DNF & Starting Over

On April 3rd I started a 30-day challenge - Core de Force Deluxe (affiliate link and I would be honored to be your coach) - and all was going splendidly well until April 28th when a cold took root and turned into bronchitis and needless to say, my training went to just a mile a day to keep the streak alive.

My goal was to wrap up this challenge after getting back to healthy and to get another challenge in before summer vacation - and yes, I will still be running and cross training on vacay but this was a goal I set for myself.

To achieve this I had to start my new program yesterday in order for the next challenge to be a 30-day challenge. Yes, that was my goal too.

But this bronchitis and the retreat I went to wore me out and things did not progress back up to par as planned and I opted to rip that calendar off the fridge, crumple it up, and accept a DNF with darling daughter by my side witnessing me throwing in one towel only to move on to the next challenge. Those 5 missed workouts will no longer bring me down as it was time to build back up.

And on my tight schedule, that building up with a new challenge had to start yesterday but....I was feeling beat up and worn down and opted to spring clean the house. Yes, that made perfect sense to me and you know what, it was invigorating and refreshing in a different sort of way and just what the doctor ordered. Things are bright and shiny and smelling so fresh and new and that is the perfect way to start a new challenge, right?! Of course right!

But today I was a day behind my plan so what does this crazy running momma do? Do two days of workouts in one day! I knew I could because of the length and intensity of day 1 but by golly, that day 2 had an impact and represents new workout 25 for this year. YAY!!!

So what am I doing? Here is a preview....

I am doing Core de Force - Hybrid which is a mix of the amazing Core de Force programs PLUS other great workouts that you can easily stream through Beachbody on Demand. Seriously y'all, this is way cool and I would love to tell you  more if you are interested. You can leave a comment or email me anytime.

This hybrid program combines a lot of different workouts and the All Access Pass makes it all affordable for me and that means a lot. Plus I love the diversity of the workouts for two main reasons. First, it keeps working out fun and fresh. Second, changing things up yields better results and helps you out as your body hits plateaus.

And as much as I would love to earn a little sharing my fitness story to help pay for darling daughter's horse lessons, I also love to share and want you to achieve your goals. So, because I love you, here is the 30-day challenge calendar I am following with my workouts. I am doing this in addition to my daily running where I am still striving to build up mileage in my marathon training.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for new fitness programs and challenges.

Daily Bible Verse: Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress. ~ Timothy 4:15


  1. You have great form! I'm working out too to gain muscle and find it all inspiring. Love the daily gratitudes and will try to write mine out in my journal. Stay healthy!

  2. You can map out a specific game plan to guide you throughout the week and, then, stay on track amidst the world's distractions.


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