8-week challenge end results

Aloha y'all!

I got to say, I LOVE challenges as they can be a good motivation to do things you already want to do but may not have enough oompf to get to it. Come on, don't you feel that way at times? I know I do!

Back in October I started an 8-week challenge solo. One that I always wanted to do but felt I couldn't do. You can read my thoughts halfway through the challenge HERE but today, I want to share a virtual cup of coffee with you while I tell you about this amazing journey I was on.

First, the challenge I embarked on was a fitness program called Insanity Max30. (Note, that is an affiliate link and if you like the program, please allow me  the honor to be your coach. Better yet, email me and I will help you select the best program and pricing to fit your personal needs.)

Since I do not put full confidence into a number on a scale, I like to start my fitness programs with pictures to get a good starting point documented. And as much as sharing pictures can leave me feeling vulnerable, I feel I got to do it since we aren't sitting across each other or see each other daily. Here is my starting point.

My goal was to get stronger and perhaps find some more abs since it has been a long-lived dream to have defined abs. But most important, get stronger and balance out my strength. Running daily since December 30, 2011 has given me strong legs but I had muscle weaknesses in other places. In particular, my arms (WAAAAAYYY weak), my glutes, and my pesky hip were on top of my take care of list.

I have been cross training since May and have been seeing remarkable gains through the added fitness workouts and eating according to a plan suited to my particular needs. An eating plan that works. I tried to combine these with my daily running and I got to tell you, it wasn't always easy.

The workout plan was 8 weeks long with 5 30-minute workouts each week. In the first 4 weeks, I did all 20 workouts although some were moved to other days as a Saturday could be used as a catch up day if I missed one Monday-Friday. The workouts are INTENSE and the goal is to push, push, push until you Max Out and record that time. During those 4 weeks, I managed to pull off 4 workouts without maxing out! I was ecstatic and encouraged but the workouts were still intense and took pure determination and will power. But Shaun T always seemed to know just what to say and exactly when to motivate me to keep pushing....plus darling daughter was a huge support calling out "You can do it, Mommy!" just when I needed it too.

For the second 4 weeks I am a bit less stoked about my commitment. To be honest, with my birthday on October 7th (end of week 1), Halloween, and Thanksgiving plus financial stress brewing, some days were just plain tough but I did not give up and friends, that is what matters. Do not give up. Some is better than none. One slip does not undo all the successes you have logged. Do not give up.

The amazing thing is even though I only logged 17 of the 20 workouts in the final 4 weeks (I missed 2 in week 5 and 1 in week 6), I did not max out in 9 workouts! And y'all, weeks 5-8 are TOUGHER than weeks 1-4 as the program is laid out on the premise that you are getting stronger. That final week, I pushed like crazy and did not max out one single day....and I think that explains why I need this week now as a recovery week. I worked HARD for the past 8 weeks!

You can see the final few seconds of my workout HERE. And, my end results photo....

What have I gained? A LOT! Here are my notes:
  • My weight is the same and since I was eating on the maintenance plan I did not plan or hope to lose weight. I honestly believe my weight is perfectly fine.
  • My core is stronger. I can feel it in how I sit and hold myself up.
  • My glutes have been activated. I can feel this difference in my runs.
  • My pesky hip --> It has been quiet 99% of the time and this is AMAZING for an ache that was present practically every single day. 
  • My arms and back are stronger. Dear hubby has even been commenting on them!
  • My legs are less wiggly. I know I said my legs were strong and not a focal point but it is nice to see them shaping up in a new way. 
  • My confidence is building. When you push yourself and prove to yourself you are strong, how can you not believe in yourself more?

What is really cool is that I look forward to doing this workout challenge again because there is room for growth PLUS there is an option for a more advanced 8-week challenge in the exact same program I purchased. That is like two-in-one and a program that is intense and rich enough that it can be repeated and not be boring for your mind or body. You know we grow through changing things up and pushing ourselves. I look forward to pushing play and moving away from a few more modifier exercises as I continue to build a better me. 

If you want to join me, email me today, and don't forgot to ask how you can get paid to work out with me in January. Seriously, this is no trick. I don't like scams or lies but if you just want awesomeness with no effort, this won't work for you. You do need to commit, work with my accountability team, log your journey, etc. to win. 

Daily Gratitude: I am beyond thankful for workouts I can do at home that yield results.

Daily Bible Verse: Do all things without grumbling or questioning, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world. ~Philippians 2:14-15


  1. How do you balance motherhood with running? I have a one year old and it makes it hard to get out the door and get in a good routine.

    1. Very good question and honestly, I am a work in progress. When mine was little, I tried to workout with her with runs with the jogging stroller whenever possible. I also had a gym membership and would get up super early and go workout before hubby went to work and/or took her to daycare when she was a bit older. She went two days a week as we both worked. I then convinced him to let me buy a home treadmill and then I could workout when she napped or played. We made it a fun time with routines, games, etc.


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