Focus T25 - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and more!

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Are you looking for a workout that will yield results, has no equipment requirements, and will not feel like it is taking forever? I have a suggestion for you and it is the workout program I started on August 7th and am committed to do until the end of the year...well December 8th if I stay on track.

The workout is an oldie but goodie first launched in the summer of 2013 --- Focus T25.

I love that the workouts are just 25 minutes (28 minutes if you count the cool down) as it makes it easy to fit them in daily before work when I am already committed to my daily bible reading AND running at least a mile and y'all, this momma wants more than a mile!

I established a new routine just recently where I am up extra dark and early to do my bible reading with a cup of coffee, run, and then cross train....all before work....on most days. The cross training plan runs Monday through Friday but there is an amazing stretch routine (also 25 minutes) that I strongly suggest you add in on the weekends...at least one day. Your body will thank you.

The best thing is it is easy to do these workouts from home either by buying the Focus T25 DVD's or by joining up for Beachbody on Demand in which you can stream this and more. I strongly suggest the second option and you can try it for free and cancel if you don't like it or even sign up for the streaming programs PLUS Shakeology and get it all!

I don't know if it is because this program is an oldie but goodie or that times changes and things improve but my hardest part of this workout was finding a workout plan to follow. After much searching on many different days I found something I liked but not something of good enough resolution to print and share so....here you go....Focus T25 Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Gamma Hybrid workout plans all in one easy to print image! Just insert your own dates to keep you on track. You're welcome.

The bold workouts have no real special meaning beyond it being the first time I tackled that workout and I use bold print to highlight them as part of my goal of doing 52 new workouts in 2017 as I printed this for my own use at home.

I am blazing on my 52 new workouts goal and the Beachbody on Demand All Access Pass makes it so easy and affordable -- and that yields amazing fitness results and keeps working out fun and right now, I need that. I have found my cross training is having the greatest positive impact on my recovery from depression/anxiety/PTSD and that, my friends, is worth celebrating. I truly enjoy pushing my limits, trying new things, and when I stream a program I no longer feel like I am working out alone and y'all, some of those trainers are hilarious! And I mean that in a good way because hey, when you are sweating and pushing your limits and feeling like you about about to die, a good laugh makes a HUGE difference.

I also believe streaming my workouts and working out from home is setting a good example for my daughter who tests her own limits on a horse's back. How can she not learn to not give up when she sees her mom not giving up? And how can see not learn that sometimes you will feel like you are dying and can't go one more step but you can when she sees her mom face those fitness challenges?

I believe in honesty and will model that for my daughter. No one is perfect. We never will be. But we each have unique talents and gifts and it is up to us to push ourselves to do the best we can...even when the going gets tough. Give it a try moms and dads because one day your kids may surprise you.

One of my favorite workout moments was when I was pushing myself and said, "I'm dying." in my exhausted voice and in an attempt to get my focus on. Darling daughter was quick to chime in, "Yes, you are mom." Not the response I wanted to hear. Seriously?! I am dying?! What about the motivational "No, you're not." but before I could voice my thoughts on her less than supportive comment she added in, "We are all dying. Every second. But you are not going to die right now."

Oh melt my heart!

Smart and motivational.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the opportunities in life to better myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Daily Bible Verse: Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. ~ Deuteronomy 31:6

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