Life according to Star Trek

Please excuse me as I take a break from my normal fitness and life blogging to have a little fun! Okay, I am still bringing you into my life but just along a completely different avenue.

Last night dear hubby and I settled down to watch a Netflix film - Elysium to be exact. (Not the best Jodie Foster in my opinion but Matt Damon did well.) If you haven't heard about this movie, and trust me I tend to fall in that category for every film - old or new, it is a science fiction movie about Earth's future. It is the year 2154 and things on Earth have turned nasty due to overpopulation and not enough food. This leads to disease and the have's and the have not's are literally separated by space. Dear hubby commented it is a quite plausible future and yes, I see his point. But this post isn't about that. In fact, I am rewinding my life a bit and going back in time to when Star Trek was more central to my viewing entertainment.

Yes, this came up last night and I am not sure what in the movie triggered it, or what comment dear hubby made that triggered it, but I commented that our life has been predicted by Star Trek. Oh yes, the trigger - space habitats!

I have fond memories watching Star Trek. I saw episodes as a kiddo with my Dad. I watched the movies throughout my high school and college years. I even coaxed dear hubby to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness this past December when we were on O'ahu for the Honolulu Marathon. The hotel had free video rentals so why not? Okay, not my favorite Star Trek movie. I am more fond of William Shatner and Patrick Stewart but I digress.


You see, Star Trek showed it all. The living in space, life on Earth (which was still pleasant by the way), and technological advances that seemed oh so cool to a little girl and her technology loving Dad. Think tablets, smart phones, touch screens. You got it! That food supply issue that is of concern - what about those replicators that gave Captain Picard his cup of Earl Grey with just a simple voice request? Voila! Hot tea. And yes, they even had biorhythm devices that immediately fed essential data from the crew to the doctors. I mentioned this to dear hubby and pointed to the Polar Loop on my wrist. Not yet at the Star Trek level but a start, don't you think?

To add more fuel to the thinking pot I proposed two theories to dear hubby about Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. Either he had a brilliant imagination beyond belief and was quite in tune with what was possible or he traveled back in time to save us from ourselves, introduced this technology, and got in big time for breaking the space-time continuum.

And since this post is really about movies, what films do you suggest I watch?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the freedom of speech.
Daily Affirmation: My creative, open mind allows me to explore so many crazy possibilities in life!


Managing Stress

You would think with a running streak of 882 and a yoga streak of 152 I would be feeling care free and as happy as a lark. Both of these activities help me find my peace and allow me to sort through the little nuances of the world and focus on what is really important. And yes, getting nice and sweaty just feels good!

But still this past week I have felt so on the verge of exploding at any given moment. I have been stressed. I was getting enough sleep, eating well, and in fact cutting back on some mileage. All in all, I should have been feeling lighter but nope. Yes, I could blame those pesky hormones and perimenopause. They say this phase in life can cause emotional downs and anxiety but I feel that excuse couldn't truly be the reason. There was more to it.

And then the proverbial light bulb went off. My life is a wee bit crazy right now. There is so much going on out the normal routine and even though I realize that is good, I am a creature of habit. Hey, I run and do yoga every day. I have a routine. It works. I stick to it. But even that excuse can't really hold up. There is more.

I will miss her teacher. She is a gem!
Darling daughter is attending her last day of kindergarten today. Even typing that makes my chest feel fuller and my eyes well up with tears. Happy tears. Sad tears? My little baby is growing up tears. Oh my goodness where is time going tears.

And yes, I am juggling work schedules with dear hubby, have her enrolled in camp other days, will be working longer days, will need to go to the gym before work, and wonder how on Earth I will manage summer break. The downside is no routine family days anymore and trying to squeeze in my long runs. Thank goodness we have a family vacation in the works but still, my orderly life is swiftly changing to a whole new order that will last until that day my little baby steps out of the car to attend her first day of First Grade. Oh my goodness!

So yes, I am an emotional basket case crying at commercials, when reading books to darling, and when any other life changing moment occurs. I am stressed and trying not to explode and this is the most important time for me to remember what helps me manage stress.

Managing Stress Tips:
  1. Get up and move. Run. I may feel like the world is crashing down and I want to hide under the covers. This is the most important time to run. I need to sweat it out.
  2. Get up and move. (yes, I am saying this twice) Practice Yoga. Stretch it out. Meditate. Come into your own mind and body. Focus on your breathing. Breath. Relax. 
  3. Eat Well. Yes, I am a woman who gets wild and crazy cravings when I am stressed. I used to turn to a chocolate muffin and a diet coke. My co-workers knew my go-to but now, I don't drink diet coke. I don't want a huge chocolate muffin. Eating one will make me feel miserable. If you like them, go ahead but for me, it doesn't cut it. When I am stressed it is the most important time for me to drink more water, drink a nice cold green tea, splurge and buy myself a coconut water. Do you see a trend here? I go to hydration first as it helps cleanse me. And if I really want a wee bit more, I discovered a wonderful coconut milk "ice cream" mini bar that can do the trick once in a blue moon. Hey, I totally indulge at times.
  4. Get enough sleep. Really, go to bed early. Things often feel better in the morning when you wake up refreshed.
  5. Take a bath. Add in some Epsom salt or bubble bath or essential oils. Whatever you like! Just soak and let the tension drift away.
  6. Talk. Call your Mom. Your sister. A good friend. Chatting with others is another way to get things off your mind even if you don't state what is bugging you. Connections with others or so very healing!
How do you unwind?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the microwave in our office.
Daily Affirmation: I can adjust to changing schedules. I can. Really, I can.


The Importance of Recovery

Yesterday I jotted down my running goals for the week in my fitbook. My plan for May has been flexible with general goals of running 40 miles a week, doing yoga every day, and running doubles on Tuesday and Thursday. It was all part of my May Madness and I have been loving it. Essentially, I was striving to get my training to where I wanted it to be before getting back on a training plan with my coach starting June 2nd.

I woke up this morning and opted to sleep a bit more. I decided doubles wasn't necessary today and began pondering a recovery week. I can't say I slept that much extra but I did lay in bed thinking that perhaps I should take a recovery this week before starting up with my coach next week. The idea of starting training with him "fresh" sounded appealing. The idea of pushing myself another week my way is oh so tempting. What will I do?

First, let's discuss the importance of recovery.

