Oh the carbs!

Today, let's talk carbs.

I know you may hear a lot about them and how some avoid them completely. In fact I have a co-worker going no carbs in attempts to lose weight. I just shake my head as I am always an advocate of everything in moderation and thought I was doing a-ok in my eating plan...even if I was feeling a bit bloated here and there. And yes, I do say NO dairy for myself but only because eating it causes intense stomach discomfort PLUS congestion like you couldn't believe. I cut dairy out years ago when I was going in for test after test for abdominal pain and getting no answers. On my own whim I cut out dairy and within days my head was draining like crazy and I could breathe through my nose! This was AMAZING! So if your own body says no to something, by all means, avoid it.

But back to carbs.

I thought I had it all in balance with my eating plan -- a "plan" that could include bean burritos and/or nachos every day of my life! Don't forget waffles or pancakes on the weekends and I haven't even touched onto snacks or dinner. And the more I looked at it, my snacks were carbs. Bad carbs. Processed food carbs. And I was hungry....ALL. THE. TIME.

A week ago I received a wealth of information in the challenge I signed up for and officially start on Monday and to be honest, the carb part has me a wee bit worried.

Upon first reflection I was eating about 10 billion (okay, maybe a dozen) allotted containers of carbs every day. Six times more than I should be. I am striving hard to get to the plan that is based on my weight and as much as a struggle, I am still over-consuming carbs. Now let me add, we are each different and yesterday it was hard to adapt the plan to my 10 mile run in which I did consume carbs on the run. I counted them but in all reality feel I could just knock them out as they were my run fuel.

But this eating plan isn't all about carbs. It is about EVERYTHING! And I am awful at eating my protein and still have fallen short a day or two. I am easing into this plan and come Monday, I want to be more on target but I have found, when it comes to eating/drinking changes, I can't go cold turkey (except for that dairy example I just gave you because the benefit of NOT eating it far outweighed the joy of eating it).

I tried many times to STOP drinking Diet Coke and it finally worked once I weened into it so I decided to ween into the new eating plan for me.

And it is worth it. I am feeling energized throughout the day and that afternoon slump is not happening like clockwork anymore. I honestly feel it is because I am not constantly sugar crashing as I am eating healthier whole foods. Seriously, I did think I was doing this! But I think the awesomeness I am feeling is closely linked to my increased protein intake AND that my breakfast is now twice as big as it has been. It seems my breakfast was WAY too small -- especially when you factor in I eat after my morning runs.

I have always been against any diets and anything that tells me what I can or can't eat. I guess I am not good at being told what to do when it comes to enjoying food. But this plan is AWESOME! It doesn't tell me WHAT to eat but HOW to eat and I like that. I am a runner. I LOVE to eat but I also what to feel good, energized, and not bloated. A happy tummy makes a happy mommy...and I have an inkling my entire family will appreciate that.

Now my question to you, do you think I can keep this up on my summer vacation which includes a....CRUISE!!!!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful my mom has blessed darling daughter and I with the chance to cruise the big blue sea this summer!

Daily Bible Verse: Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul. ~ 3 John 1:2

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  1. I'm all about moderation. But I've learned that too many carbs make me feel sluggish. I'm working hard to incorporate more veggies and fruits into my and my family's diet. And I have definitely increased my protein.


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