SOS Giveaway to celebrate 1 year #irun4toby

Please note: I am personally sponsoring this giveaway to celebrate a special day...one year ago today I was matched with my buddy, Toby.

I run for Toby and it is one of the best things ever in my life. I was matched with him on July 27, 2014...a year ago...and I remember the day like yesterday. I was counting down my place on the match list until I would be the lucky #1 on the listing, which meant I would be the next runner matched! You can read more about our match date HERE.
Toby and I support one another and his mom rocks the boat too! We have grown incredibly close over the past year and honestly, they are a very big part of my family. Darling daughter embraces the awesomeness of this match as much as I do. And to celebrate I want to offer one of you a chance to try SOS Rehydrate -- another awesome thing in my life.

Way back in March of this year I had the chance to give SOS Rehydrate a try myself. You can read my initial product review HERE. Prior to this I had just purchased another sports drink for the Kaua'i Marathon. One that may be the course drink...or may not...but it doesn't matter. After trying SOS Rehydrate and using it I was hooked. I loved the drink. It wasn't too sweet and seemed to do the trick but I didn't realize fully what an impact it had on me until my summer running in Texas.

Traditionally, my Texas training falls flat. The heat and humidity get to me. I feel drained and worn out and my longs runs don't happen. This year things were different. Even though I was battling a bad sinus infection my energy levels were staying up there and my marathon training was rocking the boat. Instead of falling back in Texas I was strengthening and moving forward. That is great news for any training program! I quickly realized I wasn't turning to my gels either as quickly and since they tend to mess with my stomach, I loved that. I put two SOS Rehydrate sticks into my hydration pack and they were keeping me hydrated with a happy tummy and no fuzzy head PLUS no post long run headaches. Yes, I still use my gels but I go longer between them and that is perfect for me.

So to celebrate one year of running for Toby I wanted to give you the chance to try SOS Rehydrate for FREE! It was a blessing in my life and I hope it will be a blessing in yours. The giveaway closes on August 8th, which happens to be Toby's birthday!!!

Are you in Hawaii and can't wait? Great news! You can get SOS Rehydrate at Longs! On Maui I definitely know it is at the Kahului Long's but didn't see it in the upcountry Longs. Grab a coupon at the end of this post and enjoy! Not on Maui? Go to MySOS, sign up, and use coupon code AMB-DGU-GKF for 15% off. This is a one time use coupon. Enjoy!

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Daily Gratitude: I am thankful I can run for Toby and that I found the perfect hydration mix for me -- SOS Rehydrate all the way!

Daily Bible Verse: So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. ~ Matthew 7:12


  1. This looks so intriguing. I see that they are in Australia but not sure about Canada yet.

    1. Let me find out and get back to you!

    2. I know I already told Elle but for all of you, SOS Rehydrate isn't in Canada right now but they are looking into it.


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