1 easy step to increase your productivity

I am one busy bee juggling a lot and even though I have a lot of self motivation and drive, my productivity recently has been suffering.

I have always been someone who functions better in an organized space. Chaos drives me nuts! And I think most moms would agree, once you have kids chaos moves in. There are toys, blankets, homework, bags, stuffies, everything....everywhere! And as much as I am striving to teach my daughter to be tidy and responsible, I am also honest. Our home is small. Storage is limited. Space is limited. That in itself can make things chaotic even when we are cleaning up after ourselves. And I am equally guilty of leaving things out if I am going to go right back to them.

For the longest time, my volunteer work binder and supplies, my Beachbody business supplies, my bible studies and lector preparation supplies, and my full-time work from home supplies were stacked on the floor by the lounger between use. I was stepping over them every day on my way to and from the treadmill that has my next day's clothes, exercise ball, and towel stacked on it, reading material on it, and shoes in a bin beside it. Organized chaos.

Last Friday, as I should have been heading out the door with darling daughter to get to car's oil change done I announced, "I need an office". Darling quickly piped up, "When we move you can get an office!" All I could think was, I need one before then....before I lose my mind in this chaos. I need a place to work.

And then I looked around the kitchen and announced, "That counter! I want that counter for my office!" It took some thinking on where to move the items off of it and some juggling stashing areas in other rooms but I cleared the counter almost 100%. My personal coffee maker is still there. Yep, we have his and hers coffee makers. The funny thing is when we first moved in I envisioned this counter as a work area because its place didn't make it conducive for food prep, etc.

Darling daughter was more than excited to help me find office supplies when we waited 2+ hours for my car to be done and even more excited to help me set up the place. We even got her a chore chart! The final touch was under the cabinet lights that are held up by sticky tape, battery powered, and can be remote controlled. I got one over my office "desk" and another in my major food prep area where it was always kinda dark. There are two switches now in my kitchen and they operate both lights.

And with that one little step, setting up a work area dedicated to my work, my productivity has gone through the roof. I am more focused, I have my task list, everything is easy to reach, and I can live a project out versus stacking it up and it still looks tidy. It is my place. My power zone. And it goes beyond just my volunteer, business, and spiritual duties but my family duties with the chore chart and week's menu.

So if you are striving to work from home in any way, shape, or form, set yourself up a dedicated work area. No excuses, Do it. Claim a space of the home for you and make it yours. It doesn't have to be huge but effective.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my work office and that my family is so supportive of it.

Daily Bible Verse: Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. ~ Colossians 3:23

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