A quick Kauai update

Aloha my beautiful friends!

I am back on Maui, back to work, but wanted to stop by quickly and say the Kauai Marathon rocked the boat. I completed it mentally strong and yes, the course was tough. I will get more into that later but I wanted to let you know that I finished, I ran well, and I placed 2nd in my division!!!!!

There is so much to tell you and I will but I want to get my pictures of my phones, my thoughts a little less swirly, and have time to really tell you about my journey. But here are a few pictures from the weekend for those who do not follow me on facebook, twitter, or instagram or missed the pics.

Have a blessed day!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful my legs have recovered quickly.

Daily Bible Verse: His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant!  Matthew 25:21


  1. Great job, Erica! Both finishing and placing. Love the Run4Toby shirts!

    1. Mahalo! I got Toby one too that says "Erica Runs4 Me". :)


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