Product Review: The Little Catholic Box

Aloha y'all!

I am excited to share a gem that I found with you. My faith is important to me and hey, I love getting stuff in the mail and surprising others with stuff in the mail. While waiting for darling daughter at horse the other day I started browsing through faith-based, and more specifically, Catholic-based, subscription boxes. I was delighted to stumble upon The Little Catholic Box.

To be honest, a nice website page design and soothing colors help me stay on a page a wee bit longer and this page had colors that soothed my soul and the design was easy to browse even via an iPhone. I was also delighted that they offered a way to get just one box with NO auto-renewal to cancel later if you want to cancel. I love the idea of being able to just try a box and see if I like it without worrying about coming back later to cancel an ongoing subscription. So subscription box peeps, if you offer a box think seriously about a one box offer with no strings attached. People will like it as I can't believe I am the only one who digs this idea.

I was also intrigued to see that not only could I get their October or November box (September was already sold out) but that they had boxes geared towards kiddo's. I was immediately sucked into the idea to get one for darling daughter to celebrate her stepping up into ministry service as an altar server. This was not an easy road for her and she had doubts but she is a shining light for so many and it all started with her saying "Yes" to God.

I also splurged and got myself the October box, to be shipped later, to celebrate my consecration to Mary -- a process I am undergoing and will conclude on October 7th, my birthday AND the day to honor Our Lady of the Rosary. Win-Win!

Since my order had two boxes in one and there was no way to say, send this one here and that one there, I added an order note asking if they could ship darling's box in her name and provided a gift message. I work in order fulfillment and understood this means that note would need to be read by a human and take a little extra work to make it happen but I had faith. Or hope. I had hope.

It paid off well. Since her box was not tied to a month it shipped immediately and was here in a blink of an eye and that says A LOT since we are on Maui and everything takes a year and a day to get here. Okay, slight exaggeration but you get the point.

The box was beautiful! And yes, addressed to her name. Some kind soul took the time to use a white out pen to take off my auto-filled name on the address label and wrote in her name. How cool is that?

When darling opened the box she was impressed by the presentation and touched each part with care...starting with the personalized gift message that I included in the order for her. It was delightfully printed out in a beautiful text and size and taped right on top of the tissue paper that she delicately pulled back to reveal the contents.

I also want to say that they included a piece of paper attached to the box lid that detailed what was included in the box and where it came from or could be sourced if you want more. Darling referred back to this with each item to learn more about them.

The box contained perfect things to make any girl feel special. And yes, this box is geared for girls but this Momma loves it equally. They also have a box geared for boys. Just saying...

She received some lotion and lip balm that if I remember right was created by nuns! She also has some prayer stickers, a tiny saint zipper pull, a beautiful glicee that can be set on her desk or hang on the wall, a journal, a bookmark, and pens to journal with. She LOVED each item and I have to say again, I am impressed by the quality of the contents and the lovely presentation. What a perfect gift!

And I just want to say, I was not paid to write this post. I received nothing free. I am writing this because I really want to share the word about this awesome company that impressed me with their beautiful product and lovely customer service.

But if you want to support me and receive a great deal, you can receive 10% off of Bondi Band with my code, EGFITNESS. Their new galaxy band is in the house and the expect it to sell out fast. Get yours today and yes, as a Bondi Band Ambassador I will receive a small commission through any purchase you make through my link or with my coupon code (not valid on any of their AMAZING sales that go beyond my 10% off). Feel free to spread the news and share my link/code. Thanks, y'all!

P.S. I just checked the links and saw that there Fall Collection and Halloween gear is up and ready to be purchased. Oh nelly!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my life, for my child, and for my faith.

Daily Bible Verse: Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate. 
~ Psalm 127:3-5


Flying Free

There is something magical when you find yourself on the right path in life. It may not always feel easy or seem right but at the end of a hot and grueling 4 hours and you walk away feeling that was time well spent, you know you are on the right path.

You have seen me flounder a bit lately with finding my purpose and meaning in life as I struggle between what the secular world says I should be versus what my inner being wants to be, which the more I learn, is closely tied to who God created me to be.

I want to be a stay at home mom. I want to knead bread and make fresh bread, homemade dinner, handmade crafts, cook, clean, pickle, can, and play galore. I do. By golly, even the idea of home schooling intrigues me. Baking cookies, gardening, sweating and working my butt off at home.

But that is not where I can be in life. My income is needed to help support my family and dear hubby and I are doing a pretty good job of ensuring darling daughter is with us when she is not in school. And I may be pushing my limits as I craft and garden away with darling, toy with homemade pickles, homemade cleaning supplies, homemade dinners (as often as I can), and homemade bread via the bread machine.

This leaves me feeling tired and over extended at times and I got to confess, I get grouchy. Overwhelmed, unappreciated, what is the purpose grouchy.

And then after 4 hours at the stables watching darling daughter struggle to get it all in check and lovingly care for her horse it hit me. Life is a struggle and this is where I am supposed to be. Yes, there is a part of me that wanted to run that marathon on October 15th and I dreamed of running it with dear hubby but in all reality, he really won't want to run my "slow" pace and I don't really want to run by him feeling "slow" and I don't want to run. I mean, I do but I don't want to train. Training has taken over my life. For 8 years I have been officially in training mode for the next big race not feeling good enough for hitting my plan and getting tired and grouchy. I have had enough.

I want to fly free in life and stop worrying about x miles, what I am eating, how much I weigh, or if I am good enough. What is good enough anyhow? And who can tell me if I am good enough? Not me. I have been lying to myself for years saying I am not good enough and I have had enough.

It is time to fly free.

To be me. The me God wants me to be. The me who can sit and sip on a glass of white wine while darling daughter crafts, we watch Heartland, and I blog because I want to. I am having enough of worrying about tomorrow. I have had enough of worrying, stressing, planning, being serious. I am done. And in my mind right now I am singing, "I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R'Us Kid" and I want to be young and fly free. Worry free. Stress free. Heaviness free. Guilt free. Free to be me. The me God created me to be. The me free of daily headaches and achy shoulders. Free.