In my training I push myself and I realize that those increased efforts result in wear and tear on my muscles. It is the rebuilding of those small, micro tears that make me stronger. I aim to have 1-2 easy days each week of running but still, the increased effort of running longer, running faster, and/or adding in more yoga does impact my body. Yes, yoga is healing and therapeutic but trust me, some of those poses I am working on are challenging and take effort. And to grow stronger from effort one needs to recover. It is when you muscles can rebuild completely and grow stronger. It is when your energy levels can be refilled. It is when you can grow mentally - at least for me. Taking an easy week often takes some envisioning or plain determination to run less.

The primary reason recovery is so important is it is your route to avoid over training. Trust me, over training will not get you to where you want to go. Your effort will feel greater and your return is diminishing. You are risking injury beyond those little micro tears and is this really worth the cost?

I feel I am pretty good at listening to my body. If I am tired, I go to bed a bit earlier. If I am stressed with work, etc., I realize that can impact my training. I balance the running for stress relief with running slower to not further strain my body some times. At other times, some awesome intervals can bust the stress out of me. It is important to listen to your body because you are the only one who truly knows how you feel.

How am I feeling now? My legs are a bit tired and my hips are a bit achy. Nothing serious. I know I can run later today and that my legs will be there for me. What I don't know is what my coach will have on my plate come June 2nd. I want to go into that training ready to perform and train optimally and for that reason, I just may accept a sub-40 mile week this week. I will say bye-bye to some doubles here and there. I will let my legs fully recharge and I will complement this with eating clean, hydrating well, and getting plenty of rest.

For my runners, I always schedule in a recovery week after three weeks of training. They build and recover in a cycle. When I sit down and formally write myself a plan, I do the same for myself. When I fly by the seat of my pants things like this happen.

Not bad training at all but yes, I do feel a recovery week just may be in order.

Do you schedule yourself regular recovery weeks? 

Daily Gratitude: I am so thankful to be working with my coach again!
Daily Affirmation: Recovery makes me a better, stronger runner.


Product Review: VegaSport Performance Protein #fuelyourbetter

This is a sponsored post. I received product to review free of charge. I did not promise a positive review. The opinions expressed below are entirely my own. 

Have you heard about the #fuelyourbetter campaign by VegaSport? It is centered on what is holding you back from better? It then gives you choices: motivation, stamina, overtraining, muscle burn, hitting a wall, fueling, muscle soreness, and body composition. You can click on what you feel is impacting you and VegaSport will recommend product for you from their product line. It is fun to look at and see the recommendations. 

I was introduced to this campaign through my SweatPink ambassadorship. Personally, I felt I was being held back from my better due to fueling and what I needed to do to recover between runs and yoga sessions. Since I was more focused on recovery I opted to really give their Performance Protein a try. I was not new to VegaSport and if you have been following my blog you already know that. But my go to recently has been their VegaOne all-in-one Nutritional shake. I liked this since it had 15 grams of protein plus probiotics. But it wasn't designed to be a recovery drink per se so would the Performance Protein be better for me with 25 grams of proteins? I lose my probiotics but with my diet and how I eat, would that extra boost of protein fuel me better?

I incorporated drinking the Performance Protein on my harder days and stuck with the all-in-one nutritional shakes on my easier/rest days to get some probiotics. And yes, there was a day here and there that I did no shake. Typically, I just mix the powder with water at the gym since that is convenient and I am always on the go. Every now and then I indulge and mix my powder with a banana and some almond milk when I am at home. That makes it so much creamier and so delicious!

But how does the powder taste just with water? Just fine. The Performance Protein powder I received to try was vanilla. At first I thought the vanilla didn't taste like vanilla at all. After a few more drinks and really reflecting I realized yes, it is vanilla. The thing is, it isn't super sugary sweet vanilla and that was what I was "missing". And I am only saying "missing" since I noticed the flavor was a bit different not because I wanted sugary sweet. Now, I love that not-to-sweet vanilla flavor.

Am I fueling my better? I love how well my body accepts the Performance Protein meaning - I get no tummy issues. That is a good thing. And it is totally aligned with my eating preferences of no dairy. It is also soy and gluten free. The product line is 100% plant based and sustainability is important to the company. I like all these things but is it fueling my better?

It is so hard to say anything with certainty with a two week trial of incorporating the Performance Protein into my diet. In that time I had a cold as well but yes, I do believe it is fueling my better. My long runs are happening and my pace is pretty darn good. I am getting stronger and I am feeling more vibrant. I am pushing my limits, recovering, and coming back for more. But what really stands out to me is that my training plan has been essentially the same for years. Even the addition of yoga has been in my plan for 146 days now. So how I am working my body is about par for the course. But in this trial period I have had two different people I did not know come up to me and comment on my training.

The first one was a nice lady who looked at me and said I looked like I was ready to run a marathon. We were in line waiting for coffee at my daughter's school performance. Yes, I was in running gear but no, nothing on me said anything about a marathon. Second, just today as I was leaving the gym, which I have done a zillion times for years, a lady came up to me and asked what I was training for. We chatted and as I walked out I pondered, there are many people at the gym. They are all there for different reasons. Why did I stand out today as a lady training for something? My workout today was easy. Just a mile and some yoga and oh yeah, giving that crane pose another try. I am getting better! It got me thinking....is what I am consuming working to fuel my better? Is is showing through to the world beyond what I feel inside? If so, that is really cool!

How do you fuel your better?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the stars in the sky.
Daily Affirmation: I am fueling my better.


5 Tips for Running on a Treadmill: S.T.A.M.P.

Running on a treadmill - it can be a delight, a necessary evil, or completely dreaded. For me, it is a necessity but not necessarily an evil. It has allowed me to run every day since December 30, 2011 and for many more days to come. But that doesn't mean each run is easy and isn't that the case for all runs? But regardless, treadmill running seems to be dreaded more often than embraced...or at least misunderstood.

To shed some light on this, here are my 5 tips for running on a treadmill to S.T.A.M.P. out the negativity and dread and get a good run done!

STEP: Stay light on your feet. That phrase may go through my mind many times during my treadmill runs. Stay light on your feet. This is indeed important. You have the belt pulling your feet back on each landing so get up off of your landing foot as soon as possible. Don't get me wrong, I am not a galloping gazelle but I am getting my foot back up in the air as soon as possible. And watch your footing. I have a terrible habit of drifting to the left edge of the belt and positioning myself perhaps a bit too forward. I know my habitual drift and reposition myself here and there throughout the run. 

