Running Naked - Time to unplug

I made a decision about a week ago and blogging about it has been on my mind. You see, I have
stopped monitoring my heart rate a couple of weeks ago and this weekend, I took off the Polar Loop. I am done. No more monitoring. At least for now.


Yes, I was getting good data from both the heart rate monitor and Polar Loop but I never really found the time to dig deep and truly analyze the numbers. I felt happy when my Polar Loop showed I reached my goal for the day but got frustrated when last Sunday it said I had to keep on moving. Hmmm.....dear Loop, I ran 20 miles. I moved enough. I think your batteries must be messed up even though I am certain I charged you the day before.

But this isn't the reason I am pulling the plug. It is because I need less to "worry" about. I have a marathon in September and again in December. Training is picking up and I am having my own worries, doubts, jitters, etc. related to that. I do not need more on my plate. I need less. I have enough numbers to strive for - miles, intervals, splits, goal pace - and I do not need to think about heart rate, activity level, calories, etc.

If my Polar Loop was linked to my phone I may have a different opinion because a chime to remind me to get up and stretch at work would indeed be beneficial. Learning I needed to days later when I sync to my phone is not ideal for me. Yes, I have a desk job. Yes, I sit too long at times. No, I do not need to know that days from now. I know it. I try to get up and move frequently enough but emails, etc. can keep me glued to my ball working. Yes, I sit on a ball.

Will I ever plug back in? Sure! These items cost me some money so it is foolish to let them collect dust. I see times in my life where it may be a thing to focus on - just not during peak training right now. Will I compare new data to what I collected already? Yes! That would be the ideal situation.

But for now I will don the lovely Pandora bracelet dear hubby got me years ago and enjoy my days clinking away at work when I am not running, doing yoga, being a mommy, or doing all the things I do each and every day!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful to be alive!
Daily Affirmation: I have a lot to offer the world.


  1. I think this is a great thing. I have been thinking about it since I have had some recently health things come up. I get easily frustrated and sometimes I don't mean to irritate myself but I do!

  2. Great idea. You'll feel free! At least for a while. Love your pandora bracelet. I only wear mine for "special" occasions so my kids don't destroy it. Lol!

  3. Good luck with cutting loose! My dad asked me if I was going to get an activity tracker a year ago and I said that I didn't have time to log all my food in MFP, manage training data, etc. already and didn't want one. Now I wanted one this year to check on sleep, normal daily activity, etc. and I'm on my 3rd(?) day wearing it. I'm curious about it but trying not get obsessed - I just got irritated when i went to a meeting in another part of the building but had left it on my desk charging. Oops!

  4. This is great - I used to "worry" about being faster EVERY run I did, and I would beat myself up over it, look at my watch and try to get a few seconds faster on my 6km loop. By the end of it, I was so sick and tired of it - I quit running for a year or so.

    Now I run on a treadmill (because it's hot, and sunny down here in California) and I enjoy the TV. I don't keep track of my times anymore. :)


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