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Woo-hoo for leap years! I don't know why but leap years are super exciting to me. Is it just because they come once every four years? Last leap year I was newer to blogging and more on top of things and hosted a virtual race with lots of goodies. I contemplated a repeat this year but to be honest, just making it through the day can be a struggle. Life with a 4 year old was so much easier! Fast forward four years and you may find me saying life with an 8 year old is so much easier.

But even though there are times we may not see eye to eye, like the "I don't want to take a shower." and hour ago that turned into "All my pajamas hurt." mixed in with way too much whining and crying I could handle without my post work day cup of coffee. There are lots we do agree on such as....

SOS rocks!

She is partial to the mango flavor and let me be clear - this is not an everyday go to drink. It is an active I need rehydration drink taken in moderation. I believe this is important to note especially for kiddos. Water is best but sometimes she needs more such as after an intense riding lesson in the hot sun. Mid-lesson she gets a sip or two of water on the horse. SOS comes later when she is untacking and again, just some. I do not give her a full stix.

But me, I get a full stix or more. Mango is good but since I started with berry I tend to turn to berry especially for my long runs. Better yet, mix the berry and citrus for a tropical delight. At my last marathon I even increased the stix in my CamelBak to two berry and one citrus. It kept me running happy with just a few gels on the run. I would love to eliminate that or perhaps SOS can create a perfect gel just for me! Okay, all of us. I'll share. You know I love to share and that is why I am here writing today. To offer one lucky reader a box of SOS to try! You can even pick your flavor of choice: mango, berry, or citrus.

Enter today and you could win and don't forget to spread the word. Perhaps if your best running buddy wins they will share with you!

What are you waiting for? Start entering and some entries you can do daily. This giveaway will end March 14, 2016.

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  1. Yes mango would be my fave too. I even have mango/papaya body lotion--heavenly scent.


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