I would like to say that makes it all easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy but it isn't. I have not one inkling who God wants me to be besides a wife, mom, and a crazy Catholic loving woman. But what else am I supposed to be doing?

I don't know but I will fly free following him and learning day by day what I am to do and I am going to do the best to ground each day on my faith and continue to turn to fitness to keep me going strong in more ways than one.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the beautiful scenery at the stables.

Daily Bible Verse: Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. ~ Matthew 6:34


Internal Struggles: Finding your path

Your mind is a powerful tool that can work for your benefit or against you at times. I have been struggling with mine recently. Struggling with staying positive and not so hard on myself. Struggling to stay joyful and confident that I did make the best choice to ween off meds and am fully capable of standing firm on living a life with episodes of depression, anxiety, etc. and not letting those moments rule my life.

It isn't always easy and my struggle now is that my life is changing but part of me is clinging to the patterns of old. My security blanket.

For so long I identified myself as a runner and the miles I logged each week defined me. It was easy to get into that mindset as I moved from a casual runner to running my first marathon in 2011. In that training, mileage increases became natural tendencies to validate myself and my worth.

But life changes.

And change is good.

But when that change is so different from how you have defined yourself for so long it can lead to an internal struggle that I am currently trying to work my way through. You see, running is not bringing me the joy it used to so I am choosing to run less and cross train more. Cross training brings me joy and I honestly believe was a gift from God to help me through this period of transition in life.

But at the end of the week with many 1 miles days resulting in low mileage weeks I feel like a failure for only running x miles versus x miles. You can fill in those x's however you want but a part of me is having a hard time swallowing less than 20 miles a week, and sometimes barely more than 10, when I was running 30-40 a week and my husband is out running like crazy with everyone telling me how awesome he is. It makes me wonder if I am doing enough but deep down, I know I am. I am doing more.

I have been getting up around 3:30 am, reading my daily bible readings, reading my consecration to Mary daily reading, running at least a mile, and cross training before heading out to work at 5:30 am. That is a lot and a huge accomplishment that I am starting my day with so many successes but yet I feel like I am flopping because of that silly number thing. It drives me nuts as I move through this inner struggle.

It is like being stuck on a bridge looking back to the island of your past and wanting that so badly but looking forward to the island of your growth and wanting that so badly and being torn. Which way to go? Which way to go? Which way to go?

And I hear myself as I tell my daughter in her internal struggles, just make a choice and go. Move forward and grow. Trust. Have faith.

And I am afraid. Afraid I am failing or making excuses for not working hard enough, running long enough, giving enough but yearning ever so deeply to just curl up at the feet of God and say, show me the way. And yet, I think He is. He is saying let go. Why don't you trust me? Move forward. Have faith. Numbers do not define you. Those are worldly things. Grow. Grow. Give more. Grow!

So in a nutshell I am lost. I want to move forward and grow but I do not know what that means. I see the comforts of my past, my definition of me of the past, my safety net, and I want to cling to that out of fear but know I need to move forward in faith.

I had dreams of running more marathons, a relay, and an ultra one day and right now, I am not sure if that will ever happen. I feel weak letting go of dreams but wonder if those dreams are really my dreams today or just dreams I grew comfortable with. Just secular dreams when I have greater spiritual dreams yearning to be exposed and realized.

I am lost and floundering a bit and that makes it hard to blog and share. But perhaps sharing my struggles and lost feeling is what I am meant to do today. Together, we can encourage one another to have faith, to trust more deeply, and to move forward in life even when it means letting go of old dreams to realize new and bigger dreams....even if you are clueless about what those dreams are.

And at the end of the day, I will be happy I choose to run to God and let go of self doubt and negative thoughts. Perhaps this is what it means to lose your self to follow God. If only I could be so lucky!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my daughter's unconditional love.

Daily Bible Verse: Now the tax collectors and sinners were all drawing near to hear him. And the Pharisees and the scribes grumbled, saying, “This man receives sinners and eats with them.” So he told them this parable: “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he has lost one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the open country, and go after the one that is lost, until he finds it? And when he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing. ~ Luke 15:1-5


A New Month, A Fresh Start

Aloha y'all,

It is September! How did that happen?! I have not a clue how time can fly by so quickly and am pressed for time but wanted to sit with you for a minute and bring you up to speed.

Hurricane Harvey hit my home town. It has torn me about emotionally but thanks be to God, my family is safe....for the most part. Unfortunately while the storm was raging and flood waters rising, my brother-in-law was rushed to the ER and then life flighted to another hospital in Houston and has undergone brain surgery. Please pray for his healing and that my sister remains strong and feels the power and grace of God.

This all made me take another good hard look at my life and what matters most. Family. Friends. People.

My daughter is growing like a weed and is becoming more involved with horse lessons and competitions are in her future. This comes at a cost both in time and money. This too is making me refocus on what matters in life.

With all this in mind, I have stepped back as a Beachbody coach. I still love their programs and products and I will still be keeping my BOD All Access Pass up and running because trust me, this momma needs those workouts, but I am stepping back and redirecting those financial funds to horse related items and things. It is just what is best right now for me and my family. Plus, for awhile I have been uncomfortable with the advice for coaches to message, message, message, ask, ask, ask for people to join in. I do not like hard-pressure salespeople and that just is not my style.

I am still active as a certified running coach and am more than willing to help you with your running training plans. You can email me for details. In addition, darling daughter and I are ramping up our crafting products so stay tuned for an online showing of those.

I will still share my fitness journey and hope you will stay along for the ride.


Some of my favorite things


It is something I feel is often overlooked and yes, sometimes, even by me. Sometimes life and/or news can become so overwhelming that it is hard to not be sucked into it all. My heart aches for so many things and all I want is peace and happiness but today I want to take a moment to say thank you to you for reading this post, for taking time out of your busy day, and for spending a few moments with me.

I want to thank you in advance for spreading a piece of happiness on to someone else and I will start by sharing some of my favorite things and/or moments from this weekend. Okay, let's be specific and say five things. I am going to find five amazing things from this weekend to share with you.

