Yoga Pose of the Day: Ear Pressure Pose

I started a yoga streak on December 29, 2013. This was added on top of my running streak that I started on December 30, 2011 but that is another story. Through daily yoga I can feel my body growing stronger and I am gaining the much desired benefits of increased flexibility. I tend to focus on that and hip openers as those are what I feel my body craves the most. I am not a yoga expert so you won't see me in pretzel form but you can read what I learned from 100 days of yoga. In addition, I am here to share some information and personal insights on some yoga poses by tackling a pose here and there.

Today's Pose: Ear Pressure Pose

What are my thoughts? This can be a unnerving pose with my legs going back and being so high on my shoulders. It is not often that my toes touch but sometimes I think it is because I am resisting the pose. I really need to find my inner peace with this pose, let my toes go down, and allow my knees to lower.

What are the benefits? It deeply stretches your hips, neck, shoulders (Indeed! - This is where I feel the "burn".), chest, and spine.

How do I do it? I start in corpse and press my hands into the mat while I bring my legs up and over my head (plow pose). I lower my knees down by my ears and focus on calm breaths while NOT moving my head. To come out, I release my hands, engage my core, and slowly roll back down into corpse pose.

Please note: I am not a trained yoga instructor and am only sharing my personal experiences. As always, I advice checking in with your physician before starting any new exercise programs or routines. 

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for dear hubby and today is his birthday!
Daily Affirmation: I am a great wife!


  1. I love this one too!

    1. Do you find that sometimes your back is surprisingly tight?


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