Book Review: Unstoppable - Running the Race you were Born to Win

I truly do love to read and wish I had so much more time to do so. I like a variety of books but if you combine running with faith, I am instantly sucked in!

Today I am reviewing the book Unstoppable: Running the Race you were Born to Win by Christine Caine. First, let me say, this book was a gift to me from my wonderful buddy, Toby, and his mom. When I read this on the back cover tears started flowing, "But many times in our race, we're burdened and intimidated by life's challenges along the way. The task seems too tough, the path too perilous, the race too rigorous."

These words fell into my hands weeks after the Maui Marathon and about the time I was feeling burdened and driven to change my race day goals for the Honolulu Marathon. Talk about perfect timing!

Now I said I love books about running and faith and even though this book talks about "running your race" many, many times it is a metaphor for running your race in life not running per se. But the lessons for life and running are there on every page, leaping out to me, reminding me, and teaching me to not give up, to push forward, to take the next baton in my relay, and to do so joyfully.

The book contains real life stories of those involved in A21. I had never heard of A21 before this book so let me tell you, their goal is to prevent human trafficking, protect those who have been trafficked and to provide necessary support to them, to prosecute traffickers and strengthen the legal response, and to form partnerships to provide a comprehensive front against trafficking.

But even though A21 forms the basis of the stories, and the tales can be quite sad, the book overall is uplifting with verses that really penetrate deep into the meaning of our life and our race. It promotes teamwork and doing your best without fearing tasks that seem too big. It provides suggestions on what to do when you are feeling challenged, when your passion is dwindling, when you feel downtrodden and frankly exhausted. These are all normal human responses and you will discover how and why these represent areas of personal growth.

I absolutely LOVED this book and feel it is one I will read again and give to darling daughter to read when she is older. I am so thankful for the batons handed to me - including this book that was handed to me by my buddy's mom. I feel it has already begun to change my life as my eyes continue to open to see things that others may over look, to reach out when others may walk away, and to stand in the rain if it means someone else's day is brightened.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for God's unconditional love.
Daily Affirmation: I am running my race with perseverance. 

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