1. I am already tearing up before I even began to type this but my daughter was installed as an altar server!!! During this process it came to my attention that there are many in our lives that do not know what this means and that's okay. An altar server is a lay person within our Catholic church, usually youth and in my younger days, only boys, but now girls can serve. In a nutshell, they help the priest at the altar's side with carrying the cross, bringing the priest the book, lighting candles, ringing the bells, or anything else they are asked to do. It is beyond exciting for her to be active in ministry service with me. And in case you didn't know, my ministry service is as a lector and commentator.

2. Without me knowing, a sweet lady that I can call a friend at church took pictures for me when I was dressing darling daughter in her vestments and commentating at the end of mass. I can't even begin to express how amazing that made me feel that she thought of me and that I would like to have pictures of those moments. We didn't have any other family with us so it was truly touching and yes, more happy tears are streaming down my face.

3. I am thankful for my new carpet cleaner and moms, if you don't own one and have carpet in your house, get one! Now! Don't delay! I spent 2 hours cleaning the carpets and we don't have much as the bulk of that time was in one room...our main living room. It was disgusting! I am so happy that I can now clean our carpets and home on a more regular basis as I truly believe getting that dirt and yuck out will make us healthier. And to be honest, I think our house gets dirty way fast since we always have the windows open and dirt/dust/etc can blow in. Since we are on Maui this is the norm as we don't have central air and it can get stuffy with all windows closed. Very stuffy.

4. Focus T25 - Yes, I am thankful for this workout and for Beachbody on Demand and the ability to sweat myself happy day in and day out. I am on week 3 of the alpha phase right now and some moves are brutal. The idea of moving to beta phase soon is scary but exciting too. I want to get stronger and fitter. Don't we all?

5. Time at the stables. Darling daughter rides horses and it is her thing and I am so excited that she has found something she loves to stay fit and strong. And it is building her confidence and self esteem and knowledge base like crazy! And it doesn't stop with lessons twice a week. She is also part of the pony club and that means two meetings a month - one for theory and knowledge such as this past week's meeting on how to age horses - and one on the horse and riding. I love that I can be part of all of this kinda like a bug on the wall taking notes, pictures, videos, and learning right along with her. Not only that, I find the stables soothing and the time outside is good for my soul and her trainer is a gem. I love that lady inside and out! She is truly committed to the horses and the kiddo's and I couldn't ask for or dream up anyone better to teach darling about horses unless it was God himself.


Focus T25 - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and more!

Aloha! This post contains affiliate links as I am a Beachbody Coach and yes, I will receive a small commission if you sign up or make a purchase with one of these links. I appreciate your support. Mahalo!

Are you looking for a workout that will yield results, has no equipment requirements, and will not feel like it is taking forever? I have a suggestion for you and it is the workout program I started on August 7th and am committed to do until the end of the year...well December 8th if I stay on track.

The workout is an oldie but goodie first launched in the summer of 2013 --- Focus T25.

I love that the workouts are just 25 minutes (28 minutes if you count the cool down) as it makes it easy to fit them in daily before work when I am already committed to my daily bible reading AND running at least a mile and y'all, this momma wants more than a mile!

I established a new routine just recently where I am up extra dark and early to do my bible reading with a cup of coffee, run, and then cross train....all before work....on most days. The cross training plan runs Monday through Friday but there is an amazing stretch routine (also 25 minutes) that I strongly suggest you add in on the weekends...at least one day. Your body will thank you.

The best thing is it is easy to do these workouts from home either by buying the Focus T25 DVD's or by joining up for Beachbody on Demand in which you can stream this and more. I strongly suggest the second option and you can try it for free and cancel if you don't like it or even sign up for the streaming programs PLUS Shakeology and get it all!

I don't know if it is because this program is an oldie but goodie or that times changes and things improve but my hardest part of this workout was finding a workout plan to follow. After much searching on many different days I found something I liked but not something of good enough resolution to print and share so....here you go....Focus T25 Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Gamma Hybrid workout plans all in one easy to print image! Just insert your own dates to keep you on track. You're welcome.

The bold workouts have no real special meaning beyond it being the first time I tackled that workout and I use bold print to highlight them as part of my goal of doing 52 new workouts in 2017 as I printed this for my own use at home.

I am blazing on my 52 new workouts goal and the Beachbody on Demand All Access Pass makes it so easy and affordable -- and that yields amazing fitness results and keeps working out fun and right now, I need that. I have found my cross training is having the greatest positive impact on my recovery from depression/anxiety/PTSD and that, my friends, is worth celebrating. I truly enjoy pushing my limits, trying new things, and when I stream a program I no longer feel like I am working out alone and y'all, some of those trainers are hilarious! And I mean that in a good way because hey, when you are sweating and pushing your limits and feeling like you about about to die, a good laugh makes a HUGE difference.

I also believe streaming my workouts and working out from home is setting a good example for my daughter who tests her own limits on a horse's back. How can she not learn to not give up when she sees her mom not giving up? And how can see not learn that sometimes you will feel like you are dying and can't go one more step but you can when she sees her mom face those fitness challenges?

I believe in honesty and will model that for my daughter. No one is perfect. We never will be. But we each have unique talents and gifts and it is up to us to push ourselves to do the best we can...even when the going gets tough. Give it a try moms and dads because one day your kids may surprise you.

One of my favorite workout moments was when I was pushing myself and said, "I'm dying." in my exhausted voice and in an attempt to get my focus on. Darling daughter was quick to chime in, "Yes, you are mom." Not the response I wanted to hear. Seriously?! I am dying?! What about the motivational "No, you're not." but before I could voice my thoughts on her less than supportive comment she added in, "We are all dying. Every second. But you are not going to die right now."

Oh melt my heart!

Smart and motivational.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the opportunities in life to better myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Daily Bible Verse: Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. ~ Deuteronomy 31:6


Back to School & New Routines

Goodness gracious me oh my, darling daughter started 4th grade yesterday! How on Earth did that happen? Where is time going? I have heard a zillion times from moms that time flies by when your kiddos are young, but seriously, I feel we are in warp drive here. Beam me up Scotty to younger days!

And with the start of the new school year I always feel I need a readjustment to my daily routine as things go into a new zone during the longer summer vacation with no school and time in Texas and later nights....sometimes....but honestly, I do try to stick to the same sleep schedule and I always flop a wee bit.

