A hurricane {correction, 2} heading to Hawaii

10 miles done!
Aloha All!

Just wanted to say HI and give you my two cents on the two storms heading our way. I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't a bit nervous. I was fine earlier but I am already getting gusts and rain and the first storm isn't officially due for another 12+ hours.

That said, here are a couple of things that are bugging me. Two days ago my husband came home from a local store and commented that none of the wine or beer is no longer on sale. They always have wine and beer on sale. Always. I was a bit annoyed a store would pull sales down just because a storm, okay two, were coming. But it was just alcohol. Get over it.

The latest news is that water is in short supply and completely gone in stores. Some stores were rationing, thank you, but some were increasing the cost of water. My mom heard $17.99 for a case on the news in Texas. Friends here on the islands said up too $20 for a case. Okay, normally we can get a case for $4.50. This is bugging me to the core. Increasing the price in a time of need seems greedy. I am not one to stir the nest and complain but this is just plain wrong.

Add to it that many families live paycheck to paycheck here as I am sure is the case elsewhere. I know many employees next paycheck is this coming Friday. It just makes me sad/mad and I hope and pray all have what the need and yes, we can all bottle our own water at home assuming we have jugs and reusable bottles.

I am happy to report my house is okay. We have food and water and our new bunny will be coming in soon to spend the storm with us inside. Yep, the bunny that was to only be outside is coming in and we have only had the little, okay big, girl for less than a week. My biggest concern is the winds so hopefully we will continue to be blessed and I am finding comfort in the rainbows.

For those in Hawaii, be safe. For all, please pray for Hawaii and perhaps a little extra love to the Big Island. That will be the first direct hit.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful to be home today with my daughter.
Daily Affirmation: My faith in God makes me strong.


  1. My husband's employer is based in Honolulu. Definitely praying for all the islands here in California!

  2. That is awful they are price jacking water. Seriously pisses me off just thinking about it. Especially for a storm. Stay safe!

  3. Thinking of everyone in Hawaii! Stay safe!


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