Why I ended my #yogastreak

Tuesday I had no desire to pull myself out of bed at 4:00 am. I didn't sleep well the night before so I opted to just run after work. I knew this wasn't ideal since I already promised darling daughter I would take her to the library but I knew I would make it work somehow. Perhaps make a quicker dinner?

As we were driving to the library we discussed all we needed to do - return books, get new books but no, you don't have to rush to pick them out, Mommy is going to run and do yoga, darling daughter has homework to do, pets to feed (bunny, fish, bird), lunches to make, dinner to make, showers to take, hair to braid, clothes for the next day to pick out. I commented that perhaps Mommy should just run a mile. I had four miles on the schedule but Friday was a one mile day. Perhaps switch.

We got to the library and looked around. She picked out most of her books, I picked out a couple, and then she asked about bunnies. I found the pet section for her and we found bunny books. Then upon checking out I had to update my address, etc. etc. etc.

Once we were finally in the car and on our way back home it hit me. Yoga. It is causing me undue stress. I announced that Mommy was going to end her yoga streak. Darling daughter gasped and asked why. In a nutshell here is what I told her.

I have so much I want and need to do each and every day. It is hard to squeeze everything into a set amount of hours and I am tired of running less just so I can do yoga. Let's say a mile takes me 10 minutes. Now add in the 15 minutes of yoga I was committed to every day. That gives me 25 minutes. In 25 minutes I could have run 2.5 miles...closer to my training goal for the day. She still wasn't convinced.

I continued. You see, I want to do yoga every day. I will still strive to do yoga every day but if a day comes by and time is pressed, it is okay to not do yoga. I will not give up my running streak. That means more to me. But letting go of the yoga streak may be just what I need to do.

When we got home I ran the 4 miles I was supposed to do, I made lunches, made dinner, we did showers, etc. I tossed in a few yoga poses here and there. Not the 15 minute class that I was striving for but still some yoga.

Yesterday morning I woke up early, ran 2 miles, and did a 15-minute yoga class. I felt better in that class than I have in weeks. I really felt relaxed and into the class versus pressured about time. It was just how yoga should be.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my daughter's support.
Daily Affirmation: I know when to let go.


  1. All streaks come to an eventual end. Hope this is not causing you any stress... perhaps freeing actually?

    1. It has been completely freeing! I am now able to relax and enjoy the yoga more....just as it should be!


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