For me, work starts at 6:00 am and with school in session, I need to be punctual as I can't work later like I can many days in the summer due to darling being in camp or with dear hubby. That means, if I want to get a good workout in I need to get up dark and early. Very dark and early.

Ironically I just read a passage in the bible that struck a cord with me as I am the crazy one in our house that wakes up dark and early.

She rises while it is yet night
and provides food for her household
and portions for her maidens.
                                                     ~ Proverbs 31:15 ESV

It made me reflect on how I do rise early to take care of myself so I can be a better, more patient mom and wife and so my later hours in the day can be focused more on my family and less on me.

And ironically, I read this verse while up dark and early, sipping my coffee, eating my breakfast sandwich, and savoring my time with God before the household woke up and it got me thinking. This is good. This is really, really good. 

This is something that felt so good and wonderful that I wanted it to continue. Imagine the pleasure of waking up early, starting my day with a delightful cup of coffee and my daily bible reading, then moving forward into my daily run (with more scripture reading), and my daily Beachbody workout....all before I officially start my day whether it is a workday or the weekend. Wouldn't this be wonderful?


And then I realized, ouch! That wake up time would be brutal and something hard to adjust to since right now I need 20-30 minutes to do my daily bible reading so let's just say 30 minutes, 30 minutes for my Beachbody workout with the Focus T25 plan I am on now (more to come on that!), and then run time and frankly, I don't want to have just a mile every single day so 35-40 minutes would be nice. So that is.....1 hour and 40 minutes so let's just say almost 2 hours since I do have to change and make that cup of coffee and feed the pets before the poor guinea pig squeaks his head off so....if I am going to leave the house at 5:30 am to get to work at 6:00 am....eek! I need to by up by 3:30 am!!! And I mean up and out of the bed not up and hitting snooze.

Can I do this?

Anything is possible but I am not going to say it will be easy. It won't. It isn't easy getting up when everyone else is cuddled nicely in the warm beds, snoozing, snoring, breathing so contently.....but there is something wonderful about being up in the quiet house while the family sleeps that comforts me. It is like the calm before the storm of the day and every day has storms, good and bad, that is life. I can't imagine a better way to set myself up for success than God before exercise before work/life. Exercise my soul, my mind, my body each and every day.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the fun Monkey Farts bath bombs that made the bath feel silky smooth, smell wonderful, and had a surprise of floating soap starts to delight myself and darling daughter as she had to indulge too.

This post contains affiliate links. I appreciate your support of using/sharing these links. 
Shop here

Shop here


July 2017 Training Report - Who am I?

Today I was asked a question that I am not asked very often.

"What do you really want?"

It seems like such a simple question. Only 5 words and one would think so easy to answer but here I am hours later still scratching my head.

What do I really want?

I could answer that in so many ways quite quickly - people not to suffer, a happy family, a strong marriage, no more cancer, NO MORE CANCER, peace, tranquility, good will to man, and I begin to feel like I am rambling off those generic ideals. No suffering. No hunger. No homeless. Peace. Happiness. Trust. Love.

But what do I really want and how does this tie into my training report you might ask.

It does. It ties in greatly as I ponder what I am doing, what I am training for, why I am training, and what do I really want? What am I being called to do? What am I supposed to be doing? What makes me happy inside and out and at peace with myself? Because it is through that deep inner peace that I know I am on the right path in life.

In July I ran 123 miles. Most of those miles were while I was on vacation where running was more fun even though my pace was still slow. I have been struggling with pace and I am thinking/hoping that it is related to medications my doctor had me on but I am in the process of coming off of. Only time will tell.

The other day I mentioned to darling daughter that I wasn't sure I wanted to run the marathon in October. I keep coming back to this "I don't want to race" and pulled out of a race in January and have no regrets over that choice. I thought I would get my vibe back for October but it isn't. In fact, the closer it comes that more unrest I feel inside.

I know I am fully capable of running the marathon. I am on target with my training even if I am a bit behind the ball. In all honestly, I am in a great place to follow through with the training plan this month and next and race nicely...even if more slowly due to that nagging pace issue. But I don't think I WANT to.

It is hard to think of my wants as it makes me feel selfish and it is something I haven't done for so long. I put others before me so often in life it is hard to think about what I really and truly want. I remember wanting to run my first marathon and that joy and sense of accomplishment in training runs - even if they were hard. By golly, I even felt that joy in training for the Kauai Marathon in 2015 but now....ugh. It seems since that race that was so meaningful to me and matched the awesome-sauce and meaning behind my first marathon that the marathon itself has lost its appeal.

Seriously, running another one won't bring my dad back. It won't make me better, more lovable, and change the way I feel about myself. It won't undo the hurts in my past and make things right as I hope or imagine right could be. It won't heal my broken heart and soothe the scars and dry my tears. It won't make one bit of difference in the whole entire world. It won't.

But I want to make a difference in the whole entire world.

By golly, I want to make a difference in a good way.

That is what I want.

To make a difference. To be good, to bring good, to ease suffering and sorrow, to be filled with peace so I can give peace, to be filled with joy so I can give joy, to be loving and merciful and to fully learn to embrace the gifts in life, God's forgiveness, and love myself.

I want to not hurt.

I want to not hurt.....

And running can no longer be my single go to. Today marks day 2043 of my running streak. The end of July was day 2041 and I had 8510 streak miles. Y'all, that is cool! That means more to me than a marathon because that is 2043 days of me sucking it up and putting one foot in front of the other no matter how discouraged I may have felt that day. 2043 days of saying yes to me and that I deserve at least the time to run a mile, one way or another.

But those miles can't be my only source of happiness or coping mechanism. Beachbody Core de Force brings me so much joy and I LOVE the workouts and feel really, really good afterward. I don't want to give that up. Crafting brings me a sense of accomplishment and sharing that time with my daughter is amazing. I don't want to give that up. I love to garden, read, listen to audiobooks, sing to music, and want to just enjoy life with less strings attached and less MUST DO's and more WANT TO DO's.

