Beyond Exhaustion

I have been really tired the past 7-10 days. I have taken mini naps on many days and strive to get to bed earlier but life happens and it doesn't always pan out the way I hope. And sleeping has been good for the most part but morning wake up calls are coming earlier than expected with earthquakes, heavy rain, and just life.

I am trying not to read more into it but today after picking up darling daughter and her beginning the sassy stage she is in I just told her to read her homework assignment, set my alarm, and laid down to sleep...and yes, she woke me up 30 minutes later and I was half annoyed, half happy. Annoyed as I set my alarm for an hour. Happy that I got any nap at all. But it left me wondering...can this sassy phase literally be sucking out all my energy leaving me exhausted? As soon as it all started again I just wanted to collapse. Perhaps it is the sassiness or perhaps I am just too tired for silliness, unnecessary arguments, and over the top drama over every little thing...and add in those crazy lies kids try to pull and I am done. I know this is just another phase we will go through in growing up and as much as I say enough, let's move on to the next I remember how over it I was with potty training. Can I hit rewind?

She really is a good girl and I love her beyond belief and I do love her spunk. I know it will all serve her well in life and to be honest, I can be a bit sassy myself. She didn't pick it up on the side of the street and she is smart. Too smart. The other day when we were leaving the local farm and she had a meltdown over not getting the bunny there I asked why on Earth did she have to ruin the whole trip over a bunny I said no to when we have a bunny and a guinea pig at home and no place to put another bunny to begin with. Her answer, why are you saying my couple of minutes of sass ruined the whole time? Truth there. I was focused on the end not the whole time but I kindly pointed out that all the garbage at the end was making it hard for me to see all the good. She said she understood. Now if only she can remember that next time she doesn't get what she wants and tries to become a sassafras. The funny thing is, I NEVER say yes when she gives me grief. She knows that. You would think she would take that smartness and become sweeter, not sassier, when she wants something. Shhh....don't teach her that trick. I need to try to stay one step ahead.

So tell me moms, is this what being a mom is all about? Turning grey way too early, falling asleep overwhelmed, and being full of unconditional love yet still wondering when will they ever learn.

Daily Gratitude: I am grateful for motherhood.

Daily Bible Verse: She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. ~ Proverbs 31:26

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