April 2017 Training Report

Aloha y'all!

How is it going training-wise? Are you nailing your goals? Are on on target or barely slipping by?

One way to keep on track is to take the time to step back and reflect on your workout progress. I like to do this deeply once a month and yes, I flop at times but I am committed to staying focused as I move through my Busy Mom Marathon Training Program.

My April goals were to get a 10 mile run in and to run 30 miles/week (on average). So, how did I do?

In April my double digit days were:

  • 10.1 miles on 4/8
  • 11.14 miles on 4/10
  • 10 miles on 4/15
  • 13.29 miles on 4/21
  • 10.3 miles on 4/22
  • 14.05 miles on 4/24 with 10.5 continuous miles on the road

The 10.5 mile run on the road is important to me as mileage on all days includes run time and run intervals in cross training. For my mileage targets in long run distance, I want that to be at least one continuous run but having multiple days hitting that target distance rocks. I also like that I am ahead of the ball for May in having a 14.05 mile day already under my belt. So goal A is a success.

In April I ran 159 miles so I have an average of 5.3 miles a day or 37.1 miles a week so goal B is a success. YAY!

I cross trained on 27 of the 30 days in April. On April 28th sickness kicked in and I started running just a mile a day and not cross training. I thought I caught darling daughter's cold and was hoping the standard rest and hydrate would bring me back up to speed in no time; however, I was wrong.

Due to the gentle nudging dear hubby gave me, I went to the doctor today and this cold isn't a cold but a good case of bronchitis. I guess I should have figured that one out after resting from Thursday afternoon non-stop and not bouncing back when I often bounce back from a cold in a day, maybe two. I am so slow to remember and admit that when a cough takes hold of me, it takes over. Even darling daughter told me, "Mom, coughs are your nemesis". She is right.

So hopefully, with the antibiotics and inhaler I will be good in no time as I want to get back to training but also have a very important retreat this coming weekend and I need to be 100%. Please pray for me if you are the praying type. I will pray for you and truly appreciate all the healing prayers and vibes I can get in more ways than one.

Now to focus on May training.

My May goals are to nail a 13 mile run and run 35 miles per week. Based on April, this should be completely doable BUT I have downtime with being sick and the upcoming retreat plus some standard long run days have family commitments built into them so let's see what I can do. Most importantly, I want to get back to cross training by the 8th to complete my 30 day cross training program I am doing and I would love to squeeze just one more in before my summer vacation.

Wish me luck!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful dear hubby gave me a kick in the butt and made me go to the doctor...so to speak.

Daily Bible Verse: One does not live on bread along but on every word that comes forth from the mouth of God. ~ Matthew 4:4

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