Resist the Snooze Button!

I am a morning runner except when I am not. I go through cycles and right now I find myself in that
cycle where it is near impossible to pull my body out of bed by 4:00am, which means, I run after work instead of before.

First, let me say I have the foundation in place to get up dark and early. I'm prepared, I have a routine, and I go to bed early. You can read more about my tips HERE. But the thing is, I am still hitting the snooze.

So first, let's question why. The howling wind, rain, and just plain darkness can make it hard to climb out of bed. Honestly, it does. And even though our days are pretty much the same here on Maui, there is some seasonal difference in sunrise and sunset. Perhaps that is what makes it harder for me to get out of bed. The thing is, do I just have a hard time during the "winter" time of the year...and yes, we are officially in spring and things are beginning to lighten up.

Or is it just too comfy in my home with my family? I don't want to change the comfy factor. I do cherish my time with my family but if I get up and run early perhaps I could play with darling daughter more after work/school. On a side note, we are really good at playing and working on homework while I run and do yoga.

So why do I care? Mainly because my runs at the gym bring me into the fit zone of training better. It makes me feel good to sweat before work. It gives me more time in the afternoon to add other fun elements into my life.

Therefore my post today is a virtual kick in the butt to myself to get me to stop hitting snooze. By telling you I want to get up early and keep failing I will be more motivated to not hit the button, to get up, to run, and to do what I really want to do...even if I don't feel that way when my alarm goes off tomorrow. I will resist the snooze button! Maybe it is time to move the alarm out of arm's reach.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for darling daughter's awesome behavior at church this past Sunday.
Daily Affirmation: I can forgive.


  1. I have similar patches. I can get up early week after week after week and then for a few weeks I skip a few early runs when I don't have a group to run with. I've just been through a patch like that and it coincided with a spectacularly busy period at work with extra-long hours and working weekends. I figured I needed the extra rest and just didn't fight it.

  2. I too am an early riser...and go to bedder:) I have way too many things to do afer work and do not need another excuse to not get my run in


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