This is a sponsored post as I was asked to help spread the word. I am not being paid to write this post and the opinions expressed are my own.

Guess what? There is a CLIF Shot 90-to-0 Prep Talk Running Q&A on the Clif Bar Facebook page on April 30 at 12:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT (6:00 am HT). Yes, I had to add Hawaii time and that just means an early chat here on the islands!

The chat will be hosted by two awesome champion ultrarunners, Scott Jurek and Ellie Greenwood. They will both be ready to answer any and all of our running questions and no, you don't need to be a distance runner. They are accepting questions relating to your first ever 5K to ultra distance questions. Oh me oh my! It is time to start thinking of some questions because I know you all have some. Me too! Just what are my questions?

And that is the good thing about this announcement. It gives us time to get our questions in place and clear our calenders to be there to ask and learn. I am super excited about this opportunity and will need to talk to my supervisor about squeezing it into my work day. Thank goodness the chat is on a Wednesday when I can work a little later to make up the difference! I just need to stop running in time to start chatting! There is always a catch.

But it gets better. The chat will include prizes as well. One lucky person will receive a 30-minute 1:1 consultation with Scott Jurek to discuss how to prepare before, during, and after race day. This is awesome for first time racers but even you experienced runners, myself included, can always benefit from further insights to fine tune our race plan. Scott will choose his favorite question at the end of the chat.

In addition, several participants will receive a CLIF SHOT Toolkit featuring CLIF SHOT products, gear for training and race day, and CLIF's marathon training and nutrition guide. Sweet!

And the deal gets sweeter! To reward you for planning ahead and not procrastinating (that's the Mommy in me coming out), two of my readers will be randomly selected to receive a CLIF SHOT Toolkit too! All you need to do is comment below (or on my Facebook page) with the question you want to ask on chat day! I will be selecting the two lucky comments randomly from my blog and Facebook page. The winners will be announced on April 30th. "See" you on April 30th at Clif's Facebook chat!

What will I be asking? I am not sure yet but perhaps something centered around training for an ultramarathon. I really want to run an ultra one day but there are a couple of things holding me back. One, there aren't many ultra races offered on Maui for me select from but I don't think they can help me with that. Okay, I know they can't but that is minor. My big thing, how I Earth do I train for an ultra while holding a full-time job and being a Mommy? Is it possible? What should my training weeks look like? And what if hitting the roads and trails won't happen that much? Am I setting myself up for failure?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for learning about this chat ahead of time!
Daily Affirmation: I can formulate a question or two in time!

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