The end of Fall Break

Aloha and yes, I am still around. It was Fall Break for darling daughter last week and I took the week off of work and blogging. Well, I was almost completely off but you see, I do social media for the company I work for so that took some time. Plus I kept my social media networks active with Down Syndrome Awareness month, etc. I just never sat down and typed a blog post. I missed you guys and gals!

But the week was fun. We went snorkeling, saw dolphins, and played at the beach for Toby! I love how much darling daughter embraces sharing our moments with him.

We also visited the pumpkin patch and picked out a few pumpkins for me to puree and prep some seeds. I just didn't make it that far in those preparations. I kind of forgot to do it yesterday but the pumpkins are still waiting. We will be going back next week or maybe a bit later to get the pumpkin to be carved. The local farm is charging admission now during this time. $1 per person but that goes to any purchase you make so for us, it is still the same! We always buy pumpkins, veggies, or treats! If you are on Maui check out Kula Country Farms.

I celebrated my birthday. Yikes! I am 42 and it hit me....I am getting old! Darling daughter loves to point out my grey hairs and wrinkles but then turns to me and tells me I have young skin. She is keeping me looking hip too as she kindly pointed out that two pairs of pants I was looking at were Grandma pants. I guess she doesn't like the idea of me in flowy pant legs. She is too used to me in running gear or spandex leggings. Oh well....no flowy pants....yet.

image from Old Navy - too Grandma?

And with much determination we made it to a full horse lesson! One was cancelled before it started, we went the next day and it was cancelled before the kids got on the horses, and success on Saturday. Yay! Thank goodness that rain went away.

But my long run didn't happen as it should. I was feeling wiped out beyond belief. I still am not sure if it was environmental (think vog, pollen, funny winds, rain) or I had a touch of something. Today's run finally felt nice! But I did get an outside run on Thursday and my pace was stellar! So maybe two tempo runs in a week kicked my booty. Oopsies!

And how could I completely forget to tell you! My birthday gift - an air popper for popcorn....just what darling daughter wanted! We will get lots of use out of this like the waffle maker she got me years ago or either my birthday or Mother's Day. She knows I like things to be practical! And that I want to pick out my own running shoes. Time to do that!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful I had the energy to run this morning.
Daily Affirmation: Bringing awareness to Down Syndrome is a good thing to do!


  1. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Love this

  2. Sounds like y'all had a fun week!!
    So, do you live in Hawaii??? I need to find a way to make that my home:)

    1. Yes, we live on Maui although at times I miss the Texas cost of living. The beauty makes up for things we must do without.


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