Fitness after 40

Oh my! Where did time go? In so many ways I feel I am or should be still in my more youthful days but those 40's snuck up and kicked me in my butt.

Let's be honest. When we get older, things change. Perhaps you are experiencing some of the same symptoms, ladies. Hair is getting a wee bit thinner and maybe a few grey hairs are sprouting out of nowhere. Skin is changing - maybe drier, maybe a few wrinkles, spots? Your menstrual cycle is changing, your energy levels are low, and as much as you focus on eating healthy and clean, you are gaining a few pounds. Not much maybe but you feel a bit softer. You used to be much more fit looking eating junk and now, what's up?

Life changes and I hate to tell you, you need to change with it.

For years I have been reading about the importance of strength training for women and their bones. I told myself lifting my child counted and didn't do much more. I ran, and ran, and ran, ate well, and was not where I wanted to be. I was softer and....tired.

A few months ago, by the grace of God, I finally decided to do something more. Invest in myself. Yes, invest in myself and my health. Financially invest in me to actually buy a better shake and fitness programs versus doing bits and pieces from magazines and buying the cheapest dairy free protein powder I could find. After all, I had a budget. I was eating "well" and turning to quick fixes and cravings in the afternoon hours to give me energy to drag my butt around through evening chores. I was miserable trying to be happy.

And then I did something different. I learned to eat better. Not a diet. A eating plan. I committed to not only running every day but doing 30 minutes of cross training every day. And I committed to varying that cross training to keep me into it and not bored. I tried things that "scared" me and things I thought I couldn't do.

I bought the better shake. I bought workout programs. I got a workout streaming service. I bought weights. I bought resistance bands and I am using them all.

I do yoga, weight lifting, cardio of all sorts, plyo, tabata, dance...anything and everything. I am having fun. I am finding my happy. And most importantly, I am finding a fitter me. I am finding muscles I honestly never knew I had. Yes, I "knew" I had them but thought I just would never be able to see them. I just wasn't one of those lucky gals.

But the thing is, luck has nothing to do with it. Hard work does and having a good eating program and fitness plan. Changing things up. Keeping your body guessing and working. Keeping yourself engaged, motivated, and committed.

The fitter body is cool but what is better is the more energy. I am a better mom who can play more and better. I am a better wife who is more confident. I love where I am today and just want to say, you can be fit after 40. You can GET fit after 40.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the support of others.

Daily Bible Verse: For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church. ~ Ephesians 5:29

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