5 Tips to Sleep like a Baby

With the ongoing challenge of sleeping well recently, I think today is a GREAT day to remind myself, and all of us, of 5 tips for better sleep and to sleep like a baby.
  1. Have a bedtime schedule and routine: Try to go to bed and get up at the same time each and every day. I do this within an hour or so but am more consistent these days than in my past. And yes, I have  routine, especially for darling daughter. She brushes her teeth (and I set my alarm), we read our bible verses, her devotional, and then a story book just for fun. It is then lights out for some song time and she drifts to sleep. I then chill with dear hubby before going through my bedtime routine of brushing teeth etc. and cuddle up to sleep. Done!
  2. Have a good sleep atmosphere: Yes, a comfy bed and a cozy room are conducive to a good night's sleep. And I try to keep the temperature somewhat comfortable but with no central air we are tied to what the weather is outside; however, I am quite the master of having windows cracked open just right. Is it still too warm? Sprinkle baby powder on the sheets and for some reason, that makes things seem cooler.
  3. Have an active day: We all see it...kids who ran and ran all day zonk out at night. It works for adults too! Just be careful of when you get moving. Too close to bedtime and you just may get an adrenaline rush instead of a soothing night sleep.
  4. Manage stress: This is a BIG one for me and I know when stress is taking over as instead of sleeping I am pondering a million things. I find it hard to quiet my mind but do know yoga and meditation can help a lot! I just need to incorporate a relaxation yoga session on those nights before bed. Yes, I am reminding myself of that right now. Do you worry about forgetting stuff? They why not keep a notepad by your bed? Write down what you need to do and go to sleep. I wish it was that simple for me. I worry about things I have no control over hence the need to let it all go. One go-to I love is essential lavender oil - a bit on each temple or a spritzer on your pillows is sure to ease your mind.
  5. Watch what you consume: Yes, alcohol may make you feel sleepy but later on, it will disrupt your sleep cycle. Personally, I love to have a hot cup of nighttime tea after darling daughter is in bed. I do this most nights and probably should have last night. It may have helped soothe my mind.
But sometimes, you do everything right and then...kaboom! You are up again. That was me last night. I woke up to bumps in the night that sounded like someone digging in gravel under our house. There is no gravel there that I am aware up but we do have some nearby. I did get up to investigate and saw nothing and no, I didn't go outside. I did try to wake dear hubby but that was pointless. He sleeps like a log...so much that last night I pondered if I would even be able to wake him if it was a real emergency versus me being scared over noises that probably had a good reason...or not. We still get that someone banging on our shed noise here and there. But you see, I am always fine except for not being able to go back to sleep.

For over an hour I tried calming my mind, I had the lavender oil, I tried counting sheep (that never works - my mind always starts focusing more so I don't lose count), I thought about getting up to run (that would probably wake dear hubby with my luck and make him mad I was running at midnight AND it would energize me), so I grabbed my water, moved into darling daughter's bed, and fell back to sleep in no time. The magic of changing things up! Or just removing yourself from the snores and frustration of someone sleeping beautifully when you are struggling to get back to sleep!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful moving rooms put me back to sleep.
Daily Affirmation: I can manage my stress and sleep better.

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  1. These are great tips. I'm a terrible sleeper...always have been. It's a family trait. On the worst nights, there is a song playing in my head nonstop. Also a family trait! LOL.


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