Faith. That is my power word for this year and yes, I do reflect back on it every single day. You see, I framed it and put it by my bathroom mirror. I see it every single time I walk into that room. I also have a necklace with a FAITH charm. I wear it quite often.

Just the other day I realized that when I selected FAITH for the year I had no real idea where it would take me. I wanted to have faith in my training, which is why I picked it.

I didn't have full faith in myself for the Maui Marathon. That story will come later but I realized that there was some doubt planted deep down in me and that I still need to work on pulling out those nasty weeds. I said I had faith in God and His will but I doubted if His will was for me to reach my running goal. Therefore, I doubted Him and disguised it as following Him.

This came to me during my bible study and that is what led to my realization. My faith has been growing along a much different course than expected this year. Yes, I am working on having faith in my training but it is my spirituality that has been blooming this year. Weeds being picked away. Bible study being ramped up. Darling daughter is in Sunday school and we go to mass together afterwards. While she is in Sunday school I sit in the church doing my bible study. It works for us...although it is a long two hours for her. I get it. I let her bring in her bible books and a blanket and meet her halfway.  She gets excited when she knows a song and really, she is a doll!

I have been blessed abundantly this year and I am not afraid to stand up and say I believe, that I have faith, and that I want to be a better me...inside and out.

Do you choose a power word each year? What was yours? Do you see it shaping your life in unimaginable ways?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for warm steel cut oats.
Daily Affirmation: I am a believer!

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  1. Faith that He will take you exactly where He wants you!!!


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