Three Things Thursday

I kinda like the idea behind the trend of Three Things Thursday because it allows me to do what I love to do....just chat with you like I would if we were sitting in a coffee shop sharing a cup of coffee. Or better yet...at a place where we can bring our own coffee since I have vowed to not visit a coffee shop in November. Hey! Let's make that #1!

I have vowed to not visit a coffee shop for the month of November. I won't mention the coffee shop as I don't want to put any business into a potentially negative place since this isn't a business boycott but rather a take back my money attempt. What is it about this time of month that makes budget and finances so stressful to me? Seriously?! Every single year! But I do feel the holidays have something to do with it as I am one who starts shopping early knowing money will be tight. So...no mother-daughter dates at a coffee shop all month. Yikes!

I think me mentioning stress above sweetly rolls into #2 - my November health and fitness challenge group!! It isn't too late to join in on the fun and just email me you want in and I will get you all set up. This is a free group with a focus on daily gratitude and I will be tossing in nuggets of clean eating, fitness tips, and provide you access to a wide range of workouts if you are ready and willing to take the leap of faith...so to speak. And yep, there are weekly prizes! (My coffee shop budget has been diverting to you!)

And finally, I love, love, love to help others and from time to time I like to poll y'all and find out what you like and want. Hey, to be a better servant to you, I need to know your needs! As a special thank you to all who participate in the survey (hey, time is money in today's world), all participants will be entered into a giveaway to enter 3 FREE samples of the shake I love in vegan, whey, or mixed. I aim to please! Will you help a gal out today by completing this health and fitness challenge group survey? It should take less than 3 minutes. Thanks!!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the rosary that was given to me last week by a nice lady I did not know. Seriously, she just walked up and gave it to me. What an amazing random act of kindness!!!

Daily Bible Verse: Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil; for thou are with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. ~ Psalm 23:4

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  1. The coffee shop can be difficult to skip, especially as the weather gets cooler and the scent of cinnamon and coffee fill the air. It definitely takes self-control!


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