TIME: It is hard to run in one place...mentally hard. There are little to no distractions and that overwhelming sense that you are getting nowhere. Okay, perhaps because you are not going anywhere in terms of space but you are going somewhere physically in how you are pushing your body and getting the blood flowing. I have distance goals each running day but on the treadmill I convert that to a time goal. It is easier to digest and seems less burdensome. I even go through phases in my training where I drop all distance goals (kind of) and set a time goal such as run for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. You can do anything for x minutes. Make that a mantra for yourself. I can do anything for x minutes. Pick the x that works for you.

ATTITUDE: Have a can do optimistic attitude. See the glass half full. Embrace the chance to get your blood flowing and the joy of running. Yes, you may prefer and dream of being outside. Go ahead and visualize that place. And if things get really bad, smile. Smile a huge smile from ear to ear. Then think of others seeing you smiling so ridiculously large and trust me, you will start to feel better. You are that smiling lady/gentleman on the treadmill having the time of your life. You are a star! And if all that smiling won't do the trick for some odd reason go to plan B, you are getting the best mental training ever. A run outside will be so much sweeter after those treadmill runs. Remind yourself of that. Treadmill running builds mental strength and sometimes that is the real difference between getting that race PR or not. Mental strength. Awesome attitude.

MUSIC: Turn on the tunes! Get a list of upbeat songs or songs that just make you feel happy. I have a few slow songs on my list but they are songs that touch my soul. Combining my love of running with my love of music is magical. And change up your tunes here and there. Reward yourself by buying a new tune here and there. Trust me...you deserve to spend those couple of dollars on yourself. And don't be afraid to let your hands dance to the tunes while you run along grinning ear to ear. 

PACE: Pick the right pace for you and listen to your body and then change it up. Hardly ever do I do a treadmill run at the same pace from start to finish. I do not run naturally that way and adding in those switcheroo's here and there makes the treadmill less monotonous. Change is good. And yes, some paces will feel less pleasant. I tend to suffer through the slower lethargic ucky feeling paces to get to my happy pace and then go to my comfortably unpleasant pace at times too. Each pace has a different training benefit and it allows me to break the big time into smaller pieces. You can even envision each pace change as an aid station along your upcoming race course.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for treadmills.
Daily Affirmation: I am a loving wife.


Remember your teeth! A dental hygiene message

Earlier this week a co-worker brought up an article that she read in the local newspaper, The Maui News. Essentially, the gist was that many athletes, especially Olympians and/or endurance athletes, have awful teeth.

There is no one rule fits all but this wasn't shocking news to me. I see my dentist regularly every six months for the routine cleanings and annual deeper investigations. And yes, I have issues with my teeth. For the most part I blame that phase of my life when I was less than diligent in going to the dentist. The article touches on this too by saying people 16-25 are at a higher risk of dental issues. The theory is this is when kiddos leave the nest and are on their own. Dental visits fall to the side. I agree. This was me.

Growing up dental visits were very routine. Then not so much but still somewhat routine. Then I moved to Hawai'i, heard horror stories about making an appointment and getting seen, and procrastinated....too long. The end result - cavities and fillings.

Why am I telling you this? To perhaps get one person into the dentist sooner. To get all of us aware of our teeth and how what we do beyond eating affects our teeth. I agree with the article in some ways as my dentist supported the claims months ago. He stated that I am doing a great job taking care of my teeth and am eating healthy foods. The issues he sees with me he sees with many other athletes on island. He attributes it to the sports drinks, gels, etc. that we consume while training. Add in more smaller meals and our mouths become breeding fields for bacteria. Essentially, we are providing them a steady stream of nutrients.

What was his advice? Of course, continue to brush and flush daily as I have been doing. Anti-cavity mouthwash wouldn't hurt but mainly, swish with water. If nothing else, swish. Finished your meal/snack? Great! Take one more sip of that water and swish well before swallowing. Yes, you can spit it out if you want but essentially, give your teeth a good rinse if you can't give them a nice brushing.

In addition, I have added in a water pick at home and my whole family is loving it! Especially darling daughter - and this is keeping her on a great pathway for proper dental hygiene. Do I have any regrets? Of course! I regret that it took me so long to get my butt to the dentist after moving to Hawai'i. I will nag my daughter when she leaves the nest even if it drives her bonkers. And I will tell the world to take care of their teeth. It matters.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for dentists and dental hygienists.
Daily Affirmation: I learn from my mistakes.


Boston vs. An Ultra

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and a wonderful training week last week. Me? I had a cough. Every. Single. Day. I tried to ignore it but dear hubby kept telling me to go to the doctor. It wasn't the worst cough in my life and ironically, it quieted when I slept. So I spent the week sleeping more and running slower but still getting pretty darn close to my target mileage. (I got to 39 miles - goal is 40 miles a week.) Come Saturday morning though I figured, yes, I should go to the doctor. After running 2.5 miles at the gym I stopped and called to make a doctor appointment. It wasn't going to be with my regular doctor but I assumed I would be just fine. I realized I had some extra time before the appointment and ran another 2 miles. Darling daughter said I shouldn't tell the doctor that. 

All in all, the doctor said my lungs are just in a cycle and I need to get them to relax. He gave me a breathing treatment and that ache between my back shoulder blades magically went away. Oh...so that very dull ache was my lungs? Go figure. In all reality, I am not that bad. Just a little bit not perfect and he gave me the green light to continue with my running. I think he was happy to hear I was making sure I was getting extra sleep and running slower. Woo-hoo for doctor approved runs!

But come Sunday I was debating....do I still do my previously scheduled long run of 13.1 miles or do I run easier at home. I had been tracking a friend chasing her 100 mile dream all day Saturday and into Sunday morning. When I saw she was just 5K from her dreams coming true and darling daughter said she didn't want to move her balloons for me to run inside, I ran outside. Darling daughter really wanted me to. And what else could I do? I wanted to support this lady who inspired me to run daily and what better way than to get outside running when she was taking her final steps to making a dream come true. She did it by the way. CONGRATS SHELLY!!!

As I started my run I wasn't sure how far I would go. I only grabbed one gel but as I ran on I decided I still wanted to run that half marathon. Yes, I typically take two gels but I will do it on one. (I ended up running 13.42 miles.) And I spent a lot of time praying for Shelly and trying to send the wind to her back. And I pondered. My mind was on everything except my pace.

