5 Days of Real Food - take 2

When I posted about eating real I was about to embark on a journey/challenge with other ladies to Kelly Choose-Health was having with facebook, her challenge was delayed a week. So I did what seemed right, I did a solo trial run myself last week.
really look at what we are eating and consume only real, whole foods for 5 days. Due to technical difficulties

Please note, I am not a food blogger so my pictures are not the best but I did continue to share them, well, most days, for accountability reasons.

Last week taught me quite a bit to bring to the plate this week for the official challenge.

First, remembering to take pictures of my meals is tough! And then if I do remember I feel really odd taking a picture of my lunch in front of my co-workers and hope I can sneak a picture in at dinner time without dear hubby shaking his head at me wondering what am I up to now. I completely dropped the ball on Friday.

Second, as much as I thought I ate pretty good, and still believe that, I did discover I have cravings and/or habits that turn me to prepared, packaged food. The first day all I could think of was crackers. The second day I just wanted to eat bread. By the third day those cravings tamed down and I began to notice my hunger level decreasing some too. However, I was still struggling at what to eat before my workouts when I usually grabbed a graham cracker. This week, I will try almonds.

Third, meal preps on the weekends is HARD and time-consuming. To avoid turning to frozen meal ideas such as chicken wontons or no chicken chicken (as we call it), I was preparing two dinners on Sundays so I would have something to heat up on Monday after darling daughter's horse lessons. Her lessons last practically up to dinner time so I need to be ready. Add in making my salads for the week and I am wiped out!

Fourth, I had fun coming up with new dinner ideas and found it was easier to be vegetarian with my focus on real foods as long as I was prepared and cooked up batches of beans. Yep, more meal planning.

Fifth, I don't do well with too much fruit. It makes me feel yucky so this week I am turning to veggies for my snacks. Let's see how that works!

And finally, I love balsamic vinegar. Yes, I always knew this but often it was mixed with oils or other things. Last Monday I tried it solo on my salad and the flavor shocked me. Fast foward to today, I can't imagine anything else on my salad. It is wonderful!

Did I stick to my real fool only over the weekend? Nope. I had a bagel and some graham crackers too but I am not getting down on myself. I will always eat some prepared things here and there I think. Just being honest. Life is too short to be all or nothing but I am glad I am getting more real in what I eat.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for a second week of this challenge.
Daily Affirmation: I am learning how to fuel my body perfectly for me.

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