I met my buddy!

This is the post of my dreams....literally and figuratively. Meeting Toby was a dream and it finally came true in June but last night, I dreamt of this post and sharing some of the awesome-sauce of our time together.

The first thing I want to say is that boy gives the BEST hugs! But let's back track a bit. Flying to meet Toby took two flights and our flight in Phoenix was delayed. Darling daughter and I were getting more and more excited and anxious to get on that plane to fly to meet Toby --- granted, I was also very happy NOT to get on the plane that had a ton of firemen go on to inspect it some more and more and more. A delay and new plane were perfectly okay.

Once we touched down we were then both eager to GET OFF the flight. We were beyond excited to meet Toby and I got to confess, all the emotions hit really hard that this was about to happen and I teared up and started to cry and hadn't even left my spot on the plane yet. Yep, I am a crier.

Getting to him seemed to go by quickly and when we saw him in the distance I was torn between sprinting and running with control. One, I had a tired and excited 8 year old in tow and neither of us got much sleep on our red eye flights. Two, I didn't want to terrify the poor boy!

So we did a controlled run and I was able to stop my carry on bag in tow with control to drop to my knees and say hello to the most precious boy ever...and hug him...really hug him...and get kissed like crazy...and my heart was about to burst open with happiness. The only thing that could top the awesome-sauce of hugging Toby (and meeting his family) was seeing him and darling daughter hug and kiss hello. Seriously getting teary-eyed here because it is a feeling you can NEVER express in words.

I am so thankful for our time together exploring a water park, the zoo, dining, and just chatting. It was GREAT to get to know his mom better, to pray together, to hear her read from the bible, and to just enjoy the gift of being together. These are days I will never forget. Days I am anxious to experience again.

God perfectly matched us and their family is my family.

But what really amazes me is not how much Toby has impacted my life, but darling daughter's too. She loves him and is completely smitten with his younger brother. She will sign to me every now and then (especially when she wants a piggyback ride -- she loves that sign!) and she will say my name Toby does from time to time in the cutest voice ever. It always makes me chuckle!

She is learning so much from this experience and may God bless Timothy Boyle and I Run for Michael for bringing us together. 

Daily Gratitude: I am forever thankful for time together with Toby.

Daily Bible Verse: I will praise you with an upright heart as I learn your righteous laws. ~ Psalm 119:7

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  1. This is so awesome! I am glad you finally got to meet this sweet little one!


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