I want to want to run a marathon, I do, but right now, I don't want to....if that makes any sense. I love racing and want to want to race again but who knows if I will. I feel lost letting go of pieces of me that may not be who I am right now and wondering what the future holds for me. It is scary and that may be why I was clinging to training, marathons, and racing so much. After 10 marathons it seemed to define me and what I do but now I feel I am in the wrong clothes and feel awkward and out of place trying to fit into a box of bunnies standing out like a giraffe.

On a spiritual side, I feel this could be a really good place to be in. Scared. Uncertain. Lost. Turning away from the path I have grown used to and to the path I feel called to looking up at God and saying, "Jesus, I trust in you."


Saint of the Month: Saint Alphonsus Liguori

This month let's focus on Saint Alphonsus Liguori. I must confess I was drawn to learn more about
this saint due to the similarity of his name to my father's. It seemed like a sign that this was the saint to focus on. Do you ever follow little signs like that when making decisions in life?

The basics:
  • Born: September 27, 1696
  • Died: August 1, 1787
  • Feast Day: August 1
  • Patron Saint of confessors, moral theologians, and the lay apostolate. He is also the patron for those suffering from arthritis, sciatica, and muscular pains.

Now a brief story:
Alphonsus was born into nobility and was a child prodigy who quickly learned and received a law degree when he was only 16 years old. By the age of 21 he was a practicing lawyer but never went to court without attending Mass first.

He loved the arts, especially the opera, but eventually started to like the world less as his calling to religious life increased. He turned down an arranged marriage and studied theology and was ordained a priest when he was 29.

Alphonsus was very clear and direct in his preaching and very gentle in the confessional. He wrote many papers on spirituality and theology, 111 to be exact, and his greatest masterpiece was The Moral Theology written in 1748.

At age 66 he was named bishop and his health began to decline. He had a severe arthritis and sciatic attack accompanied by a high fever and unbearable pain. He is right leg became paralyzed and although he recovered from this intense affliction, he remained in pain. The pain was so severe it prevented him from sleeping but somehow he continued to do his work and was able to walk again with a crutch. This is just one example of the incredible and painful health afflictions Alphonsus endured and interfered with his ability to say mass.

Later in life Alphonsus also struggled with his faith and scruples and would repeatedly ask for his confessor to come adding mental agony to his physical agony.

Alphonsus was beautified in 1816 by Pope Pius VII, declared a Doctor of the Church in 1871 by Pope Pius IX, and canonized in 1839 by Pope Gregory XVI.


The Seven Sorrows of the Mother of God

To me, overall fitness is more than physical fitness. It also involves emotional and spiritual fitness. My Catholic faith is my foundation in all aspects of my life. With that being said, today I wanted to share the Seven Sorrows of the Mother of God. I reflect on these seven sorrows almost daily and they are helping to ground me in what really matters in life and focus my will on what is important. 

Feel free to print out the image below. I laid it out on a letter sized page of paper, folded in half, and laminated for myself and to include with the Seven Sorrows prayer beads darling daughter and I make. If you are interested in a one-of-a-kind handmade Seven Sorrows prayer bead set, email me. The cost is $20 per set and the prayer beads also include medals for each of the seven sorrows. Price includes shipping in the continental United States. I am willing to ship internationally but will need to charge you additional shipping costs.


Can you train hard while on vacation?

When you think of summer vacation, do you think marathon training? Some may, some may not, but for me when I visit my mom in Texas I think....more running time outside!!!

It isn't as easy as it seems and ironically getting those runs in can be a struggle so how did I do this summer?

On vacation I ran a total of 141.62 miles with an average of 6.16 miles per day or 43.12 miles per week. When you compare this to my June training average of 4.83 miles a day or 33.83 miles per week, I call my summer vacation training a success!

But it wasn't necessarily easy, I had some double or even triple run days and had to squeeze in runs between other family activities and pool fun time. I ran multiple double digit days and my longest run was 16.2 miles. I ran home after 10.2 miles to refill my CamelBak and check-in on the family and went back out running. Those final 6 miles were tough after the short reprieve in air conditioning while the summer heat increased and the heat index in Texas was brutal.

But I loved every minute of it and always will. There is something magical about running in Texas, the land that I grew up in. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Gotta love my Bondi Band headbands for keeping the sweat out of my eyes. Try one yourself and get 10% off with my coupon code EGFITNESS

Daily Bible Verse: And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 4:19


How to say the rosary

To me, overall fitness is more than physical fitness. It also involves emotional and spiritual fitness. My Catholic faith is the foundation in all aspects of my life. With that being said, today I wanted to share how to say the rosary. I really should say the rosary more than I should but like every area of growth, it takes one day at a time and a commitment to continue to strive to be better. 

Feel free to print out the image below. I laid it out on a letter sized page of paper, folded in half, and laminated for myself and to include with the rosaries darling daughter and I make. If you are interested in a one-of-a-kind handmade rosary, email me. Single decade rosaries are $15 and traditional rosaries are $25. Prices include shipping in the continental United States. I am willing to ship internationally but will need to charge you additional shipping costs.


Just think healthy

After hearing Patrick Madrid on Immaculate Heart Radio recap the findings from Standford University that positive thinking can extend your lifespan by 71% darling daughter told me, "Just think healthy, mom."

This opened a beautiful conversation and I am constantly awed by her depth of thought. I responded that yes, I do feel I exercise more than people my age. She agreed and was proud of me but I also confessed that I struggle with perceiving myself as a slow runner. A battle that I have been struggling with years and a mental game I know I need to overcome. Thinking slow thoughts won't help my performance and ironically this morning during my prayer run I focused on this thought process. It is just a sign of negative forces taking over and trying to pull me away from the good that I can do and the who I am.

I love conversations like this with my 9 year old and hope that one day when she is facing negative self talk our moments will come into her mind. I told her I need to change my way of thinking. That I need to say I am a runner and take the speed description out of it. By golly, I am a marathon runner! She eagerly agreed that yes, I am a runner and yes, yes! I am a marathon runner. These descriptions she approved of....and so do I.

But that was not the end of it. She reminded me that I am shorter than others and won't run as fast as those taller than me. She went on to elaborate that Jamaicans are tall and run everywhere. All they do is run. I will never beat a Jamaican. Never. I am short. No sugar coating on her part.