I pondered a lot about goals and chasing dreams. I chased my dream to break a 4:20 marathon and succeeded after a few years. It was a good journey and I enjoyed the process. I am now on the journey to break a 4:00 marathon and I hope that journey isn't three years. I am really hoping to achieve it come this December but only time will tell. But that got me to thinking.

I don't know about you but I tend to have more than one running goal/hope/dream bumping around in my mind. As I cheered Shelly on across the Pacific Ocean and a good portion of the United States I pondered my goal to run an ultra. I would love to do this one day. I have checked the races here and my choices are limited. Traveling to races across the ocean is darn expensive. And let's think about training. The time to train for an ultra and getting myself out on some trails. Yes, it is all doable. I know it is. But is it where I should be right now as I juggle a full-time job, limited hubby-wife time, and an undying desire to be with my daughter every second of every day to savor every precious moment? She is my best cheerleader and I know she will support me and she is pretty good at pushing me out of the door for long runs but getting that one road run once a week is challenging enough. Don't get me wrong. I am not giving up on my dream but right now, will the journey be what I want it to be?

Or do I focus on continuing to cut down my marathon time? Do I chase a Boston qualifying time? Over a year ago I said never but as my time is coming down, do I commit to this chase? If you are anything like me, or if you have figured me out, once I achieve breaking a 4:00 marathon you know I will set another goal and raise that bar a little higher. Is this the path I am to follow? To continue to get faster and see just how fast I can get? I am getting older each year but that isn't a reason to give up.

The thing is, I asked myself which goal would hurt me the most if I didn't achieve it since both are in my mind. And yes, I can work on both. I see that. I can focus on one now (perhaps finding my best marathon) and another later (you know, train for that ultra once darling gets a bit older). I just don't know if that is my plan. All I do know is this....what I would feel the worst about is not being able to run tomorrow. That thought brings a heaviness to my heart that failing to achieve either of my dreams doesn't bring. And that is good.

I want to keep the love of running in my life. That is what makes me happy. I have my dreams and I will continue to push forward but the journey needs to be enjoyable as well. The journey is the biggest part of the dream. It takes days, years, commitment to achieve big goals and what is the value in all of that if the journey is miserable?

We each have one life and my advice would be....make it the best you can make it. Enjoy what you are doing. Chase your goals and don't be pulled into chasing a dream that really isn't yours...you know, a dream you feel you should have since it matters to so many others or so many people tell you that you should. 

You see, does qualifying for Boston really matter to me or is it tempting me since the race is prestigious and saying you qualified may make you feel like a "real" runner? I am a real runner no matter how fast I run. I don't need to be labeled by someone else. None of us do. Does that mean I won't try to qualify? Let's wait to see how I feel once I break that 4:00 marathon.

Talk to you later!

This post will be linked to the #bestfoot link up through Run to the Finish,The Adventures of a Darwinian Fail, and The Sweet Life with Ericka. I love this link up and each week strive to find at least one new lady to support! Jump on over and find some awesomeness and add your own!

Daily Gratitude: I am so thankful that Shelly achieved her dreams! I can't wait to hear what is next on her plate.
Daily Affirmation: I am a real runner.


Do you keep a food journal?

I like accountability. It keeps me focused on my goals and by tracking what I am doing, I can see where I am and where I am going.

My fitness logs are set and in place. I keep a paper and electronic log of my daily runs and yoga. The notes I keep are not overly detailed as I don't really have time for that. And when I had a trial run with a nutritionist over a year ago she suggested I track what I am eating. Oh my! That seemed big!

But I did it for the weeks I was with her and kept notes on my phone's notepad. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't new to tracking food and I had used fitbook in the past. But sometimes having another book, another journal, just doesn't work. Don't get me wrong. I love fitbook. You can read a previous review HERE. I still wish they had a runner's edition that had more space devoted to running versus the space devoted to strength but the book is good. And I have turned back to it again.


Well that is easy. I can answer that in one word. Accountability.

I train hard to achieve my goals and I can not forget nutrition. Yes, I feel I eat pretty good but I can make bad choices. And by bad I mean choices that leave me feeling less than 100%. My stomach may feel bloated or I am just run down or the headaches are more prevalent. Tracking what I ate and how I felt afterwards helped me to determine dairy is not my friend. I have been dairy free over a year and I would have never made that connection without journaling what I was eating. Thank you nutritionist! We may not have gone as far as investigate an elimination diet together but she got me on the path of keeping track. For the dairy free investigation I turned to this journal.

What are my nutrition goals right now? I want to make sure I am eating well and getting enough protein in addition to a full days worth of freggies. I have adjusted my lunchtime routine a bit a couple of weeks ago and I have been tracking it almost a week now in my new fitbook. Yes, I turned to fitbook again. Those online journals just seemed to cumbersome and since I am not focused on tracking calories, etc. I am fine with fitbook. It is easier to say I ate my oats with berries, banana, and peanut butter and color in my servings size bubbles than to find all those ingredients on an online log. I have tried. It sucks. At least for me it does.

One trend I see coming to light is that I am not drinking as much water as I was at the end of the year. My hydration is falling short and I really think that is contributing to my headaches. I will continue to focus on that. I am also finding that some of the snacks I grab in an attempt to just get some crunch don't make my body feel happy. I need to find something else to fill that craving. Perhaps some nuts on my salad?

My goals aren't to lose weight or be a certain size. My goals are to feel good and truly shed some light on how I fuel my body impacts how I feel, train, and sleep. Yes, sleep. I have noticed that when I am aligned with how my body likes to move and fuel I sleep so much better. And that is a good thing!

Do you keep a food journal? What do you use?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for useful fitness and nutrition tools.
Daily Affirmation: I am on the path to a well-fueled happy body.


My Perfect Bowl of Oats

I am a creature of habit and my go-to breakfast 5 days a week is oatmeal. On weekends I tend to
change things up and make special breakfasts for darling daughter and myself but during the work week it is a bowl of oats. Every single day. And sometimes on the weekend if darling daughter is craving some oats!

Why? It is a good, nutritional breakfast that is easy to pack and prep at work.

So what do I do?

The day before I get all my components together and in place so I can quickly grab my breakfast and lunch and head to work.

