Motivation Monday - Who do you run for?

For some of you it may already be Tuesday as I am a wee bit behind on my Motivation Monday - but that is all part of life. Sometimes you hit road bumps, 900 + emails at work and a race series to plan, and your original intentions go to the wayside. But through all of this....I have running.

Running is my source of sanity, my reprieve from stress, my time to get my creative and/or problem-solving juices flowing, my time to reflect on my purpose in life. There is a lot that goes into my daily runs beyond putting one foot in front of the other and my runs have a higher purpose that goes beyond myself.

For some it may be scary to have so much riding on a run - but I run for many reasons all at once and all those reasons combined bring me to a higher place of happiness on my runs. Yes, I find extreme happiness even in the tough runs and even if I do not get that sought after adrenaline rush of runner's high.

First and foremost, I run to honor God. Without Him I would not be here running each and every day. I run for my family. Trust me, they want me to be more at peace. I run for Toby and Down syndrome awareness. It feels good running knowing that there is a boy and his family in Nebraska cheering you on each and every step. I look for things along my run to share with him, stories to tell, and just some plain updates on my life. I often question how he is doing, feeling, and experiencing in school. 

But we each have different reasons to why we run just like we each have different paces and different races. The reasons may vary but the end result is the same -- we are running to be better people and I honestly believe through running we each can make a HUGE positive impact on the world.

So tell me, who do you run for?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful we found a break from the rain yesterday to enjoy a whale watch.
Daily Bible VerseArise, for it is your task, and we are with you; be strong and do it. ~ Ezra 10:4

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