There is some truth in that and it brought me back to a similar discussion we had just last night after her horse lesson. I have short legs. I do. Not only am I on the short side, my torso is long. I have short legs. Little pony legs. Not horse legs. All things kept equal, a pony is not going to run faster than a horse. The pony's gait is shorter. It is just how it is. I have seen this for years as I watch her and other girls ride their ponies and horses around the arena and the horses lap the ponies time after time. It is just a matter of design and function.

I can also attest to the power of healthy thinking. When I am sick if I think and tell myself I am sick, I seem to stay sick longer, but as soon as I tell myself I am fine and getting better, I start to get better as long as I have all the things I need to get better. I am not saying positive thinking will take the place of doctor's advice and antibiotics, etc. when the doctor prescribes them. That is why we have doctors just like horses have farriers to take care of their hooves and caretakers to ensure they are healthy and in good form. Anything else would be negligent.

So if thinking you are healthy and more active can prolong your life expectancy can thinking you are strong and fast increase your running pace?

I do not see why not. I am ready to try and focus on the power word I chose for 2017.


Fortitude, courage in pain or adversity. One of the seven spiritual gifts along with wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. Normally when I think of fortitude I think of what martyrs face and endure but believe we all have our times of adversity in life. Times when we need to have the courage to do something even if it may be painful, scary, or hard.

Seeking help when I realized I was drifting back into a black hole of depression is one such moment and I am beyond happy I did. I was able to talk about those dark, deep secrets and hidden scars and sorrows inside. I was able to admit I have PTSD/PASS and that I hated myself for the choices I made but then by going through this process I realized that it is okay to hate my choices but not me. I would hate no one else who made the choices I made. I would embrace them with love and understanding and learned it was time I treated myself the same way.

But I still struggle with that negative self talk on a different level by telling myself daily that my run wasn't fast enough, long enough, strong enough. Seriously?! Where is the fun in that? If someone else ran the speed and length I did I would congratulate them and tell them job well done and I would mean it. In all reality, it is often the runners in the back of the pack that impress me the most because they spend more time on the course enduring the elements especially when we are talking about the heat of a marathon. So why is my pace and runs not good enough, fast enough, long enough?

This reminds me of the mercy and forgiveness I was unwilling, and maybe unable, to give myself for so long about making a bad choice. I have come to accept I made the best choice I could at that time, even if it isn't the choice I love today. So each day I need to accept I ran the best I could run that day and celebrate. After all, today represents day 2,031 of my running streak and that in itself is worth celebrating, don't you think?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my daughter, our talks, and my short little pony legs.

Daily Bible Verse: He saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit. ~ Titus 3:5


3 Day Refresh - take 2

I did my first round of 3 Day Refresh at the start of the year. You can read that review HERE. That review will outline some of my initial fears and concerns but  since I did it again, those fears were only.....fears.

Why did I do it again?
After coming back from vacation I was feeling a little too lethargic, my clothes were a little too snug, and my sugar and coffee cravings were a bit too intense. This momma did not need a fancy coffee each day made with frothy coconut, almond, or soy milk and topped with cinnamon sugar. This momma needed some good old-fashioned, nature-made fruits and veggies.

What did I eat?
The idea of a cleanse may scare some and any restrictive diets are not something I am into but this is different. Yes, it does restrict calories but to be perfectly honest, I stuck to 21 Day Fix portion containers as 5 baby carrots and half an apple won't work for me. Plus I wasn't going for a weight loss jump just a cleansing of the diet and rebooting/eliminating of the cravings so to speak.

For breakfast each day I had a vegan Shakeology and a serving of fruit. Day 1 was Cafe Latte with banana and Day 2 and Day 3 were vanilla with pineapple. I strongly suggest that combination by the way. Oh the yumminess!

Instead of my traditional AM snack there is a fiber sweep drink, which I learned in January to mix and drink immediately. Some do not like the taste but I felt it was just fine but as darling daughter likes to say, "But Mom! You like vegan cheese!". Texture may mess with some people though but again, it was doable for me.

My lunches on Day 1 and Day 2 were a small salad with oil and vinegar plus an apple on Day 1 and pineapple on Day 2. Day 3 I had zucchini and carrots with hummus and that filled me up so much I could not eat my apple. Oops. I also enjoyed a vanilla fresh protein drink with each lunch to ensure protein needs are being met on this vegan plan.

Each day I also had an afternoon snack. Day 1 and 2 was zucchini with hummus. Day 3 was my apple from lunch with all-natural almond butter.

For dinner on Day 1 I had veggie stir fry with the family. Day 2 was a girls' night so I had a delicious cucumber and tomato salad that had fresh herbs in it and I made a cup of organic veggie broth with fresh arugula, basil, and parsley in it. For Day 3 I had a spring mix salad with fresh herbs added in. Dear hubby kept commenting on how delicious this salad was so I will be making it agin. He did add sardines to his salad for his protein needs as I had a vanilla fresh protein drink with each meal.

Any issues?
Intense cravings on the first night but darling daughter kept me strong and focused calmly telling me, "Mom, you probably will have cravings like that on a program like this". Gotta love her! On the second day I had a bout with diarrhea but in retrospect, maybe I should not have had pineapple twice that day. And then there was the dull headache of caffeine and sugar withdrawal but that eased up and was not an issue on the third day but maybe that one cup of coffee helped and the good thing is, on that day I did not crave my afternoon coffee!

Any cheats? 
On Day 2 I had a small chai tea latte with a touch of soy as a headache was about to rule my life in a negative way and I still had to navigate a store and traffic on the way home. I also had no coffee this day. On Day 1 I had a few sips and on Day 3 I opted for a morning cup, black, as allowed by the plan. In addition on Day 2 I had 6 small peanut butter pretzels later in the evening. I was hungry. The headache was still there and the pretzels took the pain away. I had this same headache-need some carbs reaction in January. On Day 3 I also opted for a small cup of oatmeal at darling daughter's horse lessons as I knew dinner would be later than usual. Good thing because dinner was close to 2 hours late!