Step 1: Measure out 1/3 cup of steel cut oats. I use the same container so can eyeball the amount of oats now and the brand I love is Coach's Oats 100% Whole Grain Oatmeal. The only ingredient is oats and I love that. I do not need or want added sugar. I sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the oats and put the lid on.

Step 2: Put the container of oats and one banana in my lunch bag side pocket.

Step 3: Frozen berry time! I pack about 1/2 cup of frozen berries and here is where I may change things up. Blueberries tend to be a common go to but sometimes I may swap them with blackberries and add pomegranate avrils. YUM! I seem to be the only one in my house that loves these crunchy little tasty morsels!

Step 4: Put berries in fridge to grab the next morning.

Step 5: Next day. Pack my breakfast and lunch and head to work!

Step 6: Pour the oats into a microwave safe bowl.

Step 7: Microwave a small mug of water for two minutes.

Step 8: Add the water to the oats so they are watery but not too watery. I guess this is a matter of preference.

Step 9: Add all the fruit to the oatmeal. Just piling on top is fine.

Step 10: Microwave for another 1.5 minutes.

Step 11: Add a dollop of peanut butter (we keep some at our office in work) and enjoy!

I know 11 steps may seem like a lot but trust me, this is so easy to do and the result is indeed delicious! Adding the peanut butter gives the oatmeal a creaminess in addition to the warm creamy banana pieces. And the protein of the peanut butter helps keep me satiated until lunch....on most days. Those days I run 6+ miles before work tend to play games with me.

How do you like your oats? Do you have a go-to for breakfast?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for microwaves.
Daily Affirmation: I fuel my body well.


Blog of the Month

It is that time of the month again! Time to spread some love and share some information on another wonderful blog out there. Perhaps you know it, perhaps you don't, but why not read a bit about this month's blog and tell me what you think?!

Introducing The TriGirl Chronicles! Courtney is the voice behind the blog and she has been a on-again-off-again runner for 14 years (her words, not mine). To keep herself focused on the "on-again" she signed up for a sprint triathlon in 2012. Don't we all sign up for races to keep ourselves focused? Okay, according to that Runner's World article I read yesterday not all of us are like that but I am. Races keep me focused and motivated. They are fun! They are wild! They are crazy! They can suck you into doing things you thought you wouldn't do, or couldn't do, especially when the price is right.

Ironically, Courtney's post today is just about that! That ticket price and a good cause got her to sign up for The Rat Snake. She can tell her story much better than I can on this race but I guess it is challenging and that $25 made it seem irresistible. Kinda like that $20-something I paid to register for the Maui Marathon again after saying "Never, ever will I run this course again. NEVER!" And I must confess, going back and reading that blog post today still brings tears to my eyes. Geesh! Good thing I don't have much make-up on!

Courtney is a fellow SweatPink ambassador and I am so happy she signed up to be featured as one of my blogs of the month and yes, I will be opening up entries again later in the year. I still have a good list of applicants to feature! In the meantime, hop over and say ALOHA to Courtney at The TriGirl Chronicles and let her know Life as a Running Mom sent you!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the nurturing support of women.
Daily Affirmation: I will beat this cough! ... sorry, telling myself that is what is important today ;)


When to Change your Running Socks

The other day I was sitting down on my treadmill pulling on my socks and getting ready to lace up. It occurred to me that many pairs of my running socks have become "soft". By "soft" I mean the elastic snugness of the sock is gone. It then occurred to me I have never, ever read anything about replacing running socks. Not that I need an article to tell me to do so but it seemed odd with all you read about when to replace your shoes. Shouldn't your socks matter?

For giggles I thought I would google "when to change your running socks" and I found nothing of interest. But what amazed me was the quantity of questions asking how often should your running socks be washed. Seriously? This is a question too?! I guess no stranger than my own.

But I wasn't really questioning when to change my socks per se. I can see and feel it is time to buy new socks. I am fortunate that my socks stay in pretty good condition without any serious wear and tear through holes. They just lose their snugness in fit so I wonder if I am wearing them longer than I should since they do stay nice looking. I got to wondering how long a pair can really hold up until it is time to part ways because they don't wick as well, etc. Is there a magic formula? For those running shoes there is even if we are all a little bit different. I am sure you have heard to change your running shoes every 300-500 miles. I have gone through many pairs of running shoes over the years and many over the lifetime of my socks. And it does stand to reason that socks should hold up longer. Let's say I am rotating through three pairs of running shoes. I have many more pairs of socks so in all reality, they don't get as much wear and tear. And not the impact like shoes do. But how long do they last?

Before I go on further here is what I look for in a sock because I feel that will factor into the equation...at least my first requirement should. And that is, no cotton. I will not run in cotton socks. It is all about wicking. Second, I like the elastic arch support around my mid-foot not because I have high arches or anything like that but because it is comfortable for me. And third, I like low-cut. The no show seemed cool but sometimes they are just too low and some shoes rub against the back of my ankle and that just isn't cool. My third requirement, cut, should have no impact on the life of a sock.

I wish I had a hard formula to tell you but I got to say this, if your socks are showing signs of wear and tear in critical areas, replace them. If that snugness is gone, replace them. If areas that used to be "plush" are thin, replace them. I honestly feel I may have been pushing some of my socks past their limits of optimal performance.

The thing is, it has been over a year and perhaps closer to two years since I have bought running socks. This has me wondering if the socks I have grown to love are still there at my local Costco. Yep, I bought a couple of big packs of Adidas running socks there and they made my feet very happy. It is time to check it out! Okay, not until my next Costco day.

Is this a necessary purchase? Yes. Like I said, my socks have gone "soft" and I feel the stretched out worn down fabric isn't as conducive to keeping my feet dry, happy, and blister free. So yes, it is necessary.

How often do you replace your running socks? Do you have a magic formula to share?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for strawberries.
Daily Affirmation: I fuel my body well and it is okay to have a small indulgence here and there.


Another Week Gone By

Time flies! Seriously, it does. And this past week I was busy!

Let's see what on Earth I was up to because right now, I don't see how I had no time to blog. What was I doing?

Monday: I ran 2.1 miles after work, did my 3-minute plank, and followed it up with 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Flexibility. My hip popped a bit and I was hoping that fixed the aches from darling daughter pulling on me during the previous Saturday. My average heart rate was 96.

