A Virtual Coffee Date

Have you seen these posts before? Ones were the blogger invites you to their virtual coffee date and just chats? I find them fun to read but I never felt I would sit down and write one. That is, until today.

What changed? Perhaps everything, perhaps nothing, but in all reality, today would be a perfect day to call up a few friends and say, let's hang out and chat.

So today you are officially invited as I feel I really do just need to chat in a way that isn't focused like my traditional blog posts (if you want to consider all of them focused). I don't have an overriding theme or issue I want to discuss. I just have a lot going on and you know girls love to chat away their worries!

I would tell you about my running and how in some ways it is going so good but in other ways I feel deflated. I find myself questioning why I have set the goals I do and if it is really worth it? In all reality, who would care if I broke a 4 hour marathon or if I didn't? Okay, I would care that I gave up on a goal so I keep going. I would ask how your running is going.

I would tell you I am loving yoga but there are days, like today, where I feel I am making no forward progress. I could hardly touch my toes I am so tight. I would ask if you have any suggestions for opening up your hamstrings.

I would tell you my shoulders have been hurting for days! I have these knots that just won't fully release and I have had moments of paranoia that they are indicators of something bigger. But I find comfort in the twitching muscle spasms to remind me it is just a muscle thing. I would ask if you knew any yoga poses to help relieve muscle tension in your shoulders.

I would tell you I am so worried for my friend's Ma who has had a really tough year. She is on a plane flying to Maui today and hopefully once she is nearby all of our worries will subside. I would ask how your family is doing.

I would tell you work is beyond crazy for this time of the year and I wonder how I am going to get everything done that I need to do. I would ask you how your job is going.

I would tell you blogging is still a joy but I wish I had more time to read blog posts from others. I would ask you about great blog posts you read recently.

I would tell you I find comfort in my bible study and loved how much I could do while on vacation. Perhaps it is just reading for me that is fun but then, I love involving darling daughter in the stories and sharing what we are learning together. I would ask you what you like to read.

I would tell you I am blessed with good friends, real and virtual, and that I don't like the term virtual friend. It seems to make you sound less valuable in my life and that isn't the case. Some of my virtual friends are more present when I need them than some real life friends. I think it is because with virtual friends the power of technology is embraced. I would ask if you agreed.

I would tell you I have the best running coach ever and love that he never gets down on me when I flop...and I have flopped....but I will return to my focused self. I would ask you who is making a positive impact in your life.

And then I would realize time has flown by and even though I had so much more to share and hear, I need to rush out. I would thank you for taking the time to hang out and listen to me carry on.

Hope to talk again soon.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for rain.
Daily Affirmation: It is okay to get in a funk, I will get back out!


  1. These posts are fun! I'm totally with you in the blog reading. I wish I had more time!


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