Did I continue to workout?
Yes and no. The first two days I ran just a mile on the treadmill but by Day 3 this momma needed to run and feel the wind in her face so I ran 4.5 miles in the morning and another 2.3 miles in the afternoon. I felt good and strong. The day after the program I ran a strong 8.1 miles outside in the crazy wind and I feel my pace was perfect for the wind I was facing and the uphill climbs I had.

What did I discover the second go around?
This truly is a doable program and helped curb those sugar and coffee cravings. That is huge because ironically the program ended just when my sugar cravings are intensifying due to hormones. I lost 3 pounds and 1 inch around my waist. I also lost 5/8 of an inch around my hips and 3/4 of an inch around my things. My jeans are back to fitting how the usually do.

The others who did the challenge with me also lost weight and felt revitalized at the end. Their weight loss was 4 pounds and 4.8 pounds.

Like me, they went into this with more than a weight loss goal but the intention to refocus their diets and get back on track. The cravings of life and our individual weaknesses do creep back in and I am happy to say, today I drank my coffee but didn't want or need any creamer or additional flavorings. I am sure I will indulge from time to time but it isn't an every time three times a day habit anymore. That is my weakness as a cup of coffee offers so much comfort through the warmth, aroma, and more but I can find just as much comfort in other things.

Today after my run I didn't want coffee. Yes, I would go to coffee. I drank a can of unsweetened green tea and feel wonderful. I also snacked on a couple of hard boiled eggs.

In addition, I saw my daughter's enthusiasm emerge again as she wanted to "clean up" her diet and I couldn't order her Daily Sunshine fast enough for her to try. Since I feel this program is based on a solid foundation I have no issues using it to teach my daughter about clean eating and how sometimes after we indulge a little too much, we just need to go back to the basics and refresh.

I want to teach a healthy relationship with food and this program aligns with that in my mind. It stresses clean eating and eating from the source, versus processed, and I am all for that. And the dinner ideas are inspirational and we had added some new meals to our family menu.

I love that this program pushes me out of my comfort zone and encourages me to try new fresh veggies and herbs while practicing self control and that, my friends, is a lesson that can be applied in so many ways in life.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for good eating plans and great friends who support me.

Daily Bible Verse: Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. ~ 1 Corinthians 6:19-20


June 2017 Training Report

I know July is more than halfway over but I did not want to skip doing my June training report just because analysis was delayed due to vacation, etc. I also intend to write up a vacation running report as I worked hard doing those weeks off from work and am recovering now from the increased time on the cement running.

My June goals from my Busy Mom Marathon Training Plan were to run 40 miles a week and to nail a 16 mile run day.

How did I do?

Well, I ran a total of 145 miles in June and since I love numbers that averages out to 4.83 miles a day or 33.83 miles per week. Bummer! I fell short of my weekly mileage goal but was up from running 21.9 miles per week in May so all in all, I am happy. My longest run was 13.5 miles but I had multiple double digit run days so again, I am happy because in May I had no double digit run days.

May was a tough month for me and I really did hope to bounce back in June but didn't quite get to my original plan but I am still celebrating my successes. I will not alter my plan but understand if I continue to fall under the curve some due to where I am now on the curve.

My vacation training was intense with Texas heat and increased time on the cement so I am taking a few days off right now to refresh and to compensate for any over training symptoms I may be experiencing. With that being said, I remain hopeful for an amazing month of July training. Stay tuned for the vacation training and July training reports.

But since my training is more than running these days, I put together a chart of active minutes that logs my running minutes and cross training minutes. I feel this is another good metric to see where I stand because sometimes I am running less because I am cross training more.

Since June marks the middle of the year and the first time I can report this data, I am going to report my active minutes for all of 2017, month by month.

  • January 1,150
  • February 1,444
  • March 2,019
  • April 2,757
  • May 1,606
  • June 2,225

With the second half of June having barely any cross training time (only 63 minutes), I am very happy with what these numbers represent even if my overall mileage did not hit the targets I hoped to hit.

In addition, the end of June brought me to 628 miles in 2017 and 8,387 streak miles.

Want to try some Shakeology? I have a July special going on for my blog readers -- get 3 packs of vegan Shakeology (chocolate, vanilla, and cafe latte) for $10 (including shipping). That is right! In a nutshell I am gifting you one FREE pack of Shakeology. Payment will be via PayPal. Email me for details. Supplies are limited.

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Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the new product Daily Sunshine that can help darling daughter meet her daily protein and nutrition needs. This is a win-win because she likes to be like Mommy with a shake and doesn't like to eat protein much. I just ordered her a sampler pack to see what flavor she prefers and got her a cute and functional shaker cup of her own to take her shake on the go. I love the design of this cup!

Daily Bible Verse: Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. ~ Proverbs 22:6


Time to Refresh! 3-Day Refresh and more....

It is time to buckle up and focus on clean eating and getting back on track with my eating plan.

Vacation spoiled me and brought me back into old habits of too many carbs and too many fancy coffee drinks. My jeans are tighter, my stomach more bloated, and I just feel off. I am hoping my struggling running pace may be a factor of all this too.

So today I start 3-Day Refresh with some amazing friends and by golly, accountability partners make all the difference. I love doing challenges with a support team who can cheer you on. Yes, even as a coach my challengers motivate me. It is a two-way street of awesome-sauce.

What this involves is me saying no to coffee and alcohol and yes to more fruits and veggies. I will be eating vegan for three days and the protein shakes contained within the program ensure I will get the protein I need. I have done this before and did not feel starved but did struggle with those daily cravings that try to take hold of me and rule my life but by golly, I am stronger than those cravings.

I want to get back to my normal eating plan and this structured, yet tough, jump start helps decrease or remove those cravings.

For the next few days I will also focus on running just a mile a day to let my body truly refresh in more than one way. I am hoping this will help me get back on track with my running paces and allow my body to focus its energy on renewing itself and recharging its energy restores.

This is not a quick fix and not a restriction diet of any means. I don't like or believe in those things. This is about commitment and involves eating and snacking throughout the day, drinking plenty of water, cutting out sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, and fueling your body right. I want to get rid of the heavy, bloated body feeling and get back to feeling strong and energized in order to train at full capacity for my 11th marathon in October.

