Just Click "REGISTER"

I did it. I signed up for another marathon before racing the one next month. Isn't it funny how life works that way? And these two marathons will be just over a month apart. This has me feeling really good!!!

You see, weeks ago dear hubby told me he was going to sign me up for the Maui Oceanfront Marathon if I didn't break 4 hours at the Honolulu Marathon. I told him nope. I wanted a break from marathon training after Honolulu. With my roller coaster of hurdles since Maui this makes sense but when talking to my coach this weekend the Maui Oceanfront Marathon popped into my mind. I was trying to say how I didn't want to do it but guess what? I did feel an inkling that yes, I should do it!

Yes, my training has been off but my reasons have been solid. I still have endurance as my 20-miler last week showed. I am not 110% happy with every run but who is? And yes, this sounded great!

And today I did it. I hit REGISTER. I will be running a marathon on Maui again on January 18th. Yippee!

Ironically, when I was filling out the form it had a lot of other questions and I stumbled on one. How many marathons have you run? Hmmm....yes, I did have to go to my blog, look at my race results, and count. Does anyone else have to do this or do you remember? By the way, I have run six.

P.S. I just realized I will now be running a marathon a mere two weeks - minus one day - before the race I am directing will hit the roads!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the support of fellow race directors.
Daily Affirmation: I GOT THIS!


  1. I signed up for another race a few weeks before my latest big adventure, so I'm right there with you! And yes on the "checking blog for accurate marathon count". Guilty!

    Have fun at your marathon!

  2. That is awesome. Good luck and ENJOY!


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