Fueling my Runs

Happy Aloha Friday!

How is everyone in the world doing? Me...just swell! I have been sleeping more the past couple of weeks, eating well, and trying my best to stick to my running plans. My mileage has been increasing, my yoga time decreasing (I should try to do something about that), and my fueling changing.

Today when I say fueling I am not talking about what gels, sports drinks, etc. I may use while running. I am talking daily fuel. Yes, my breakfast, lunch, and dinner fueling. My smaller snacks have fallen to the wayside. I used to have a morning and afternoon snack but now, not so much. My fueling has changed not by a mental decision but by following my gut....literally.

It is not a new occurrence to me but when my miles start going up my tummy starts saying no to things. Like coffee. I can no longer stomach the taste of a cup of coffee. It was sad for a minute but I have discovered the wonders of herbals teas for the Keuring. I bought a variety pack from Amazon (yes, K-cup shopping on island is quite limited) and darling daughter and I have been having a hay day! I also picked up a pack of plain green tea and another pack of a nighttime tea. I drink that most nights to help keep me asleep. It works really good....when I drink it!

Another thing that has gone to the wayside is my almost daily nightly snack of graham crackers and peanut butter. I just don't want or crave it anymore and that is okay. In all reality, I have been consuming less peanut butter and prefer almond butter now. I really need to get a new bottle for at work since mine is all gone and I love a dollop in my daily oats.

That brings me to...what am I eating?

I tend to eat a bowl of steel cut oats every day for breakfast...at least every work day. On the weekends I make waffles. I love waffles! But back to the oats - I do one serving of oats (yes, I measured it out to find how much it would be) and add cinnamon, bananas, berries (I keep a good stock of frozen berries at all times and I usually eat blueberries), and a dollop of nut butter...when I have it. This is what I start my day with and I eat it at work. The only difference is if I run longer than a mile I will drink a protein drink on my drive into work. I go for VegaSport since it is dairy free.

For lunch I go with a salad most days. Again, I mix things up on the weekends. I pre-make my salads and then make sure I have an added protein with chicken I have cooked, tuna, turkey sandwich, hard boiled eggs (not too much though since my tummy can only eat so many eggs), or a bit of leftovers from dinner.

Dinner time is scheduled ahead of time when I make our weekly menu but we did stick to a few tried and true meals: turkey tacos with homemade tortillas, pasta, Chinese chicken salad, chicken and veggies, fish and veggies, homemade soups (usually bean)....

I don't eat as much bread as I used to and that is okay. I am getting carbs in other ways and it wasn't a deliberate decision...just my body is craving more freggies and proteins....that's all.

Sweets are pretty much non-existent except for those special occasions when I make a cake, cookies, muffins, or cinnamon rolls and then yes, I enjoy every bite!

I am happy that my body naturally craves healthier foods when I run more. I love that I am drinking more tea and less coffee and no, I do not sweeten my tea. Yuck! Sorry if you like yours that way. I grew up in southern Texas and we drank our tea plain...or with lemon if we were being fancy. And yes, I bring a mason jar full of ice tea to work...with lemon squeezed inside!

Have you noticed your food desires change the more you run?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for herbal tea K-cups.
Daily Affirmation: I listen to my body and that makes me stronger.


  1. I've been seeing a lot of these food-in-a-jar situations lately. What is the advantage of that? Seems really hard to eat from but it's showing up more and more so I figure there must be a good reason - is it only for people that plan on switching it to a plate later, or is there some trick to it I don't know about?

    1. I do put my salad on a plate but in the mason jar, I can make my salads for the whole week and they stay nice and crunchy fresh. For me, that's the advantage!

  2. Yes, but I still need my morning jolt via coffee! I put chocolate soy milk in mine, maybe that's why it goes down so well!! Seems like as much as I"m hungry all the time, I don't feel like eating much in one sitting.

    ~Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home

  3. I am loving more tea lately too. Good that you are paying attention and giving your body what it needs and wants. YAY!

  4. Great idea about the premade salads! When I'm in marathon training, yes! I crave healthier foods and EAT healthier foods. I tend to slip up a bit with my nutrition (and so many other things) when I'm not training. I think I'm excited to start training again...not so sure how my body feels about that though...at least when it comes to the marathon. Glad to find your blog. Adding it to my blog roll!

    1. Nice to meet you! I will head over your way soon.


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