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Yesterday I stepped off of my treadmill and really looked at the picture I took to share with my buddy, Toby.

I love this picture since it is post run and right there is the background is my word for the year....FAITH. And I sat there for awhile contemplating. I guess I sat there so long that darling daughter thought I had already done my yoga when I announced I was about to start. She gave me a teasing "shame on you" and I replied, "yep, I spent too long contemplating".

In reality, I don't think I wasted time and I didn't put myself off of our schedule for the night. I am glad I let my mind wander because it allowed me to really embrace and fall in love with my corner....my faith corner.

We all have wishes and sometimes you find the purest happiness when you let go of wishing so hard so you can see what you have. We watch a lot of home shows such as Love It or List It, Property Brothers, etc. so talking about renovations and home layouts are a big topic. Yes, I would love to have an exercise room and darling daughter always puts one in for me when she draws out floor plans. But I am not sitting sad because I don't have a dedicated room for me. I have my corner. My faith corner.

This corner is pretty darn special to me. It obviously has my treadmill but it always has signs of encouragement: Faith....Eat Run Pray. It has photos of encouragement: My Dad....Toby. It has symbols of encouragement: a Heaven ornament that is too precious to just pull out for the Christmas tree. I bought one for my mom and myself as the saying is so precious - It is a dream of a ladder to climb up to Heaven to give our loved ones a hug.

But there is more in this corner of mine. There is the storage cube that contains my crochet supplies. On top, my bible study and often my bible...if it isn't in darling daughter's room from our readings the night before.

My faith corner. It is my small nook to find serenity, get in touch with my spirituality, find my inner strength, and to just be me.

Do you have a special place in your home?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful dear hubby agreed to let me have a home treadmill.
Daily Affirmation: Through forgiving hurts I find peace.

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