For the Love of Maui: Race Recap

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 Now let's run!

On February 15th, 2015 I ran the For the Love of Maui 5K and so did dear hubby. Darling daughter was our cheerleader, who thank goodness the wonderful timers watched until her big brother showed up. He was late and didn't get there until after the race started. This is one thing I love about the local running community -- we know one another and pull together when needed. And the timers rock! They are the ones I turn to for the Run & Walk for the Whales and I can't tell you how much easier they make my life as a race director. By the way, they are Pacific Sport Events & Timing and also do the timing for the Honolulu Marathon...and so many other events. I love Jon and Arlene!

A few days before this race dear hubby asked me my goal. He wasn't entirely thrilled with my answer to run and have fun. He joked that we should run together since it is a Valentine's Day thing but quickly changed his mind. Maybe because I said I was just going to go with the flow. Maybe because he really didn't want to slow down to run with me. Regardless, it didn't matter. I wanted him to run his race....not mine. There are other ways we can show each other our love.

I was excited to toe the start line though since I was still bummed I missed the Maui Oceanfront Marathon due to that nasty cough. I made the right decision to listen to my doctor and still feel no regrets but I also still desire to run that course. I already told the race director, Les, that I am on for 2016! He will gladly welcome me back and trusts that I won't flop two years in a row but questioned why I just didn't run a shorter event. Ummm....the thought never crossed my mind.

Now let's get back to love!

The For the Love of Maui is an awesome race directed by beautiful Cathy who does an amazing job getting sponsors. Although, I would seriously question companies who turn her down because the race's cause is so darn good --- hospice care! I do not mind one bit supporting hospice care with my entry fee. Once we got there I was happy to see Ainsley's Angels represented and really had no clue what the course was. I ran this race a couple of years ago, maybe three years, and the course was a double loop. But I felt I was starting somewhere else and being as laid back as I was once the race started and I still was clueless I figured, just follow those in front of me and course markers! Maybe not the best racing strategy but it worked and nope, not the double loop from years ago but there were some hills!

At mile 1 my phone told me my pace was 7'57". I was stoked since it did have some uphill to it AND I wasn't "racing" per se. My goal marathon pace is 9'00" so I am always happy when paces are below that. I knew I had more to run and there were more hills to climb so I tried to keep it easy, go with the flow, and not totally wipe myself out. I was passing people every now and then and my second mile was done in 8'01". By this point I got a glimpse of dear hubby as we did a little turn back where we ran against the flow of runners and he yelled out a "good job" to me and I smiled. I was happy with my pace and progress and kept on running. For the final mile I figured I good push the envelope some. Hey, it is only 1.1 miles, right? And there was some downhill but I tried not to fly too much to avoid quad injury. Mile 3 came in at 7'26".

I flew past the finish line truly racing the girl by my side and it ended up we both got the same finish time: 23:45. I was happy, accepted a juice box as it would be the perfect treat for darling daughter (she loved it!), talked to dear hubby a bit, and took a few moments to catch my breath. Dear hubby was certain I PR'd. I had no idea. I followed dear hubby to go find the kiddo's and sat down to enjoy the after party.

Whole Foods was present and there was some Starbuck's coffee. After drinking my protein drink I grabbed a cup of coffee and savored the treat. The awards and door prizes were handed out and it is always fun to watch and then, guess what? They called my name! I placed first in my division!!!! Woo-hoo! I was very happy especially since I questioned how I would be able to perform after working Whale Day the day before (a very long laboring day) and long hours the days proceeding getting ready for the huge event. And dear hubby placed first in his division with a time of 21:44.

There were 324 and I was the 35th to finish. How exciting! I looked later on the ride home at my blog racing page and yes, I had PR'd. I just beat my time from 2006, which was 25:05 and made at the Race for the Cure on O'ahu. The very first race dear hubby watched me at many moons ago on a much flatter course.

Just around the corner I have my next race. A St. Patrick's Day 3-miler on a flatter course. Last year I ran it in 22:07. Yes, a faster overall pace than this race but hey, still not a 5K as it is 0.1 miles short. I wonder if I will be able to shave off 8 seconds in a week and break 22 minutes?

But in all reality, it doesn't matter. If I do I will celebrate. If I don't, I will celebrate. I am running for a cause much greater than the end time. Yes, I love that I placed first and that I tied with the second place lady in the 20-29 age division. I also love that I finished before the first lady in the 30-39 division. But in all reality, what I love most is that I ran my own race, I ran for Toby, I ran for God, and I tried my best to stay close to runners who motivate me. I love that after the race two ladies came up to me and said thanks for pushing me. I guess they were tailing me the same way I was tailing those ahead of me.

There isn't a magic number. Running isn't really about beating each other but about setting your new PR's and finding what you are made out of because the magic is, that lady who placed 1st in the 30-39 division could have just blasted away 9 year PR as well!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the medal I earned and that I had the chance to inspiring others and make darling daughter proud.
Daily Bible Verse: Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. ~ Philippians 2:3-4

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