avenues to show you all the many splendors in the world.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for all those who helped me yesterday.

Daily Bible Verse: Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared. ~ Exodus 23:20

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