Who do you lean on?

Life can be tough and we are all facing obstacles in varying degrees. Last week was TOUGH for me emotionally. I had battles to face but this go around something was different. I had been hurt, betrayed, pick whatever adjective works for you but there was no fight in me. Fighting gets you no where in life. All I needed was someone to lean on.

Who did I turn to first? God. Yep, I just cried out to God in what could be called agony and asked for His help. He guided me to a good friend to text and I did. Told her my woes and she told me she would pray and that was comforting. I felt less alone as I battled wondering if I could ever trust anyone.

I then turned to my nightly devotion and guess what? It touched on trust and very clearly stated you can trust no one on Earth. Oh man. This isn't going well. I read on and it reiterated that we can't trust anyone since we are all capable of making mistakes, sinning, stumbling, etc. That makes perfect sense. Trust me, I am in no position to judge anyone else so I read on to read I can only put my trust in God.

Did that make everything magically better? Nope. It didn't. I still felt hurt and betrayed as I continued to pray, work on truly forgiving, and extend peace and love to everyone including the person who hurt me. Easier said then done. Night time would come, I would fall asleep, and all those emotions worked themselves out into nightmares leading to fitful sleep with big slices of insomnia that lasted for nearly a week.

But in all of this I was surrounded by love and grace. Kindness I extended was coming back to me. Fights that once would have been fought weren't being fought. I was hurting but there was peace around me.

Family and friends can indeed be leaned upon in times of need. Just remember, they are human too and will screw up. We all do. Trust them anyhow. Forgive them when they hurt you because there is no other way to live when you place your full and complete trust in God. And trust me when I say, when you goof up you will want to be forgiven too. We will all goof up. That is life. But it is what we do after we goof up that really matters.

I heard a wonderful thing on the radio today and I am pretty sure it was Phil Sandoval on Immaculate Heart Radio (The radio station I am certain of, I am just not 100% it was Phil talking at the time but I am 98% sure it was him. If it wasn't and he happens to read this, I know he will extend the acknowledgement to the worthy person.) Okay, enough digressing...I don't remember the wording verbatim but in a nutshell, would you rather live your life with your anger or with x-person? I choose the people in my life. Let go of anger. It does no one any good.

On that note, let's close on a happy note....


Daily Gratitude: I am thankful God heals my broken heart.

Daily Bible Verse: Then Peter came and said to Him, "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?" Jesus said to him, "I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven. ~ Matthew 18:21-22


  1. I'm so sorry and am thankful in my own life that I can always turn it over to God and trust Him.

    1. Amen! And thank you for caring. I have faith in this God is doing something wonderful to bring me closer to Him and for that I am forever thankful.


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