CEP Women's Progressive+ Run Socks 2.0 with BrightLife Go

This is a sponsored post. I was provided product free of charge from BrightLife Go to review. I did not promise a positive review and they agreed to giveway an additional pair of the CEP Women's Progressive Socks 2.0 to one giveaway winner.

Years ago I wore compression socks for every single long run without fail. Over the years, they fell to the wayside mainly because I felt perhaps they were too heavy and hot although I don't know if that is 100% true. Perhaps it was the power of suggestion as people kept asking me "aren't you hot?" Well yes I am but I still doubt if it was the socks as the temperatures were high.

BrightLife Go contacted me in early February to try a pair of compression socks. What is unique about BrightLife Go is that they carry a variety of brands so you can really do some comparison shopping. You can choose by style, weight, or even color! I immediately went to the Athletic section and selected CEP to give a try....or to be exact, the Blue/Black CEP Women's Progressive Run Socks 2.0. For the giveaway, this is the sock you will win but you get to choose the color you want. You do not have to do blue/black like I did. The sock is valued at $53.

But what did I think of this sock?

It is a snug fit and you pick your size based on your calf circumference versus foot size. The socks are clearly labeled for your right and left foot and for me, it takes a bit of pull to get the sock over my heel and I feel there is more support around my ankle than other compression socks. I also felt they came up higher to my knee but the area by the knee is thinner and doesn't feel like it cuts into my knee and doesn't bug me one bit. This is huge for me because I can be fussy about how things feel on that tender skin behind your knee.

On the reverse, the first few times I took these socks off I wanted to pull my hair out trying to get them off over my heel but then it dawned on me to stop trying to take them off without them turning inside out. Once I let go of that crazy hangout, taking them off is so much easier. Yes, it is still snug getting the socks over my heel but I honestly believe that is what contributes to the extra ankle support I feel in these socks. For anyone with ankle issues, this has to be a plus!

I love running in them and the socks have the same thickness of my standard go to running socks so no lacing up shoes tighter or not as tight. They stay in place when I run and in all reality, I forget I have them on. My legs feel happy and when I had some bruises on my left shin (a work-related injury) I pulled on these socks more often for the added support and that nasty bruise is essentially gone now. Thank goodness because it had a good knot in it! I honestly feel without the socks the bruise would have taken longer to heal.

What are my final thoughts?

I love wearing compression socks and no longer keep it just for long runs. You can find me in them at least 2 runs a week! I am also now seriously researching compression shorts to tend to my cranky left glute and perhaps that needs some extra loving hugs throughout the day.

I am also very happy that one of you can receive a pair of CEP Women's Progressive+ Run Socks 2.0 yourself to run in. Enter today and share the love by spreading the word. The giveaway ends March 26, 2015 and I will contact the winner as soon as possible...most likely the very next day!

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