Product Review: CamelBak Relay

This is a sponsored post. I received the CamelBak Relay at no cost to try out at home. It was my choice to write this review. All opinions expressed are soley my own.


We all know it is important. And fortunately, I do love water. In fact at work I crave a nice cup of cold water on my desk at all times. I may not always get the cold part but I have discovered, drinking water makes me feel better. I am less achy and a bit more alert. Yes, my head just feels water.

At home I turn to water quite a bit too and am trying to get darling daughter to do the same. She is pretty good at it but unfortunately dear hubby can be a bad influence. He is not a water drinker. He needs flavor, sugar, whatever. But on a bright note, he is sipping water now through the night! Progress step 1! Now if only I could get him to try some of the water from this pitcher! Perhaps he will taste the difference and be converted for good!

It has been awhile since I used a filter pitcher. I had one years ago, in fact, I went through three of the same brand. The lids broke. I couldn't keep track of when to change the filter and they just took up too much space in my fridge. You see, I need all that room for fruits, veggies, and other nutritional yummies!

What I first loved about the CamelBak Relay is that the lid snaps on...tight. That lid isn't going anywhere and that is helpful when you have a six year old in the house who is trying to do more and more all by herself. Second, I will remember when I need to replace the filter as it has an awesome easy design. Just turn the knob on top to the month you put the filter in and it displays four months with the final being replacement month. Clever!

But is all this filtration worth it? Doesn't it just slow things down? Let's address speed first. There is a smaller lid on top you lift to fill the pitcher back up and a fill line, which is below the 10 cup capacity line. It filters fast. They claim at the speed of your faucet and I agree. But in all reality, we are talking normal faucet speed not super high spray faucet speed. But I have never stood there saying, "Oh I wish this would filter faster!".

Now for the first question, is it worth it? This is a touchy subject and a source of some controversy on to whether filtered or tap water is better for you. Let me tell you where I stand. I drink tap water at work and yes, sometimes at home. I am fortunate to live in a country and a state where it is okay and tastes okay. And for those who care about fluoride, the water in Hawai'i is not fluoridated and CamelBak states their filter does not remove fluoride. But still, when we moved in to our home and the fridge had a filter unit, we used that water. It comes out slow and not all that cold. So I thought, perhaps I will give this pitcher a try.

What darling daughter and I first noticed was it did taste better. Think of it as crisper and more refreshing and I attribute that to its double filter technology. And darling daughter is asking for water more often now so that is a good thing. So for me, is the pitcher worth it? Yes! Is filtered water worth it? Yes! If it can get any one person to drink more water over other drinks I will always say go for it! And for darling daughter, since she is limited to water or milk, and only so much milk a day, she is hydrating more now that she is drinking more water.

The pitcher is streamlined and doesn't take up much room at all in our fridge. It can even fit on the door but I have it on a lower shelf. Darling daughter has easy access to it but right now she can only pour it herself when it is less than half full. It is just a bit too heavy and awkward for her when it is fuller but she will get it all figured out soon enough.

The CamelBak Relay is available at Target or online and retails at $36.99. The replacement filter is $12 for one or $28.50 for a three pack. Not a bad price at all considering I was paying $50 for the replacement filters for our fridge. Each filter lasts four months assuming you drink one pitcher full a day. And don't forget, the CamelBak Relay is covered by the CamelBak lifetime guarantee.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for great tasting water!
Daily Affirmation: I have a beautiful soul.


  1. Hmmm wonder how this compares to the speed of my Brita which seems to take forever! !

    1. It is much faster than my Britas of the past. ;)

  2. Nice review, Erica. Good tasting CLEAN water is so important.


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