I am Pro-Life

Yes, this is a controversial post and one slightly outside my normal blogging range on Life as a
Running Mom but this post has been on my heart for months. Today on my run it came to me that I can not remain silent any longer on my blog. My voice has been slowly coming out in my personal life too but fear has been keeping me from posting anything here but I say no to fear. It will no longer let it stop me.

I have heartbroken beyond belief over the news about Planned Parenthood. I mean, my heart is hurting and breaking. I stopped wearing make-up as I have been crying so much but still with my red, puffy eyes the deafening silence surrounds me and is crushing me. For those who know my full story, they are also silent. Why? Is my pain visible? Does it make them uncomfortable?

I wasn't always a strong Pro-Life advocate. In my younger years I believed the lies that women had a choice to make decisions that were best for them but I never fully understood the devastating impact that abortion can have on a woman's emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. This decision is not best for the woman. Women have the right to know the full impact of that choice. Anything feared at the time of an unexpected pregnancy pales in comparison to the devastation that abortion causes. And don't think I am attacking anyone. I'm not. My heart hurts too much to hurt anyone else. Instead I pray...almost non-stop...for all babies. I pray for the unborn and that they are protected, I pray for the moms, that they find strength, I pray for the women who have suffered abortion that they feel God's grace, I pray to the aborted babies in Heaven asking them to please forgive us all and to pray for us. I pray to God asking Him to heal this country and to use me as His servant in this fight for life.

I will no longer be silent out of fear of upsetting those who have different views. I realize we do. Some of you will agree with me, some won't, and maybe one or two will question their beliefs and perhaps start valuing the life of our precious babies more, some of you may have even stopped reading or decided to stop reading my blog. But know I am not here to judge anyone. That is not my intent. My goal is to get everyone thinking about how we can help wrap the world in love, heal the brokenhearted, ease the pain of past scars, and to provide help to those needing it.

Our country is hurting and there are many women hurting because they regret their past choice and that regret and guilt can manifest in ways that is negatively impacting their life and happiness. Trust me, there is help for you. If you want to reach out, I am here for you to answer your questions. You can send me a direct message on facebook (I tend to respond quickly there) or email me (lifeasarunningmom at gmail.com) as I understand this is a topic you may not want to respond to publicly. I understand and I wrap you in my love and hold you all in my prayers. No matter what you faith is, your stand, or past choices...I love you and continue to pray for you.

May God bless us all, please forgive us and let us feel Your healing grace.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for God's healing grace.

Daily Bible Verse: The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. ~ Exodus 14:14

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