Back to Reality!

Aloha All!

I am back home after a three week vacation. It was amazing! I did plan to hop on my blog to check on the pre-scheduled posts, share, and comment but nope...I played with my family.

Rest assured, I kept my running and yoga streaks alive. If you follow me on facebook, twitter, or instagram, you got to see pictures that I shared here and there with run stats, etc. As much as I enjoyed my time off I am happy to be back home and get back on track with my training. I ran as much and as well as I could but finding time was difficult. Go figure, I am on vacation and still have time issues!

I am trying not to get down on myself or my training and more importantly, trying not to get too anxious for the 19 mile run on my plate for this coming Sunday. Oh geeze! In all reality, I know I can do it but question how well I will nail the paces I want.

Well, I must cruise now and get to work but I wanted to say HELLO and I can't wait to share more stories with you.

Have a beautiful week.

Love and hugs,

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful to be home.
Daily Affirmation: I will nail my run on Sunday.

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