I Run4 Toby Virtual Race Recap

Disclaimer: I received free entry into the I RUN4 race hosted by Running on the Wall in exchange for promoting the race. I did not promise a positive review but only that I would share my race story.

Running on the Wall rocks and has a wide variety of products, such as medal hangers, and a virtual race series. One race immediately caught my attention as it focused on who you run for and you got to pick what your answer. That answer would be added to the bling in the package and the bling varies from race to race but this one had a shirt (I picked the ladies tank), a bib, and a medal (and I added on a second medal). I had no idea what the personalized items would look like as I only got to pick the color of my shirt and my run for word, which was TOBY of course!

When my package arrived (which was extremely quick for Maui and always is) I eagerly opened it to check out the bling and it was beyond awesome. TOBY on the tank was a shiny silver that made my girly heart sing and the medals were beyond amazing! The medals and bib were personalized with Toby's name in the same turquoise tank colored I picked. Way, way cool!

Now I had to run to earn those medals and my virtual race day (that I selected for myself) was April 28th. My goal: 13.1. miles. I HAD to run a half. But it was also a work from home day so I knew I would be juggling work and running. And since the night before I had awful insomnia, I opted to not start at 4 am as I hoped to allow me to get my run done before taking darling daughter to school and delving into full work mode. I needed a wee bit more sleep so I could actually stay awake during the day.

My run started with 3.1 miles before taking darling to school, I came home and tackled work for an hour or so and got back to running. I ran an additional 6.25 miles before taking a 10-15 minute work break to forward more important emails and to see if I had the copy I needed. No copy yet so I could hop right back on and keep running. Let me tell you something, it is hard to get back to running after a 10-15 minute break when you have already racked up 9.35 miles for the day but 9.35 was not 13.1. Not even close. I needed more. My goal now, just 5 more miles although I secretly thought another 6.2 would be sweet. I made it to 5 and called it a day. I had more work to do and I was pushing the pace. My legs were beginning to feel it especially since the day prior I added some cross training after a 3.1 mile run with squats and lunges. Oh legs, keep on going! Run with endurance!

I was more than happy to have ran 14.35 miles. Half marathon+! One happy running mom. For the first 3.1 miles my overall pace was 9'29". For the next 6.25 miles my overall pace was 9'36" and for the final 5 miles my overall pace was 9'27". All for Toby. All for God. All beyond awesome!

And with that said, I signed up for this race again and paid the fees to get a I RUN4 GOD race set! The cost is $32.99 and I opted for the second medal add-on for an additional $5.99. But wait, that means I would need to earn those medals too. I'm game! How about you?

Daily Gratitude: I am so thankful for this opportunity to run and promote this virtual race hosted by Running on the Wall.

Daily Bible Verse: And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. ~ Hebrews 12:1

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