How to choose the right car seat

I know, I know...my car seat days are winding down. Well, technically, here in Hawaii darling daughter doesn't legally need a booster seat anymore. But those laws can get tricky and overwhelming for new moms. Not only do you need and want to do the best for your kiddo's in your home state but also when travelling.

That is why I am writing this sponsored post today. 

I have been there. I was a new mom and perhaps a bit paranoid, overly protective, I gotta do this all right new mom. I never had a second child so poor darling daughter gets the full on 110% protection from this momma bear. And I wouldn't want it any other way. She is my precious gift from God and I will do EVERYTHING in my power to protect her. And car safety matters. That car seat matters. But just like the riding helmets of today for her horse lessons, a proper fit makes all the difference.

But don't fret. Help is there for you courtesy of The Baby Cubby. Let me tell you this, I wish I had this resource 8+ years ago! The Baby Cubby team is made of parents who have been there so safety for the kiddo's matters, fun and easy shopping matters, stroller testing matters, and prices matter. And guess what? They do price matching --- even Amazon price matching! --- and offer FREE shipping on orders of $49 or more. All the moms out there know it is easy to spend $49 on a kid purchase. PLUS, when you order from them you can feel confident that you are getting a safe product because they have already done the research for you. As much as I love Amazon, they can't promise me that!

But like I said, they offer more than just products. You can check out their car seat guide and see for yourself if your darling is in the right seat, if you need another, or what to get your almost here gem from Heaven. And they even address car seat needs for children with special needs. How cool is that? Personally, I love that their quick reference chart supports me still having darling daughter in a booster seat. The seat belt just rests better on her when she is in it.

This is a topic I feel strongly about so I am going to add a few personal tips of my own that I learned from personal experience.

1. Go to a car seat inspection with your seat in place and your kiddo. They rock and have a wealth of information. At my first inspection they even recommended taking down the window shade I had in place. I felt the sun would be too bright for my newborn but they advised me and warned me of the multitude of injuries that happen when the shade flies off during an accident. The seat holds strong but baby is hurt by the shade. They kindly said it was my choice but I took that suction cup shade down without hesitation.

2. Get two car seats for the dual car family if you can. When we had the infant seat with the detachable carrier, I had a base in both my car and hubby's. This meant for baby switcheroo's we were having to move the carrier back and forth and all around. At least the bases were in place and fortunately the drop off was never forgotten at day care when hubby dropped darling daughter off and I picked her up later. BUT...once she moved out of that seat, I purchased seats for both cars so no more juggling. And I bought the same version for each car so from darling daughter's perspective, it was the same.

3. Don't fret about the cost and investment and get a convertible seat when you can. You know, one your kiddo can grow with. Darling daughter is now in the booster portion of the last convertible car seats we purchased. With that said, The Baby Cubby has two new convertible seats available - a convertible car seat and a convertible booster seat.

I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to write this post and I hope it helps some new moms out.

Have a blessed day!

Love and hugs.

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