And just so you can an idea of what dinners will be like for me and my family, tonight I will prep an amazing vegetable stir fry, tomorrow a cucumber and tomato salad with a veggie broth and fresh herb soup, and Wednesday we will be dining on a spring mix salad with assorted veggies and another cup of the veggie broth and fresh herbs.

My daily snacks will be homemade hummus and veggies and I am looking forward to my daily tea breaks of caffeine-free teas, such as a lovely ginger tea I have in stock.

In case you missed it, my July special is still going on where you can get 3 packs of Vegan Shakeology for $10. Email me if you are interested and I will provide you with payment details. Payment is via Paypal and supplies are limited.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for safe and effective clean eating challenges.

Daily Bible Verse: Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11


Post-Vacation & Time to Refresh!

Aloha y'all!

I had an amazing 3+ week vacation in Texas along with darling daughter and we cherished every moment with my mom, swam almost every single day, I ran outside every single day, she ventured out with me a few times, we explored two playgrounds, and so much more!

I have so much to share about that time, fitness-wise, but that will have to wait as I am spinning trying to get back into the groove of "normal" life and summer is flying by and before I know it, darling daughter will be an official 4th grader. How did that happen?! I promise she was just a baby yesterday!

What I do want to focus on today is getting back on track fitness-wise. My mom did a great job cooking all our faves and tried her best to fatten us up through homemade goodness and love. In all reality, I only gained a few pounds but those few pounds are pounds I don't need and the result of saying yes one too many times to carbs and dairy-free ice cream. Oh my! Good thing I can't find all those delights at great prices on Maui if they can be found at all. Too much sugar, momma! Too much sugar!

But that is okay and I am not beating myself up over it but modeling that now that we are home, it is time to eat a bit healthier and more on plan for me. I am excited to be doing the 3-Day Refresh program again with some great friends. Date to be announced later but feel free to join us either by doing the full program or just following along and cleaning up your diet with meal plan suggestions, saying no to extra carbs, and saying yes to more fruits and veggies. To join or learn more, email me, so I can add you to the group and ensure you get the daily inspiration and y'all, it is just 3 days of focused clean eating. 3 days of refreshing your body and renewing your energy sources. I have done this before and it really helps to get me back on track after falling off the nutritional wagon (or becoming too dependent on coffee).

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Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for today's 7.25 mile run outside.

Daily Bible Verse: Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. ~ Romans 12:2


Donate & take a stand to fight kids' cancer

Donate Today HERE
Cancer sucks.

I am sure you have read those words more than once and perhaps you might agree. If you have lost a loved one to cancer I am sure you agree.

Cancer sucks.

My dad lost his life to leukemia and that devastated me and has impacted my life and continues to impact my life in a multitude of ways. But what is really, really hard to watch beyond your father fighting cancer, even when watching from a distance, is children fighting cancer.

Right now I know two. Two young precious souls fighting for their lives and enduring tests, symptoms, and procedures that could even test the limits of an adult. It is heart breaking to watch and they are in my daily prayers. One of these kiddos has been in my prayers for over a year and the other just entered my prayers. Hearing that that boy, who is just a few months older than my daughter, crushed me to the core. I cried my heart out for him and his mom who is the sweetest, more lovable woman in the world. It is gut wrenching.

What is more gut wrenching is watching a community rally and mourn the loss of a precious child, not even 5 years old, who died of cancer. I didn't know this child or his family but the community sadness and support was evident.

I often ask, what can I do to make a difference? I pray, I try to send notes and other actions of support and encouragement but it never seems to be enough as my empathetic heart takes over and hurts for the child fighting cancer and the parents, family, and friends standing by.

Cancer sucks but childhood cancer sucks to the max.

I am certain we can find a cure and end to this and I am proud of my friend riding to make a difference, doing his part to take a stand against cancer, and taking action to do something versus just grumble about it and I respectfully ask you to donate to support his actions and to support finding the means to end the devastation of childhood cancer.

Will you help? You can donate and learn more HERE and be part of the Great Cycle Challenge USA and my friend's goal of raising $500 for childhood cancer research. You don't need to donate a lot as every penny counts but I do believe we all need to do something beyond saying, "Cancer Sucks". I am donating, are you?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for those who donate to say, childhood cancer sucks, it makes me mad, and I am willing to invest in finding a cure, to saving lives, and to happy families who don't need to worry over and watch their kids suffer from a dreadful disease and its treatments that can be torturous.

Daily Bible Verse: What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. ~ James 2:14-26


May 2017 Training Report

Ugh! May is finally over and behind me and I am thankful for being able to move onto a new month tomorrow and to get back to focused and positive vibes. May is not what I had hoped for or planned for according to my Busy Mom Marathon Training Plan but in hindsight it may be what I set up for myself mentally.

What I had hoped for was a 13-mile run and 35 miles per week but what I got was no double digit run and averaged 21.9 miles per week. There was a time this would leave me down and blue but not now. I am stronger inside and out and can logically see what came into play: I was fighting bronchitis the first third of the month, I attended an emotionally and physically exhausting weekend retreat, and I set myself up on less stable ground by going into May thinking it was going to be a rough month.

So I will set myself up for success in June by saying, yes, I will be traveling but I can still accomplish my goals to run a 16-mile day (I did 13 miles at the end of April) and I will run 40 miles per week. I can do it. The bronchitis is much, much better and I am ready to flood my mind with positive thoughts and positive actions.

I honestly believe by thinking May was going to be hard, I set myself up for failure to meet my goals. It is okay to think things may be hard but if that causing you to doubt or hold back or expect not reaching your goals, the mental game is winning.

In June, I do not want the mental game to win and I know it won't just by saying to myself and the world, I can do the hard and reach my goals....one way or another.

I ended May on a rest day and that is okay. I ran my mile for running streak day 1980 and how cool is that? I am beyond blessed and know that not every day, every week, or every month will rock and that is okay. You can't run every day 5+ years and expect amazing runs every day. Accept the hurdles and let them make you stronger.  

But....here's to an AMAZING June!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my positive attitude and learning to love and accept myself....hiccups and all.

Daily Bible Verse: And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. ~ Habakkuk 2:2-3