5 tips for running long on the treadmill

Running long on the treadmill is tough...really tough. Last weekend I ran 21 miles on the treadmill and at the end I cried tears of joy. That is often the case after a successful long treadmill run that followed a failed attempt. You see, three weeks ago I ran 18 miles on the treadmill, two weeks ago 8 miles was torture, and then I got my 21 mile run done.

The 8 mile wasn't a failed attempt due to any physical reason. It was pure 100% mental. I didn't set myself up for success. So here are my tips to successfully running long on the treadmill.

  1. Tell yourself with confidence you are going to do it. My failed attempt followed a week of me thinking I may or may not run long since I did a 19-miler the week before.
  2. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Yes, I like to get my bottles of SOS Rehydrate ready the night before to avoid any unnecessary procrastination the day of. 
  3. Start early. The longer you delay the harder it will be...at least for me. I am a morning runner to begin with so I often start my long treadmill runs on Saturday after having breakfast with darling daughter.
  4. Clear your day. Don't have a lot on your plate to do afterwards. Saturdays tend to be my errands and chores days but when I need to run long, I clear my day. I run my errands Friday afternoon to alleviate stress that I must get x, y, and z done. Plus I can multi-task and get laundry going and moving while running as I incorporate very fast pit stops into moving laundry. 
  5. Make it fun. I know, a long run on the treadmill doesn't sound like fun but I try to fun it up by getting a movie or two from Redbox for darling daughter to watch (I kinda watch them too) and we play the washcloth game in which she moves a washcloth from one stack to another at set mile increments. It breaks the run up into segments. Plus I turn to social media for support and fun. I adore running for Toby and this is one plus in running long on the treadmill. I will post to him, and on my facebook page, when I start and then provide updates at one hour intervals. It gives me something else to look forward too. I also allow myself to listen to tunes or read some. 
What tip do you have for running long on a treadmill?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful I have a treadmill at home.

Daily Bible Verse: Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord! ~ Psalm 31:24



  1. 21 miles on a treadmill? There is. No way. Wow!

  2. 21 miles on a treadmill?!? I thought I was nuts to run 14 on it!

  3. My gosh, I have never run that long on a treadmill..my max is 7 miles! Making it fun is definitely important! I couldn't survive without TV for that long on a treadmill! Great tips!


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