Yoga Pose of the Day: Crane

I started a yoga streak on December 29, 2013. This was added on top of my running streak that I started on December 30, 2011 but that is another story. Through daily yoga I can feel my body growing stronger and I am gaining the much desired benefits of increased flexibility. I tend to focus on that and hip openers as those are what I feel my body craves the most. I am not a yoga expert so you won't see me in pretzel form but you can read what I learned from 100 days of yoga. In addition, I am here to share some information and personal insights on some yoga poses by tackling a pose here and there.

Today's Pose: Crane

What are my thoughts? I was so excited the first time I got my toes up and had to do it again so darling daughter could capture it. That is this picture. In all reality, I was up only a second or two but I am practicing and getting better....slowly but surely. Some days it is tough to get the toes up again, other days I hold it a bit longer. I will keep at it.

What are the benefits? It strengthens teh core (my main reason for wanting to do it more), upper back, groin, upper arms, forearms, and wrists. It also improves balance and body awareness.

How do I do it? I take a deep breath and tell myself I can. Honestly, I do give myself a pep talk first. I do this as I am in kneeling position. I then move onto my feet with them just further apart then hip width with my arms between (Wide Squat). I focus another moment before moving forward and placing my hands firmly on the ground shoulder width apart. I draw my knees close into my armpits and aim to raise my sit bones as high as possible before lifting my toes up. When I try to lift my toes I envision my core helping with the lift, my back rounding, and need to focus on a "spot" on the ground. I would love to say I delicately come out of the pose but right now as I am still learning I tend to fall out of it.

Please note: I am not a trained yoga instructor and am only sharing my personal experiences. As always, I advice checking in with your physician before starting any new exercise programs or routines. 

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for birds.
Daily Affirmation: Through determination I will master the crane pose!

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