Friday Favorites: Henna

I am sure you have heard of henna before but let's get down and dirty. Henna is a flowering plant and the name is also used to refer to the dye that comes from the plant. It is often used for temporary tattoos but did you know it can be used to dye hair?

Years ago when darling daughter was just a little one I was interested in doing something different with my hair but I didn't want chemicals or nasty smells. A good friend suggested henna. Her good friend happens to be a hair expert and set us up with the right supplies (red henna) and my first henna treatment was done. By the way, it happened on the day I also experienced my first tsunami threat on Maui...after we knew all was clear of course.

That first day we were cautious and just left the henna on a bit and LOVED the results. The natural red in my hair now popped! It was just what I wanted to add some extra life to my look. Fast forward to today and I am still going back to henna on a regular basis and last night I did it myself. Eeeek! I have come accustomed to leaving the henna in for hours (I am talking 3) with a shower cap on my head and yes, you can find me gardening safely hidden in the backyard baking away. Last night I just did an hour in the house due to time constraints.

Grey to Copper!
My goal is a bit different these days. Yes, I want some extra pop to my hair but I also want to hide those silly greys that are popping out more and more over the years. The henna does the trick! Those greys become vibrant copper strands and I LOVE it. The best part is the dye slowly comes out over time. It doesn't leave any obvious, harsh dye lines that could be a further embarrassment. Just the greys start slowly showing up again and I like that because yes, sometimes I go quite awhile between grey hiding sessions.

Will henna work for you? Ask a professional but I can say this, I have hair color with natural red highlights and have been told that is why it works nicely on my hair so please, don't go trying it solo all by yourself until you have consulted a hair dresser. I really don't want to be responsible for any hair coloring mishaps that leave you in tears.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for henna!
Daily Affirmation: I am young at heart.


  1. Love your color. I don't know if this is true. But I heard you can't color over henna. So once you do it, you have to stick with it or let it grow out. Do you know?

    1. That is a good question and I don't know but will find out!


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