When Progress Seems Slow

Confession. I am a competitive person. I know that can bring up negative thoughts but in all reality, I am truly only competitive against myself. I am completely for teamwork, supporting one another, and the common greater good. But I set goals for myself. Challenges. And recently I have been feeling a little down on myself.

Let's talk about why.

At the start of this year one of my goals was to be able to touch my toes. Last December, no luck. By mid-January, success. But it only made me want more. Do you see the competitiveness here? Okay, if I can go from not being able to touch my toes to touching my toes in a month, where will I be in a year? Now it is June and I feel my progress has got stuck in the mud. Some days it is really hard to touch my toes, other days not so bad. And I see that it makes sense depending on what else I am doing with my body but I still wonder will I ever be super bendy in this regard? Does it matter? Okay, that is a post for another day. Today it does matter to me. At least the journey to find the best me I can be.

First, take a look at my progression with January on top and May on bottom.

What do I notice? First, my left knee likes to pop up. That makes sense. My left side is tighter than my right. Yes, from top to bottom. I am working on that. Second, my head is coming down. That must count for something, right?

Now for where I am today.

What do I notice? My knees are still popping up some but it seems the right and left are aligned. My head is down and I can see my face below my arms.

This is one reason why I support progress shots if there is a clear cut goal that can be measured. Without posting this and really reviewing where I was and where I am I felt I was making no progress. In all reality, before sitting down to type this I felt I was stuck at February status. Okay, so dropping my head may not be huge to someone but for me it is as I know I can feel the stretch not only in my legs but in my back. And in my legs I feel the stretch from ankle to sit bones. I am making progress.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for darling daughter taking my "toe picture" each month.
Daily Affirmation: I believe my nose will touch my knees one day!

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