Tuesday: I ran 6.5 miles before work and did 3 x 0.5 miles at an 8'00" pace for my intervals. I did my 3-minute plank and 15 minutes of yoga - Intermediate Combination. The yoga seemed tough. After work I ran an additional 2 miles and tossed in 15 more minutes of yoga - Beginner Relaxation. That class was nice! My average heart rate for the AM was 160 and it was 104 for the PM.

Wednesday: I ran 5.07 miles before work, did my 3-minute plank, and did 26 minutes of yoga - my Faith class that I wanted to do more often. Thing is, I upgraded the OS on my phone, lost this class, and will need to try to make it again. My average heart rate was 134.

Thursday: I ran 3 miles at home before work, did my plank, and 15 minutes of yoga - Intermediate Combination. After work I ran an additional 3 miles at home. My average heart rate in the AM was 100. It was 115 for my PM session.

Friday: I took the day off of work for darling daughter's May Day performance; therefore, I had the chance to run a quick 2.04 miles outside with dear hubby. My average heart rate was 129. I did my plank and 15 minutes of yoga later without putting my sensor on. The class I did was Intermediate Flexibility.

Saturday: I started the day doing a 5K walk with darling daughter. It was the local Charity Walk and it was well attended and un-timed. The goal is to walk and raise funds for local charities. All the money raised goes back to Maui so that is good. Afterwards we headed to the gym where I ran 3.14 miles, did my 3 minute plank, and tossed in 30 minutes of yoga - Intermediate Flexibility. I did not have my heart rate sensor.

Sunday: The night before darling daughter said she wanted me by her side all day on Mother's Day. By morning, I was going to do just that so I ate eggs and bacon with her. I made her her favorite breakfast after she gave me the two sets of earrings she picked out for me. Ironically, I took her to the store, checked the price, and paid for them without ever seeing them and they are perfectly me! After breakfast she said I should go outside and run since it was Mother's Day. It was one  of her many gifts to me and I did run and cherish the gift. Although 13.35 miles on eggs and bacon is not the best idea. Just saying. When I got home I got more love - cards, mulch, plants. Then it was time to do my plank (which was incredibly tough) and 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Relaxation. My average heart rate was 149 from step 1 of the run to the final pose in the yoga.

Later Sunday we went to the lavender farm and did the scavenger hunt and enjoyed the delicious scones. I had lavender coffee. Darling daughter had lavender lemonade. Dear hubby just loved the scones! And yes, we got rained out but once that rain died down we did our gardening at home. It was a busy day but a wonderful day! Can we rewind and go back?

I do love the Polar Loop for showing me what I am doing each and every day. What I really want to focus on is to make sure my rest days, typically Mondays and Fridays, are restful. Here is last week:

I am happy I hit 40 running miles this week. Sunday marked day 864 of my running streak and day 134 of my yoga streak. Next week my plank is supposed to be 3:05 a day and I am seriously considering not planking on my long run days. That was really tough yesterday and I question if it is necessary to push it or not. What do you think?

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Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my life.
Daily Affirmation: I have an abundance of love to share!


Na Holo Wahine 5K Race Recap (aka Darling Daughter's Marathon)

Yes, we are both sporting Saucony Cohesion 6!
This past Saturday darling daughter raced her first 5K. She has done races before but they have been 1-mile runs or a quick 100 meter dash on St. Patrick's Day. This was different and we discussed our plan - start slow and incorporate walk breaks.

The event: Na Holo Wahine 5K, "Women Running for Joy and Health"

This is a local run held annually in May. What makes is unique is that it is a women's only race (hence the word wahine which means woman in Hawaiian). The kane (men) are there to support their wahine as spectators or volunteers and yes, wahine may volunteer too. Now that you have learned your two new Hawaiian words, let's move forward!

What I loved about this race and what convinced me to register darling daughter and myself is that there was a Mother-Daughter team category. The rules were simple - start and finish together. This seemed perfect for the two of us! An added bonus - proceeds from the race go to Hale Kau Kau, a local organization dedicated to Feeding the Hungry with Compassion and Aloha. So not only were we running together and promoting fitness, I was informing darling daughter that by doing so we were also helping to feed the hungry. This opened a lot of teachable moments as we talked about what we can do to help those less fortunate, like donate food. How we can show respect and thankfulness for the gifts in our life by not wasting food. It worked lovely that my date night meal on Friday had enough leftovers for darling and daughter and I to have two lunches. We discussed the benefits of eating those leftovers versus throwing them away. She then informed me that the leftovers at her school from lunches go to feed the pigs (except orange peels, milk cartons, and napkins...and yes, the pigs can get the leftover milk).

The course was a figure 8 that started at the finish, looped around back to the finish, and then one more loop before finishing for real. The finish line was at the top of a slight incline and I am so happy that darling daughter didn't park her butt down the first time we passed as she was struggling with the distance. When I told her my fear later she replied, "Why didn't I do that?" and laughed.

All images by Randy Sherman
For the most part, the course was clearly marked and the instructions easy to remember. Turn right, right, right, pass the finish, turn left, left, left, finish. But still once we passed the finish the first time and were on our way to make the second loop I did have some moments of doubt if I was on the right path. There had been so many arrows, etc. and we went through a "naked" path before I was reassured we were where we were suppose to be by seeing another course marshal and then an arrow. Phew! 

My job was to be the encourager as darling daughter was certain I was killing her and that she couldn't go one step further. She clung to me a couple of times and I felt I had to drag her forward a few steps before she perked up. In all reality, I think she was just toying with me. But I do realize this was a big race for her. She went through her moments of doubt and then got energized. I tried to help her along the way by saying we will walk to this mark and then run to that mark. That didn't work too well for her. I learned it was better to just say when it was time to run and she would run as far as she could and then we would walk again. I tried to encourage her to run slowly when running. She did her best. And I am so very proud of her! Our official time was 49:06.

And it gets better! For a good portion of the second loop another mother-daughter team was near us. We did some leap frog but eventually darling daughter and I were leading the way. At one point I saw the police officer and was sure it was the one I saw earlier near the finish. I told darling daughter that we were close, look at the officer. As we got closer I realized it was the wrong officer. The other mother-daughter team was so discouraged. I apologized profusely and darling daughter announced she always knew it was a different officer as his hat was different. Really? I must pay better attention.

