Training Report: #irun4toby Mission Update

Aloha and how are you? I know, my training report went MIA last week and by the time I had the time to write it I figured, why bother? Hey, just being honest. I just let it fall to the wayside with increased determination to get back in the game of diligence and hard work.

So, I wrote this post: Running Excuses --- BE GONE! and it transformed my week. It still didn't add up to the best week ever but it is a step in the right direction.

Here is what I did:
  • Monday: 1 mile on the treadmill in the AM before errands and then 2 miles on the treadmill in the PM. I dreamed of running a half marathon but honestly, I was tired from World Whale Day. My running average paces were 10'00".
  • Tuesday: 1 mile outside with an average pace of 9'57" as I felt heavy with stress.
  • Wednesday: 1.02 miles on the treadmill in the AM with a pace of 10'00", 3.5 miles outside with an average pace of 9'47" and wrote that blog post up there about no excuses.
  • Thursday: 3.1 miles in the AM with a pace of 10'00" and 3.1 miles in the PM with a pace of 10'00" to sweat out the cold germs and clear my head of congestion. This worked!
  • Friday: 3.5 miles outside with an average pace of 9'20" and I finally wrote my Valentine Virtual Run recap!
  • Saturday: 6.3 miles on the treadmill with an average pace of 10'00". I will be writing a separate blog post about this virtual race run.
  • Sunday: 1.5 miles for God with an average pace of 10'00".

So in a nutshell, once I stopped falling for my excuses my game increased a bit. No more rest day miles as I want to strive for them to be rest day 15 minutes. No more letting stress cut me back down. Hello running! But I will be honest, I planned on running another 6.2 miles on Sunday to make it a half marathon weekend BUT when cleaning the shower Saturday I tweaked my back...again...and couldn't move at all for a couple of seconds since the pain was so bad. I could barely sleep Saturday night due to pain that left me wanting to cry or throw up but I did lace up, painfully, and ran. And I felt some loosening up on my run. So it may be a "fail" in terms of no 6.2 miles but to me it was a success since I went beyond my typical rest day mile on Sundays to a rest day 15 minutes.

I have some ideas about my back but let's save that for another post. All in all, I am happy with what I did this past week. I turned myself around a bit and gave myself a much needed kick in the butt. I look forward to adding on more mileage and speed when my body is ready to go. I will push myself but I will push myself wisely.

And here is my #irun4toby mission update and for those who are new to me and my blog, I am on a virtual mission to run from Hawaii to Nebraska, where my buddy lives. His name is Toby and he has Down syndrome. I run for him!

How was your training last week?

Daily Gratitude: I am so thankful my back pain finds relief in running.

Daily Bible Verse: There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. ~ 1 John 4:18

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