Body Glide and Diaper Rash Cream

I am a kindrunner ambassador and as a special thank you gift, they sent me some Body Glide. This product wasn't new to me and I was very happy to receive it since my bottle was getting low.

But now the confession.

First, you should understand I don't apply Body Glide for all runs. Typically just my long runs and races. But I got lazy or forgetful and started applying less and less while on vacation. I got the chafing and painful reminder that this product does make a huge difference in running and taking a pain free shower later on. I got back on track with applying my Body Glide.

Chafing used to be a huge problem and I learned to apply Body Glide on my skin and on my garments along seam lines, rough edges, etc. After 972 days of continuous running, I know where my weak points are and make sure they are protected. I would finish my runs with no wounds and life was wonderful. Until about a month ago.

I did my long runs with Body Glide in all the right places and have been getting chafing wounds in new places. I got more diligent about applying the protection on skin and fabric and then another new place would show up. I was taking painful showers, darling daughter was noticing my patches, and I continued to analyze out what was going on.

First, I went to less moisturizing soap. Perhaps my skin is too soft. That didn't make a difference so I really sat down and thought about what was I doing that was different. New clothes? Nope, not linked to just new running clothes. Old clothes that are broken down? Nope, not just linked to older clothes. It didn't matter what I wore. I kept analyzing and then it dawned on me. The only difference is that in the past month my long runs of 16, 18, 19, 22 miles have been indoors on a treadmill. Aha!

Yes, I have a fan blowing on me but I truly feel running outside with the breezes aids in some of the wicking capabilities of fabric. I truly attribute the chafing to me getting sweatier not the product itself. After all, I have used Body Glide for years and have always been happy and this only means, chafing will be an issue with long runs on the treadmill.

But all clouds have silver linings - through past experiences I have discovered that diaper rash cream is the best thing ever to apply to chafing. It keeps the shower water away from the open wounds resulting in less pain and now I look for those red marks before taking that first post-run shower.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for Body Glide and diaper rash cream.
Daily Affirmation: I love my analytical mind!


  1. Great tip for less pain - diaper rash cream!

  2. I actually had to use my daughter's diaper rash cream after I suffered some chaffing on a long run and it was like magic! I couldn't believe how much it helped!!!

  3. I use triple paste (diaper rash cream) in...ahem...the unmentionable areas. The only complaint I have is that it leaves white streaks on my shorts and anywhere I sit. But there is nothing better.

    ~Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home

  4. I think I must try these product over my baby. He always experiencing diaper rash!

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