As the finish neared for real the other team was catching up. Darling daughter was struggling up the final hill so I decided to make a call and said, "We can do this! Let's all finish together!" The other mom agreed, the other daughter said she wasn't sure, I said we could do it, the other mom said yes we can and we did. Darling daughter managed to keep on running. All four of us finished together. Dear hubby thought we were racing to the end but I corrected him. We weren't racing each other. We were women/ladies/wahine supporting one another all the way to the end. It wasn't about winning. It was about teamwork and finishing. I thanked the other mom and headed off with darling daughter to get her a much deserved doughnut. I grabbed a banana for myself.

The race was organized by Mary Trotto, an amazing runner, and emceed by Nancy Robberson, another amazing runner who made a point to stress that as women we should support one another, not tear each other down, during the door prizes and awards presentation. Amen! There were awards three deep for age divisions, wheelchair division with the Ainsley's Angels, and Mother-Daughter teams.

The after party had a wonderful assortment of food donated by local organizations and/or individuals and I truly appreciate all the kindness and love generated on this day. I look forward to returning with darling daughter next year.

This event opened up a whole new level of our shared running experiences. I saw what darling daughter was going through and the next day we talked about her emotions. She said she wanted to quit 100 times but she never did. She said she felt like she was going to die but she didn't. And after the race, she said, yes! Let's do this again next year. I told her all those emotions and thoughts she experienced are exactly the same Mommy feels with the marathon. She was shocked! But now she also knows what I feel and that yes, I do go back again, and yes, I do get faster...and so will she. Now I just need to pull all her race data from my logs and get her her very own log book to track her races. How wonderful will that be to have a book of all your races dating back to when you were like three-years old?!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for Mary Trotto putting together such an amazing event.
Daily Affirmation: I am a good role model.


Long Run Comparison

My #bestfoot check-in this week is a bit different. Instead of going day by day telling you what I did, and seeing for myself what I did, I want to compare my long runs. Why? Well, I ended up going home sick on Thursday and it impacted my running. In all reality, I still ended up with 35 miles last week but yesterday morning I was frustrated. Long run frustrated.

You would think with dear hubby being a runner too that if I vented running frustrations he would get it. Not so. Instead I got "lectured" on not comparing myself to others and blah, blah, blah. Really?! No, I wasn't comparing myself to others. I want/need my weekly long runs and they need to get much longer to achieve my running goals. I was just trying to get some empathy in my statement that he gets to run 13+ every week on a day off to himself and I need to schedule my long run and arrange for child care. On top of that, I know summer is coming and he won't even be off on Sundays. It wasn't a comparison per se. I just have enough running sense, and I am a running coach, so I know I need my long runs for training benefits. And a long run on my incline treadmill at home is less than stellar. I have no issues with a long run on a treadmill but I want to nail my paces. Not happening at home. 

So yes, I was grouchy and irritable. Said I "hated" my treadmill (sorry darling daughter for using the bad "h" word) and wanted another one. Then if I had to run long at home I could do a run I felt comfortable with training wise. Who knows when I will get a new treadmill but after a mile on the treadmill, then the venting, then some random cleaning, I hit the roads. Oh how I needed that sunshine!

But first, let's rewind one week to the 10.65 mile run I did with dear hubby. You got to love dear friends who will watch your kiddo while you run even if it means an early morning wake-up call for them. I am so blessed with an awesome friend! Back to running. My overall pace last week was 9'44". Not bad. Not great. To reach my goal I need to be running a 9'09" pace. Yes, I realize this course was tough with it being essentially uphill to the turn and then downhill back. But trust me, the downhill isn't pure downhill and in all reality, the uphill has some level points. At one point dear hubby told me it was all downhill from here. We had five more uphill climbs. But generally, it was downhill. Nike+ doesn't see those uphills either. I have no proof but trust me, they are there.

Now for yesterday, I was worried about pace since last week was slower, I was coming off of being sick, and my hip was achy due to the run with darling daughter Saturday morning. Read about that HERE! I really didn't know how far I was going to run. I just headed out saying I was going to do my loop, verified to dear hubby what my loop was, and darling daughter said do five loops. Okay, that would equate to about 25 miles. Hmmm.... So I compromised, I told her I would start my loop and if things felt good I would continue up the mountain and then come back down to finish my loop. The more I ran the more I wanted 10 miles. I was happy with my paces although some miles were slower than 9'09" but I was running uphill. My goal was to turn at 6 miles and head back but I was fighting with an applesauce to go. Truly fighting. Frozen chunks were getting stuck and I wanted my fuel. Out of frustration I turned back and guess what? My applesauce gave me no more issues. I decided to forget paces and have fun. I stopped for a few pictures, passed my turn point, continued running downhill, turned to run back uphill telling myself if I ran uphill to 9 miles the return would bring me to 10. I ran a tad beyond 9 miles, turned, and ran back to my stopping point. End result: 10.05 miles with an average pace of 9'16". I then walked the final 0.7 miles home. I tend to walk this uphill climb not because of its difficulty level but because of safety and traffic flow as the day progresses.

What does this all mean? Did I run better this week than last week? No, not really. The courses are different and that all has an impact. Last week I cared nothing about pace. This week it was in my mind. But both runs will bring me closer to my goal but I still need to grow my long run and continue to push myself.
Find out HERE!

Once home I did some yoga outside and darling daughter joined in and then we played. That was the best part of all and as I left for work today I told darling daughter, "You need to make sure Mommy plays more even if it is us just coloring one picture together." I work very hard in my job, in my training, and taking care of my family. I wouldn't change a thing (except my treadmill) because it is who I am but I also know this Mommy needs to let go and just have fun. To play.

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Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my family.
Daily Affirmation: I am not perfect and that is okay.


Good Bye Ab-Defining April, Hello May Madness

April came and went in a blink of an eye. My goal this April was the same as last April - build a strong foundation, focus on core work, and perhaps define my abs a bit more. I have to say, I am happy on where I stand in my training but there is still room for me to grow...and I have a plan for that.

But first, let's talk numbers!

This April I ran 170 miles, down 5 miles from last April. I posted on facebook how those 5 miles were tempting me and questioned if I would put in another 5 mile run later in the day. The thing is, I had plans with darling daughter and it wasn't my highest priority to tie April miles especially since I was up from 144 miles in March. All things happen for a reason and I am glad I stuck to my fun plans as yesterday I got knocked down by a cold. I am much better today but still not 100%. But let's get back to numbers.

