Eating Real Food

Food has been on my mind a lot lately.

First, darling daughter went on a field trip with school to a local theatrical show about food. It was awesome hearing what she learned and she started telling me how important it is to read labels. She firmly stated food without labels, such as apples, are best since they are real! She then went on to inform me I should buy locally grown bananas because they are picked by hand when they are ready. They aren't picked green and gassed later. What a wealth of information!

Second, election day is just around the corner and a big thing on the ballot on Maui is the GMO initiative. I will save you all the details and drama it is drumming up here but yes, what we eat, how it is grown, how it is treated, etc. matters. I am so glad we get to vote on this but would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about the outcome. Darling daughter and I have had lots of talks on this issue and how the different sides can be telling their stories and sometimes people try to confuse us. It is so important to do your own research and learn the facts. Ironically, she is also studying the difference between facts and opinions at school.

But once again, I digress. Food.

I saw the opportunity on facebook the other other day and am challenging myself, and my family but they don't know that yet, to eat only real food for 5 days. When I started delving into this and what it really meant I felt pretty good about myself. We do a good job eating real most of the time but nope, that everything bagel I had with dinner last night would be a no-no. And I am not saying a forbidden fruit such not something I would want to eat everyday. And guess what? I don't!

So if I am doing pretty good why challenge myself?

Because I can always do better. I feel better when I eat more freggies and drink more water. AND I like how it ties into what darling daughter learned earlier this month. She will be helping me with our menu planning and grocery shopping. We will look at the source of the food and factor in so many options when coming down to our final decision.

I won't put up too many unnecessary battles such as potatoes. Yes, I know sweet potatoes are more nutritionally sound but if my family won't eat them and enjoy the experience, I won't torture them. I may end up with russet potatoes if I can't convince darling daughter to give the orange sweet potatoes a try. Recently I purchased the local purple ones and she was completely unconvinced of their wonder and barely took a nibble. No use fighting between two types of real food based on nutritional profiles. Let's keep it real!

Is this going to be a hurdle? Yes and no. Basically, my breakfast and lunches are already pretty darn real. Dinner falls to the wayside here and there with pasta, bread, etc. but that is easy to take care of. My weakness is snacks and if I am not prepared for them. I will need to make sure I have freggies packed and ready to go to keep with me when I am well....on the go! And I really want to see darling daughter turning to more real food for snacks too. Stay tuned! I will be sharing our journey with you next week - Monday through Friday!

How do you fuel yourself and your family?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for this challenge.
Daily Affirmation: I am real!


  1. I eat mostly whole foods, but I do love a quest bar a few times a week. :)

  2. I want to give my family better fuel for their brains and activity. My daughter also comes home inspired after workshops at school. I love it. A few months ago she turned vegan.

  3. Whole foods, few ingredients for myself and my husband and doing best at getting my 2 teens to eat clean.


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