Na Holo Wahine 5K

This Saturday darling daughter and I participated in the 36th Annual Na Holo Wahine 5K race as a mother-daughter team. This was our second year doing so and you can read about last year's experience HERE. If you have been following me for a bit, I think you know I LOVE running with my daughter!

The Na Holo Wahine (lady in Hawaiian) race is one I plan to support year after year not only because it is a local race with just ladies running but also because it supports Hale Kau Kau and feeding our hungry. It's a win-win!

We had been training for this race as I wanted her to have a better experience than last year mainly because I wanted her to see that hard works pays off and that we all can grow stronger. Plus she had a year worth of horseback riding lessons behind her and I strongly believe all that posting is helping her running legs get stronger. I didn't get as far in the training as I hoped but race day came and we were ready to go...well almost.

Just as we pulled into the parking lot I realized my big oops. I left our bibs on the kitchen table!  Fortunately, the race director, Mary Trotto, is a doll and hooked us up with new bibs and I was completely honest with where my bibs were. We went from number 58 to number 91 and yes, it did help that we remembered what our team number was when they were making the corrections in the database. Being a race director myself, I knew that the issue could be remedied with patience and this is one reason I strongly suggest getting to any race early. It gives you time for unexpected hiccups and those race directors, they are dealing with a million things at once so give them time too.

Before the start we bumped into my doctor and one of her daughter's joined us along the course. Doc was running as a team with her other daughter. I was glad to have another little one with us and she and darling daughter are about the same age. After picking up another kiddo at our last race, it made complete sense to do it again!

These young ladies started strong and after awhile I encouraged them to move into an easy pace. I knew we had a 5K to run and they listened and remained strong and positive going up the hills along the course. When we finished the first loop I made sure both girls stopped and got some water from the aid station. Once they drank up we continued running and the second loop is always the toughest. It seems to be a hotter loop and we incorporated a couple of walk breaks for the girls but the energy of the two seemed to help encourage the other to keep going. There was only one point near the end that darling daughter had enough and told me she hated me and I told her, it was okay, we are almost done and encouraged her on. She ran on. I knew she didn't really hate me but that she was working hard as our little running buddy had admitted that she was getting really tired too.

As we turned to make the final uphill climb to the finish line dear hubby was there to cheer the girls on with watermelon slices. I told him to keep the watermelon and give it to the girls once they finished. I knew they were going to try to dig deep and push themselves to the finish and I didn't want to worry about them choking on watermelon. As we got closer to the finish Doc was there with the older sister and we all ran to the finish together cheering the girls on. They did great! Once we looked at the time (37:59) we realized that BOTH girls just made new PR's shaving over 10 minutes off of their previous 5K times. That is amazing!

Our running buddy placed second in the kids age group but unfortunately, since darling daughter was with me in the Mother-Daughter division her age place wasn't recognized. We talked about it the next day when I asked her if she wanted me to register us individually next year. We would still run together but then she would be "competing" with kids her age not against moms and daughters of all ages. She knows it isn't about the medal at the end and was happy I explained why she didn't get one. She is smart enough to know she finished at the same time as our running buddy.

After much reflection she decided yes, she wants to compete next year but only if we still run together. Absolutely darling! I would be honored to run with you anytime. Dear hubby mentioned later to me that it must have been tough for me to run and not compete. Nope. It wasn't. I got to run with two awesome girls and I have other chances to get a medal and like I said, running is more than a medal. It is about the journey and running with those girls and helping them achieve amazing new PR's is the best thing ever! The prize I got that day is something that can't be attached to ribbon and hung around my neck. And it gets better! There was another mother-daughter team with a six year old girl and guess what? She was there and reading my blog and last year's experience with darling daughter helped convince her to sign up! AND....a local runner came to me and told me I inspired her to try a running streak in May!!

Daily Gratitude: I am glad I can be there for other mom's to help their kiddos along a race course.

Daily Bible Verse: Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. ~ 1 Corinthians 9:24

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