Motivation. Determination. Priorities.

I was listening to the radio station I love the other day and a new show came on, which I am falling in love with as well, and three keys words from the show stuck with me. The three things that can drive us. Motivation. Determination. Priorities.

I know you know what these words mean but let's take a moment and really look at their definitions. It is good to do that at times. To get back down to the basics and build up from there. It can help us really focus on different parts of our lives.

Motivation: the reason or reasons to behave a certain way; the desire or willingness to do something

Determination: the firmness of purpose

Priorities: the things that are recognized as more important

The thing about me is I can hear or read something in one area of my life, say spiritual, and apply it in other areas, say my growing business dream. This was one of those times and if you have been following me a bit, I think you already know all I ever do is guided by faith. That is my foundation. But hearing these three words got me thinking once again about motivation, determination, and priorities.

If you have any goal or dream in life, these three words are your golden ticket, so to speak. You can't get to the finish line without all three. Motivation will only carry you so far as there will be days where that motivation will become challenged...not enough.

Yes, I am motivated to run every day. I am motivated to grow my business. But I will face days that are tough and where I will need to dig deeper and tap into my determination. It is the same as racing a marathon, after all, life is a marathon. You are motivated to sign up and run that marathon but you will need determination to get you to the finish line.

But even with motivation and determination, you may not get there if your goal and/or dream is not aligned with your priorities....and priorities change. Trust me, they change. Becoming a mother changed them. Becoming a mother of a third grader with extracurricular activities changed them. You can read about my changing priorities HERE but don't fret. It is okay for priorities to change. It is part of life.

I honestly believe, for each of us to grow into who were are meant to be and to achieve all that we are meant to achieve, we need to adapt, to change, to let the right priorities lead us. Then with motivation, determination, and priorities in place you will rock the boat...so to speak.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my prayer time today and being able to break down and cry out my sorrows to the Lord...and receive a wonderful hug in return.

Daily Bible Verse: From the end of the earth I call to You when my heart is faint; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. ~ Psalm 61:2

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