April 30th marked day 853 of my running streak and day 122 of my yoga streak. I have run 581 so far this year and my streak miles are at 3.835. That is exciting! How are my abs? Stronger and dear hubby has even commented they are stronger and I should keep planking. I will. I grew my plank to 3:30 minutes in April and no, I didn't plank yesterday. I know. Shame on me. But I did stick to my streaks and ran and did yoga. Planking will come back into play soon. I just needed sleep yesterday.

Now for my 2014 goals:

Goal 1: Fuel my body well. I am continuously improving my nutrition and more fruits are in our house. I have always loved veggies but eating fruits has been a bit harder for me traditionally. Right now, I am not sure my body loves the fruits as much as the veggies but I am still striving to find the balance between good clean fuel, good performance, and a happy tummy. I also loved noting that is was a year ago that I said good bye to Gatorade and hello to cleaner sources of sports drinks. Ironically, as of now I don't drink them that much at all during my training runs.

Goal 2: Improve flexibility. A work in progress and the yoga is helping magnificently. I can see and feel improvement in so many poses and this makes me happy. My left side is still tighter than my right and I don't know if I will ever get them on equal playing fields but I will keep at it.

Goal 3: Run every day. Check! I love how this is no longer a question of will I run but when will I run. I know I will run every day no matter what. It is just part of me now. I also love that dear hubby asked last night if I got my run in. He was concerned since I went home sick from work and hit the couch. Yes, I ran. A single mile with 15 minutes of very gentle yoga. It was what was best for me yesterday.

Goal 4: Be a stronger representative of Maui running. This goal has lost significance with me over the past few months. Yes, I want to tell you about Maui running and provide race re-caps and I will continue to do so. I would also like to think that those coming to Maui could find information about where to run locally and I do have a page devoted to that - HI Running. It may need some tender loving care here and there but this goal of running on Maui seems so small these days. As of now I am more focused on bigger things like I Run for Michael: Who Do You Run For? This group is amazing and the mutual support between runners and their buddies is bigger than Maui. I am anxiously awaiting my buddy and as of 4/26/14 I was number 2,054 on the runner waiting list. You will be hearing more about this and probably less about Maui in itself.

May Goals: 

Love one another!
Welcome May Madness! My plan is to continue to run and do yoga every day. I would like my running weeks to be 40+ miles and yoga 15 minutes a day with one or two days a week with longer classes. In addition, I want to continue to plank but I have a new plan for that. The 3:30 plank was tough. Killer tough. I am not afraid of hard work but I think I want to pull the plank back down to 3:00 and focus on ensuring amazing form each second. The April challenge was to grow the plank 5 seconds a day. Achieved. And yes, I do feel I did hold my form well but I want to step back and ensure it is awesome. I plan to do a 3:00 plank for seven days, add 5 seconds, and perfect that plank for seven days. Let's see how this works and that is madness part 1.

Madness part 2: Double runs! I have found that getting up super early and running longer before work is tough. I want the time on my feet but home runs are not as stellar as gym runs. It is a treadmill thing. So my goal is to incorporate doubles on Tuesdays and Thursdays for two reasons. One, it trains me to get up early and get to the gym before work even if it is for a short run. And two, it allows me to put more time on my feet. And don't remind me that yesterday was a Thursday and May 1. I am still not letting that bring me down.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful I am feeling better today. 
Daily Affirmation: I am a crazy, happy lady!


A Cold

This is not the post I was going to write today. In fact, I was planning to talk about Ab-Defining April and May Madness but something happened and all that changed.

Yesterday I woke up feeling just dandy. I even made it to the gym before work and ran great. I did my yoga and squeezed my 3:30 plank into my workday in a coffee break. All was wonderful except those sneezes. It started with one here and another there but then it seemed non-stop. I knew something was up. By the time I left work I knew Airborne would be on my agenda.

I got home, took some Airborne, and moved into movie fun night with darling daughter. I am so glad I changed our original family plan on a whim Tuesday night. You see, I realized Wednesday, yesterday, was the last day of April. Shocking, I know! But I knew dear hubby wanted to go lobster fishing so I set the plan in motion with his son. I got darling daughter on board to skip going to the library for movie night and told her, I would get the movie and we could watch it at home. It worked out for the best since I was a sneezy,  achy mom. We had a blast! She stayed up a bit late. I went to bed way early (just after 7:00 pm). Dear hubby got home late around 10:00 pm. I heard him. He said lobster fishing was good. Still don't know if that means they caught anything. P.S. The movie of choice - The Pirate Fairy. Some parts cracked me up with references to Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and the crocodile.

Long story short - last night I finally declared I was sick. Darling daughter told me not to worry as it is what she had and it will only last a 100-day week. Oh my! I am in for it! I wasn't scared though. I was still confident by morning I would feel better. By 1:00 am I knew I wasn't going to the gym before work. I needed sleep. By 5:00 am I was dragging myself out of bed and trying to look on the bright side. The bright side - I would stop for medicine on the way to work and happily paid $8.84 for 20 effervescent tablets of Alka-Seltzer Plus. That in itself is a sign I don't feel well because I tend to suffer through the little things and avoid OTC medicines. Now tell me...how much does this stuff cost in your neck of the woods? I do realize I was at a grocery store since it was all that is open that early here and I couldn't wait until after work. Just curious but it is worth it. I took my first two tablets (so this box is 10 dosages?!)  as soon as I got to work and am feeling a wee bit better. Well, my head isn't as heavy and achy but I am sneezing still and have a crazy runny nose.

But in all reality, I can't complain too much. I haven't been really sick in a long time. Don't get me wrong, I have had days where I felt off but not this off. Perhaps my memory is blurry but the last real sick time I remember is over a year ago for the Honolulu Marathon. Or maybe not. Who knows. But I do know one thing. I am getting sick way less than I did before I started my running streak. And when I do get sick, I generally recover quite quickly and I do listen to my body. Right now, the number of miles I run this week don't matter. I will run later today and do my yoga...and yes, I will still plank. But I will also ensure I get plenty of sleep and rest to kick this cold ASAP!

If all goes well, I plan to return to my regularly scheduled blog post on Ab-Defining April and May Madness tomorrow. My head is just too fuzzy right now to analyze.

Have a great day!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for stores that are open before 6:00 am.
Daily Affirmation: I am stronger than this cold.